Introducing Lucid Audio & The Genius of AMPED™

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Introducing Lucid Audio

neckband-bikerAfter many months of planning and preparation, our team here at Lucid is thrilled to join you all online! We offer audio products unique in the industry, providing amplification inside AND out, enjoyment of music, calls AND media, AND protection from harmful noises. All this because we believe in the genius of AND.

The AND Philosophy

We have created a listening experience so immersive that you don’t have to put life on hold in order to enjoy your music or hear your media. There no longer have to be trade-offs, thanks to our patent-pending AMPED™ neckbands, headphones and ear buds. Advanced technology has allowed us to revolutionize the audio listening experience.

And we’re changing the game by offering some of the most affordable bluetooth headphones on the market. In order to get a better feel for the quality you will be receiving, take a peek at the Lucid Audio website where you can order neckbands, headphones, streamers & custom fit ear buds.

Like us on Facebook right now to get the most up to date news and information about our products and hear more about the genius of AND!

Our Mission – Helping People Hear Better

affordable bluetooth headphonesOur high quality, affordable Bluetooth headphones and neckbands are an example of our commitment to helping you hear better. Both feature our brand new, patent pending AMPED™ technology.

Now you can control how much or how little background noise you hear. Enjoy full stereo sound, AND still hear the kids, your co-workers, or surrounding traffic noises. Enjoy your morning run AND be more aware of traffic and potential hazards. Does music help you focus while you work? Enjoy your music AND stay in touch with the world around you!

Superior Sound AND Affordable Prices

Affordable Bluetooth headphones and neckbands that deliver top quality sound can be difficult to find. Luckily, Lucid Audio has the answer to all of your wireless audio needs!

Our AMPED™ neckbands, headphones and ear buds are now available online! Experience the quality of superior sound AND

1) Experience the superior sound quality of HD speakers and drivers built into the earbuds.

2) Enhance the sound quality of your phone calls with two Hi Gain omnidirectional microphones.

3) Choose between a variety of beautiful colors to fit your style!

Stay in Touch – Stay Informed

white-gray-headphones-angled-streamerConnect with us on Facebook for more information on our products, prices, and release dates. Do you have questions? We can help with those too!

The AND is now! Enjoy life without limits AND join us on this revolutionary journey!



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