5 Unique Uses for Amplification Technology in Hearbands™

May 30, 2018 HLT Uncategorized

walking at night

Sound amplification technology allows us to be more in tune with our world. Our ears can only pick up on so many noises on their own, but with a little help, they can notice so much more! The sound amplification technology in Lucid Audio’s Hearbands™ allow wearers to amplify outside sound from 0 to 9x amplification. There are lots of creative uses for amplification technology. Below are 5 unique uses for the amplification technology in Hearbands.

1. Mechanics Listening to Cars

Listening to a car and understanding the noises is truly an art. Mechanics can use Hearbands to listen more closely to the noises that cars are making. This allows them to determine whether the noises are indicative of a problem, or whether the car is running smoothly. Our ears are often not sensitive enough to hear the types of sounds that truly provide accurate hints of a car’s condition. However, with a little help from Hearbands’ sound amplification technology, mechanics will be able to hear just what they need to to evaluate and fix a car!

2. Miniature Airplane Enthusiasts Hearing Planes

The masterful craft of creating miniature airplanes is truly incredible. The intricate details yield planes that are sophisticated, and technical, though they are small. All parts of a miniature airplane are significantly smaller than the real thing, but the noises a miniature airplane makes are nearly imperceptible without help. Hearbands’ sound amplification technology allow miniature airplane enthusiasts to appreciate the sounds their creations make, a unique joy that would otherwise be imperceptible.

3. Birdwatchers Listening for Birds

Birdwatching is a thrilling hobby that requires immense patience and an attuned ear. The sounds that birds make give hints to bird watchers about the types of birds in the area and where exactly they might be able to see them. Hearbands’ sound amplification technology allows birdwatchers to notice and hear sounds that they otherwise might have missed, leading to a revolutionary birdwatching experience!

4. Parents Keeping an Ear on Kids

It’s important to keep an ear (or eye) on your children at all times. An accident can happen within seconds and it’s important that you’re there to comfort and attend to your child if one does happen. However, it’s difficult to keep an eye on your child at all times. If you’re trying to get work done at home, you might need to be looking at your laptop or paperwork. You might also need to hop onto a conference call at home. Hearbands allow you to do both.

Hearbands’ sound amplification technology allows wearers to listen to their call, while also turning on the sound amplification to also hear what’s happening in the outside world. This means that you can be watching a training video (or Netflix, we won’t judge) on loud on your laptop, and still be able to hear your children calling out for you, loud as ever! Hearbands’ sound amplification system allows parents to be just as attentive as ever, while still engaging in work (or play).

5. Listening to Your Breath During Yoga

Yoga and technology don’t always go together, but Hearbands’ sound amplification technology allows you to get closer to your breath, not further away from it. Turn on your Hearbands’ sound amplification technology while sitting in a quiet room. You will be able to hear your breath clearer than you ever have before. You’ll notice any irregularities and the practice of listening to your breath will become easier and come more naturally to you when you can hear it more clearly. Breath deeply, and enjoy the soothing calmness that Hearbands’ sound amplification technology provides!

If you have any unique uses for your Hearbands (or ideas for how you’d use a pair of Hearbands) let us know in the comments!