Are Ordinary Noises Damaging Your Baby’s Ears?

September 24, 2018 HLT Uncategorized

Our world is filled with a cacophony of loud noises that flood our ordinary, everyday lives. As adults, it can be easy to forget how loud the sounds we are exposed to are, but baby’s have ears that are much more sensitive than adult ears. ear muffs for infantsThose “ordinary sounds” you hear might be damaging your baby’s ears! One common rule of thumb with babies is that if you can easily talk through the noise, then it is fine for your baby. But let’s take a second to think about the ordinary sounds that we encounter that we can’t talk though. Here are just a few:

Construction Noises 

If you live in a big city, then you know that construction is almost always happening. The sounds of trucks dropping rocks from one place to another, or the grinding noises that are common are noises that can be too loud for your baby. Whether there is construction happening right outside your house, on your daily walk around the neighborhood, or outside your car when it’s stopped, it’s important to protect your baby’s ear’s from those noises. These ordinary noises may be damaging your baby’s ears!

Loud Music 

We get it. Parenting is hard and sometimes you just want to jam to some tunes to put you at ease. Remember, though, that your car stereo or your in-home speakers system can easily go up to volumes that are too loud for your baby. Be mindful of this and turn your music down!

The Television 

The television is an ordinary household fixture, but the sounds that come from it might be damaging your baby’s ears. Remember to keep your baby far away from the television when it is on. If your baby is too close to the TV, the sound might get too loud for them, even if it doesn’t sound too loud to you from further away. Always try to monitor your baby’s activity around technology. It might feel like even your infant is more tech-savvy than you (kids these days…), but it’s still your job to protect their ears!


Conversations, whether they’re heated arguments or impassioned dialogues, can be too loud for your baby and can end up damaging your baby’s ears. When you’re talking to others near your baby, be mindful about the volume at which you are speaking. You might not notice when you get too loud, so try your best to self-monitor, and remind the person you’re talking to that you have to be careful about avoiding damaging your baby’s ears.

Other Children’s Voices

If you have older children at home (or if you’re at the park with your baby), remember that children have not always mastered the art of the “indoor voice.” Remind older children that your baby’s ears are sensitive and that it’s not okay to yell into the baby’s ears.

Though there are lots of ways to protect your baby’s ears, you can’t always predict when an ordinary noise will be loud enough to damage your baby’s ears. As such, we suggest Hearmuffs for your baby. These Hearmuffs are a reliable way to protect your baby’s hearing because they’ll stay on your baby in a large range of situations, so you’ll know your baby’s ears are protected and that ordinary sounds won’t be damaging to your baby’s ears. With Hearmuffs, you’ll be able to enjoy ordinary activities without worrying about damaging your baby’s ears.