A Behind-the-Scenes Look At Our “Unboxing” Video

October 6, 2018 HLT Uncategorized

Kid Tested Extreme!

We recently produced a video in which two wonderful kids tested our Kids HearMuffs! For this blog, we interviewed the two kids featured in the video (Maudejanei and Patrick) to get a behind-the-scenes look at the ideation and filming process.


Kids Ear Muffs Unboxing

“It actually reduces sound!”

Maudejanei is 11 years old and starred in the video. She shared that her favorite part of the filming process was arriving on set and seeing the scenery and how beautiful the house was.

The production team even incorporated Maudejanei’s ideas into the video. She shared her ideas during the idea development process and the scene with the magnifying glass was entirely her idea!

Maudejanei’s favorite scene was the one in which her co-star, Patrick, was dressed up with eyelashes. We thought that was a great scene, as well!

She shares that she likes the Kids HearMuffs because “it actually reduces the sound and that’s pretty cool.” For example, she shared that Kids HearMuffs would be a good choice if you “go to a concert and you don’t want to hear as much noise.” We’re glad Maudejanei is serious about protecting her hearing! She is a wonderful role model for other kids!

During the filming process, Maudejanei enjoyed testing out the Kids HearMuffs in different scenes. Her favorite was the leaf-blower scene! (And it was actually effective!)

Other features of the Kids HearMuffs that Maudejanei liked was that “You can put it in conversation mode and you can turn it off when you don’t want it.” She also likes all of the colors HearMuffs come in, with blue being her favorite. She says “I think the product is really good,” and she shared that she would recommend it to friends.

Maudejanei has acted in two plays before, and enjoyed recording this video so much that she’d like to keep doing similar work going forward.  We are so impressed by Maudejanei’s talent and know she’ll be successful in the future with whatever she chooses to do!

“I still use my Kids HearMuffs today!”

Patrick, Maudejanei’s co-star, is 13-years-old. Besides acting, his other main hobby is fishing. He likes Kids HearMuffs because he can see how helpful they are with fishing! He said, “When you’re fishing, you have to concentrate on one thing, you can use the Kids HearMuffs to block out all of the sound. And, if you want, you can listen to all of your favorite music.”

Patrick also enjoyed the leafblower scene, and he was surprised that the Kids HearMuffs could block out the leaf blower! Like Maudejanei, Patrick’s ideas were considered in the video development process. He’s the one who suggested the needle during the balloon popping scene, for example.

If Patrick were telling his friends about HearMuffs, he would say: “You can listen to music and you can block out your little brothers and your little sisters.”

Patrick’s favorite Kids HearMuffs color is white.

When reflecting on the video, Patrick shared that “It was really fun recording the process of how it blocked everything out, including the leafblower and other things. It actually blocks things out! And, you can choose to turn up conversations, too.”

At the end of our interview, Patrick shared: “I still use my Kids HearMuffs today!”

Finally, one of the producers of the video shared: “I’m glad that the kids got this opportunity. The whole group writing, the background, everything was really cool. And the people were all so nice! The kids deserve their own show and it’s such a good concept. It’s a good idea to test a product out with real kids.”

Thanks again, Maudejanei and Patrick for testing out our product and helping with this video! Your futures are so bright!