3 Gift Ideas for the Person With Everything

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The holiday season is upon us! As the weather gets colder, our thoughts turn to cozy family get togethers, holiday treats, and gift giving. With all the joy and sparkle of the season comes the inevitable holiday stress. While gatherings and gift exchanges with friends and family can be fun, we all have at least one person on our list who is almost impossible to shop for. So, what do you get for the person who has everything?

This year, Lucid Audio is making your gift exchange easier. These are gift ideas for the person with everything – sure to please even the most privileged person on your list.

1. AMPED™ Headphones

Lucid Audio’s innovative line of headphones are just the thing to put the happy in your holidays!gift ideas for the person with everything image

Every device is equipped with a spectacular set of features:

  • The AND Control Center, which gives you the power to amplify ambient sounds up to 9x, or block them out completely.
  • Multiple high gain omni-directional microphones built-in.
  • Low profile ear cups with 21dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR)
  • Sound Activated Compression, which Instantly activates to protect your hearing from loud harmful noises (NRR 21 dB)

2. AMPED™ Wireless Neckbands

Give the gifts of comfort, style, and convenience. These flexible and lightweight wireless neckbands come standard with these gift ideas for the person with everythingamazing features.

  • Low Latency Bluetooth
  • Sound Activated Compression that instantly activates to protect from loud harmful noises
  • Retractable Ear buds
  • Powered by Rechargeable LIPO battery for 10 hours of normal use including Integrated Micro USB port for charging
  • HD speakers and drivers that deliver advanced audio quality

3. AMPED™ Bluetooth Wireless Neckband with Wireless Audio Streamer Kit

If you’re really looking for gift ideas for the person with everything, Lucid Audio’s wireless streamer kit is the package for you.

For the gift that keeps on giving, choose the cutting-edge quality of the neckband, paired with the freedom of a wireless audio streamer kit. You get all the fantastic features of the neckband, with the added bonus of being able to stream your audio anytime, anywhere.

With prices starting at just $69, these gift ideas will put you on Santa’s “nice” list for good!

Be the envy of your gift giving circle this year. Give the gift of control, choice, and safety, packaged in superior sound quality, with Lucid Audio’s new line of personal audio devices.

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