10 Campus Safety Tips

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With midterm season in full effect and finals just around the corner, we wanted to review some campus safety tips to keep you safe and aware on your college campus.

1. Utilize locks – When in college it is important that you make sure all of your belongings are locked. Whether that be your dorm or apartment door, bike, or locker in the gym utilize the use of locks to keep you safe and deter burglary.

2. Always have emergency contacts saved on your phone – This is important to have these listed on your phone or on your favorites in your contact. That way if something happens and you are alone others will know who to call to alert.

3. Stay alert & avoid becoming distracted – It is important that you do not get distracted when walking to and from class and other activities on campus. Avoid staring at your phone or blasting music too loud. By being distracted you are vulnerable to attack.

4. Enroll in a Self-Defense Course – Many campuses offer free or discounted self-defense classes to students through the campus police department. These courses teach you ways to defend yourself in various situations.

5. Let people know where you are going – If you intend on going out, let someone know where you are going and how long you plan on being there. Share your class schedules with your friends and roommates so they know what times you’ll be gone and where on campus you will be.

6. Stay savvy on social media – Remember that many things you post online can be shared and shown to others. Do not post anything that could comprise you getting a position in a future job and be aware of who you send private images/messages to.

7. Familiarize yourself with campus safety resources – Many campuses have safety call boxes and numbers to reach in case of emergency. Familiarize yourself with these resources so you know where to go for help.

8. Know your way around campus – Make sure you are aware of areas to be at certain times. Some colleges are located in major cities and it is smart to know what routes are safest to walk.

9. Avoid walking alone at night – Moving in a pack is safer, especially at night. If you are unable to walk with a group, many campuses have walk buddy programs, like SureWalk at The University of Texas at Austin, that allows you to call for someone to walk with you to your home or the library.

10. Get to know your roommates and neighbors – Be friendly with your roommates and neighbors to build a community and a safety net of people right near you. It helps to have others looking out for you and you looking out for them.



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