Amplify your Creativity: 3 Creative Ways People are Using AMPED Hearing Technology

February 9, 2017 HLT Uncategorized 0 Comments

One great thing about the power of amplification is that you have more options about what you hear. More options allow for more creativity, and it’s always exciting to hear about the innovative ways people are using AMPED hearing technology.

Lucid Audio’s AMPED technology allows you to hear sounds that would otherwise be inaccessible to you. By amplifying even the softest of sounds, you’re able to amplify your creativity! Below are three creative things our AMPED hearing technology has been used for: 

1. For dancing

Lucid Audio’s unique hearing technology has incredible functionality for dancers. Amplification allows dancers to hear their music at full volume, while still noticing the sounds their feet make on the ground and the rhythm of their breath.

In addition, dancers who must share studio space can listen to the track of their choice through their headphones, and are still able to hear other important sounds (like instructions from their dance instructor or the sound of other dancers they might be about to bump into!)

2. For meditating  

Who would’ve thought headphones and meditating would go together? Maybe not with most headphones, but with Lucid Audio’s AMPED hearing technology, the meditating experience is hearing technologyenhanced by the ability of wearers to listen to tracks featuring calming music, while also amplifying their breath and the ambient noises around them.

The flexibility of AMPED hearing technology allows wearers to adjust the level of amplification they would like to hear. You can use Lucid Audio headphones to block out the sound of crowded traffic, or you can use it to turn up the noise of the soothing wind chimes near you.

3. For birdwatching

This one might just take the cake for most creative use of amplification technology. Avid birdwatchers can enjoy using AMPED hearing technology to enhance their birdwatching hearing technologyexperience. By amplifying ambient noises, the soft sounds of birds chirping are also enhanced. This allows birdwatchers to more easily identify bird species by listening to their distinct tweets, chirps, and songs. This makes me want to get out there and go on a birdwatching adventure!

Have other creative uses for AMPED hearing technology? Share them with us in the comments section! And go out there and amplify your creativity every day 🙂

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