A Day with Lucid Audio’s HearBand – Bluetooth Headband Earphones

October 10, 2017 HLT AMPED, Headphones, Social 0 Comments

It’s #AustinStartUpWeek in Austin, Texas!

What better time to test out Lucid Audio’s HearBand, their set of Bluetooth headband earphones, and it’s ability to amplify outside sounds. Here’s a little bit of my day and the use of the HearBand.

Today, I am headed to try out a new shared workspace in downtown Austin. I am usually not one that works from shared workspaces, I’m more of a coffee shop worker. But since it’s startup week I thought I’d give it a try.

It’s about a 15 min walk from where I live, so I place my Bluetooth headband earphones on. As I walk, I adjust the outside sounds so I am able to hear the traffic on the street and the people around me. It is a lot easier than I expected to toggle back and forth between amplifications. And listening to the outside sounds doesn’t distract from my music like I thought it might. I feel a lot safer being able to hear the noises around me, especially when a biker or person passed by.

I make my way to my spot at the workspace and when I get there it’s pretty empty. I take this time to make some check-in phone calls. It’s great because I can take the calls right through my Bluetooth connection and even turn off the ability to hear the outside sounds so all my focus is on the call.  The greatest thing is when turning off the amplification it beeps twice so I know it’s completely turned off and all the outside sound is blocked.

It’s closer to lunch now and the workspace is starting to fill up.  Now I decide to turn on the amplification a little so that if someone asks me a question I can hear and respond. I have to say this is where I felt like I really utilized the amplification of outside sounds that the HearBand offers. It was great to not have to remove my ear buds to listen or respond. I know my fellow teammates liked the idea that they didn’t have to repeat themselves once they got my attention. I heard them right when they started asking the question and was able to respond in a quick manner.

Without the need to remove my ear buds, to chat or answer questions, it made me feel like I never got distracted by stopping my music. I was truly able to have it all.

The walk home I again turned the amplification up, a little more than the walk to the workspace because it was rush hour in Austin. It can get a little congested and crazy at this time. But I felt so safe hearing everything while also listening to my music.

At first, I didn’t really think the amplification would be clear enough to not distract me from my music. But after spending a day with the HearBand, I definitely am a fan! The HearBand is easy to use, wireless, 5-hour battery life and is rechargeable, but the most important is it made me feel safer. I walked with confidence knowing I could hear everything and everyone around me.

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