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At Lucid Audio™, no matter who you are or what your needs, we want you to Hear Better®.  Our Goal is to help people hear better at all ages and stages. Lucid Audio products span the range from infant and child protective HearMuffs with advanced comfort and control features, to AMPED® wireless audio devices with quality amplification of inside AND outside sounds, to personal sound amplification products that make hearing better accessible to everyone.

What makes Lucid Audio so special is our commitment to giving our customers something unique and valuable with every product we make. We call it the Genius of AND, because we do what other products in our category do AND more. With HearMuffs™, children’s ears are protected AND you can comfort your child or play soothing music with the touch of a button. Our audio products are unique in the industry, providing amplification inside and out, enjoyment of music, calls and media, and protection from harmful noises. Only with Lucid Audio do you have the AND benefit of choosing when you want to turn on ambient sound or outside voice amplification, adding comfort and safety for our customers whether they are traveling, exercising or at home enjoying music or television.

And for those who have lost a bit of their ability to hear clearly, Lucid Audio’s Personal Sound Amplification Products (PSAPs) provide a boost AND they are incredibly affordable.

Engineered in the USA by our team of experts in hearing amplification, Lucid technology allows you to hear more of what you want, less of what you don’t.

Advanced engineering, Audiologist tested and applauded by customers of every age, with Lucid Audio products you will always Hear Better.

For me, Lucid is not just a business. It is a passion built out of personal experience.

Due to not protecting my hearing at a young age, attending loud concerts and sporting events, in my early 40s I began to experience hearing loss. At first, I denied it. Then I tried to hide it. Finally, I set my pride aside and addressed it, getting my hearing tested and purchasing hearing aids.

Finding a hearing specialist I trusted and quality hearing aids programmed specifically for my needs was not easy, but when I did, I felt like a part of my life I had lost was returned special delivery. I knew that day, this was the business I wanted to be in. If I could get top of the line hearing aids to more people at a great value, everyone would win.

Today our team at Lucid Hearing has helped over 200,000 people hear better. And we’re growing every day. Our company now offers products for every age and every stage of hearing ability, from hearing preservation HearMuffs for infants and children, to AMPED audio devices for grandkids and grandparents, to our super affordable personal sound amplifiers (PSAPs) to hearing aids. The Powered by Lucid patented technology that gives the intelligence to our products is what makes us different and better. Our 96-channel hearing aid provides unmatched comfort and control, giving our customers the ability to enjoy music, share conversations and fully engage in life again.

Helping people hear better – that’s what makes it all worth it to me. I hope you’ll give us a chance to help you hear better too. And if there is every anything I can do personally to help you, please email me directly at

My best,

Tim Schnell
Lucid Hearing and Lucid Audio


Helping People Hear Better


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The Team

Tim Schnell

Founder and CEO


Tim Schnell
Founder, President and CEO

Tim Schnell is the Founder, President and CEO of Lucid Hearing, makers of advanced hearing aids and amplification devices. Formerly Hearing Lab Technology, Lucid built their reputation and business providing smart hearing aids Powered by Lucid’s adaptive dynamic range optimization technology. Schnell began his career at Sam’s Club®, a division of Walmart Stores, Inc. (NYSE: WMT), in 1987. At the age of 25 he was promoted to divisional vice president. Schnell continued his career with Sam’s Club until 1997, directing all electronics division purchases for various hardline categories including office electronics, computer software, cellular, housewares and small appliances, music, pre-recorded video, and sporting goods.

Prior to launching Lucid Hearing, Schnell founded Good Sportsman Marketing LLC, a manufacturer and seller of outdoor products, including surveillance and action cameras and hearing amplification and protection devices.

Schnell loves using his Lucid AMPED neckband while traveling between Lucid headquarters in Texas and his home in San Diego, Calif. Schnell serves on the board of directors for the SEAL Naval Warfare Family Foundation and the GSM Foundation that works to improve health and education sectors in marginalized communities in Tanzania.

An avid hunter, Schnell has traveled around the world pursuing his passion.

Josephine Person LaFayette

Senior Vice President Human Resources


Josephine Person LaFayette
Senior Vice President Human Resources

Josephine Person La Fayette is the Vice President of Human Resources for Lucid, makers of advanced hearing aids, audio entertainment and amplification devices. She joined the company in August 2015 and is responsible for human resources, talent and organizational development and corporate communications. Her responsibilities include the critical role of recruiting and training the Lucid Certified Hearing Specialists in more than 500 Sam’s Club Powered by Lucid Hearing Solution Centers.

Prior to joining Lucid, LaFayette was a human resources and diversity executive with JEL Consulting, a position she continues to hold. La Fayette has also served as a Senior Vice President of Human Resources for Professional Bull Riders Inc.

She started her career at Walmart in 1989 serving in various positions including Vice President of Human Resources and Diversity.

In her free time, she enjoys reading with her husband. She holds a bachelor’s degree from East Carolina University in psychology.


Jeff Rutan
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Jeff Rutan is the Chief Financial Officer for Lucid, makers of advanced hearing aids, audio entertainment and amplification devices. He joined the company in 2014 after having spent 23 years in finance and accounting.

Most recently, Rutan was the VP Finance and Controller for Hoak Media Corporation. In this role, he handled finance, human resources and risk management. Prior to this role, he served as controller for First Broadcasting.

Rutan held various roles with KPMG Audit ending his stint there as a senior manager. He was also an accounting supervisor for Liberty Media, part of the Fox Sports Network.

Rutan most enjoys his AMPED Lucid headphones when listening to the Kansas City Royals game on Rutan holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Texas Christian University, M.J. Neeley School of Business.

Gary Boyer

Vice President Sales, Marketing, Product & Inventory Management


Gary Boyer
Vice President Sales, Marketing, Product & Inventory Management

Gary Boyer is the Director of Product Management for Lucid, makers of advanced hearing aids, audio entertainment and amplification devices. He joined the company in April 2016. Boyer most appreciates being able to switch from music to calls to conversation with the touch of a button on his Lucid AMPED headphones.

Boyer was most recently the Senior Manager Member Services for Sam’s Club where he launched Sam’s Club Travel and partnerships with LegalZoom®, LifeLock® and TrueCar®. Prior to this role, he served as a buyer for the home audio/video, tablets, MP3 players, GPS devices, printers and ink lines with Walmart Stores.

Boyer has served as the International Sourcing Product Manager for Sela Products and as Director of Product Development/Marketing/Sales for Fourstar Group. He has also served as Vice President Sales/Marketing and Principal at Ferris Marketing Inc (FMI). Prior to joining FMI, he was a buyer of computer accessories for CompUSA.

Boyer joined Sam’s Club as a buyer in computer accessories. He started his career at Walmart serving as an assistant store manager in 1994.

Boyer attended both the University of Arkansas and Missouri Southern State University.

Tim Allen
EVP-Chief Operating Officer

Tim Austin is the EVP-COO of Lucid Hearing, makers of advanced hearing aids and amplification devices. He joined the company in February of 2015, with responsibilities including the critical role of leading the field operations team and select supporting arms of the company. Austin began his career in store operations at Walmart Stores, Inc. (NYSE: WMT), in 1990. Over the following 20 years, Austin progressed through multiple assignments including VP-Regional General Manager and Vice President of Store Planning. In 2010, Austin left Walmart to join Sears Holdings where he held positions of Vice President Retail Services and most recently SVP and Head of the Kmart field operations team. The mission of “Helping People Hear Better” is the driving force behind the Lucid Field Operations team and what makes Tim very proud to be associated with Lucid Hearing. Austin resides in the Fayetteville, Arkansas area with his family.