7 Tips for Surviving with Kids at Music Festivals

October 12, 2017 HLT Uncategorized 0 Comments

With Austin City Limits (ACL) Music Festival just completing weekend one and weekend two right around the corner, we wanted to explore the best ways to survive with kids at music festivals.

It can be a great family experience to take your kids along with you to see your favorite band play. And sometimes you don’t want to miss out on your own favorite pastimes just because you have become a parent. Many festivals have opened their arms to kids joining in on the fun but that doesn’t mean there still aren’t some tricks to remember.

1. Make sure the festival is kid friendly! ACL does a great job of this by having an area called “Austin Kiddie Limits” that is full of good stuff guaranteed to make kids of all ages move, groove, and sing-along. From fun, creative and informative activities to festival necessities like baby changing stations, Austin Kiddie Limits is a festival within a festival that offers families an escape from the crowds.

2. Map out a festival plan. Make sure to pick the right concerts at the right times. Know what stage and where you are going to be during which hours. That way if you need to break for a nap/feeding you know when and where you’ll be.

3. Have patience. Talk to your child about the plan is and explain to them the activities for the day. This way they have an understanding of where and what they are doing. Then have patience in case things do not go as according to plan, because really do they ever?

4. Pack Water! Many festivals allow you to bring in unsealed water bottles but some only allow refillable ones that arrive empty. Make sure to check what your festival allows, but definitely bring something. You’ll want to make sure you and your little ones are hydrated throughout the day with all the walking and weather.

5. Bring a Blanket/Stroller/Chairs. The blanket is a must for when you need to sit and relax, change a diaper, or just to grab a snack. The stroller is great for all the walking. Festivals can be spread out and you’ll want to make sure you can give your little one’s legs a break (and yourself).

6. Pack Ear Protection. Festivals can be loud even when you are far from the stage. You’ll want to make sure that your child has their ear and hearing protected. HearMuffs Sounds even have the ability to play soothing sounds so your child can grab a quick nap during the festival.

7. Pick a Meeting Point. This way if you and your child get separated your child will know where to meet or ask for help to get there. It’s best to choose a location close to vendor booths or security tents at the event. Also, point out event staff to your children so that they know they are safe people to turn to during an emergency.

Remember to have fun! It’s a music festival and there are so many things to enjoy while you are there. Kids at music festivals just add to the many memories you can make, so don’t miss out!

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