15 Oct

Kids’ Creative Uses for Kids HearMuffs

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Kids are creative, and they’re super skilled at finding innovative uses for our products that we hadn’t even considered! We decided to check in with some kids who use Kids HearMuffs to ask them about the ways they’re using their Kids HearMuffs. Maybe these ideas will serve as inspiration for the kids in your life. If you have other innovative uses for your Kids HearMuffs, we’d love to hear about them in the comments section!

Kids’ Creative Uses for Kids HearMuffs:

1. Focusing on their Favorite Hobbies

Kids reported that HearMuffs help them concentrate on their favorite hobbies. Whether they enjoy painting or fishing, kids appreciated that they were able to tune out sound in the outside world when they needed to, and to hone in on that sound at other times.

2. Blocking out their Siblings

We truly wouldn’t have thought of this use for HearMuffs! Kids reported that HearMuffs are helpful for when a sibling is being particularly “annoying” or when they want a little bit of cool-down time without their sibling. Having a little bit of time and space to oneself is important, even for kids, and HearMuffs give children the opportunity to tune out their surroundings and tune into themselves and their own thoughts and emotions.

3. As a Fashion Accessory

We tried to make HearMuffs look as stylish as possible, but we really didn’t think wearing them would make kids feel “cool!” Turns out, HearMuffs are quite a fashion accessory, and it doesn’t hurt that they come in four fun colors (pastel blue, spa green, pastel pink, and white).

Know a kid in your life between the ages of 5 and 10? They’ll love a pair of HearMuffs! Kids love that HearMuffs allow them to have some control over their environment, and we know they’ll continue finding more and more creative uses for their HearMuffs! Check out Kids HearMuffs here! 

06 Oct

A Behind-the-Scenes Look At Our “Unboxing” Video

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Kid Tested Extreme!

We recently produced a video in which two wonderful kids tested our Kids HearMuffs! For this blog, we interviewed the two kids featured in the video (Maudejanei and Patrick) to get a behind-the-scenes look at the ideation and filming process.


Kids Ear Muffs Unboxing

“It actually reduces sound!”

Maudejanei is 11 years old and starred in the video. She shared that her favorite part of the filming process was arriving on set and seeing the scenery and how beautiful the house was.

The production team even incorporated Maudejanei’s ideas into the video. She shared her ideas during the idea development process and the scene with the magnifying glass was entirely her idea!

Maudejanei’s favorite scene was the one in which her co-star, Patrick, was dressed up with eyelashes. We thought that was a great scene, as well!

She shares that she likes the Kids HearMuffs because “it actually reduces the sound and that’s pretty cool.” For example, she shared that Kids HearMuffs would be a good choice if you “go to a concert and you don’t want to hear as much noise.” We’re glad Maudejanei is serious about protecting her hearing! She is a wonderful role model for other kids!

During the filming process, Maudejanei enjoyed testing out the Kids HearMuffs in different scenes. Her favorite was the leaf-blower scene! (And it was actually effective!)

Other features of the Kids HearMuffs that Maudejanei liked was that “You can put it in conversation mode and you can turn it off when you don’t want it.” She also likes all of the colors HearMuffs come in, with blue being her favorite. She says “I think the product is really good,” and she shared that she would recommend it to friends.

Maudejanei has acted in two plays before, and enjoyed recording this video so much that she’d like to keep doing similar work going forward.  We are so impressed by Maudejanei’s talent and know she’ll be successful in the future with whatever she chooses to do!

“I still use my Kids HearMuffs today!”

Patrick, Maudejanei’s co-star, is 13-years-old. Besides acting, his other main hobby is fishing. He likes Kids HearMuffs because he can see how helpful they are with fishing! He said, “When you’re fishing, you have to concentrate on one thing, you can use the Kids HearMuffs to block out all of the sound. And, if you want, you can listen to all of your favorite music.”

Patrick also enjoyed the leafblower scene, and he was surprised that the Kids HearMuffs could block out the leaf blower! Like Maudejanei, Patrick’s ideas were considered in the video development process. He’s the one who suggested the needle during the balloon popping scene, for example.

If Patrick were telling his friends about HearMuffs, he would say: “You can listen to music and you can block out your little brothers and your little sisters.”

Patrick’s favorite Kids HearMuffs color is white.

When reflecting on the video, Patrick shared that “It was really fun recording the process of how it blocked everything out, including the leafblower and other things. It actually blocks things out! And, you can choose to turn up conversations, too.”

At the end of our interview, Patrick shared: “I still use my Kids HearMuffs today!”

Finally, one of the producers of the video shared: “I’m glad that the kids got this opportunity. The whole group writing, the background, everything was really cool. And the people were all so nice! The kids deserve their own show and it’s such a good concept. It’s a good idea to test a product out with real kids.”

Thanks again, Maudejanei and Patrick for testing out our product and helping with this video! Your futures are so bright!

27 Sep

Noises in the Classroom: Helping Your Child Focus

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Do you remember what it was like to take a test in elementary school classroom? Here’s a hint: it’s not always quiet in there. Even “quiet time” in elementary school classrooms involves hearing children fidget, whisper to themselves, drop objects and scramble to pick them up, tap their hands against the desk, and call out for the teacher’s attention. For a child who has a difficult time focusing in class, these noises can be added distractions.

If you’re looking at ways for helping your child focus in the classroom despite the noises around them, it can be difficult to find good strategies. After all, how much control does your child really have in the classroom? You might feel powerless with the task of helping your child focus, but there’s hope!

Here are three strategies for helping your child focus in the classroom, whether during a test, a lecture, or another activity:

1. Try Kids HearMuffs

The most efficient way to correct for the issue of a noisy classroom is to invest in a pair of Kids HearMuffs for your child. Kids HearMuffs come with an industry-leading 22 Noise Reduction Rating (NRR), which might help your child reduce some of the noisiness in their classroom. In addition, just putting these HearMuffs on might help your child feel more focused because it will feel like they are in their own world, separate from the noises that are occurring around them. These might be good for helping your child focus in the classroom, during tests or other times when loud (or soft) noises are preventing them from fully focusing.

2. Talk to Your Child’s Teacher

Talk to your child’s teacher to see if your child might be able to take his or her tests in another room where there are fewer distractions. Your goal is helping your child focus, and sometimes it’s important to really be their advocate!

3. Practice, Practice, Practice

Focusing can be hard, even as adults, but as adults we have more experience with focusing in spite of distractions. Try to simulate a class or test environment for your child at home where there are some distractions. See whether your child can develop any of their own strategies for mitigating these distractions and staying focused on a task.

Helping your child focus despite noises in the classroom might be challenging, but working with your child to develop strategies to cope will be helpful in the long term.

24 Sep

Are Ordinary Noises Damaging Your Baby’s Ears?

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Our world is filled with a cacophony of loud noises that flood our ordinary, everyday lives. As adults, it can be easy to forget how loud the sounds we are exposed to are, but baby’s have ears that are much more sensitive than adult ears. ear muffs for infantsThose “ordinary sounds” you hear might be damaging your baby’s ears! One common rule of thumb with babies is that if you can easily talk through the noise, then it is fine for your baby. But let’s take a second to think about the ordinary sounds that we encounter that we can’t talk though. Here are just a few:

Construction Noises 

If you live in a big city, then you know that construction is almost always happening. The sounds of trucks dropping rocks from one place to another, or the grinding noises that are common are noises that can be too loud for your baby. Whether there is construction happening right outside your house, on your daily walk around the neighborhood, or outside your car when it’s stopped, it’s important to protect your baby’s ear’s from those noises. These ordinary noises may be damaging your baby’s ears!

Loud Music 

We get it. Parenting is hard and sometimes you just want to jam to some tunes to put you at ease. Remember, though, that your car stereo or your in-home speakers system can easily go up to volumes that are too loud for your baby. Be mindful of this and turn your music down!

The Television 

The television is an ordinary household fixture, but the sounds that come from it might be damaging your baby’s ears. Remember to keep your baby far away from the television when it is on. If your baby is too close to the TV, the sound might get too loud for them, even if it doesn’t sound too loud to you from further away. Always try to monitor your baby’s activity around technology. It might feel like even your infant is more tech-savvy than you (kids these days…), but it’s still your job to protect their ears!


Conversations, whether they’re heated arguments or impassioned dialogues, can be too loud for your baby and can end up damaging your baby’s ears. When you’re talking to others near your baby, be mindful about the volume at which you are speaking. You might not notice when you get too loud, so try your best to self-monitor, and remind the person you’re talking to that you have to be careful about avoiding damaging your baby’s ears.

Other Children’s Voices

If you have older children at home (or if you’re at the park with your baby), remember that children have not always mastered the art of the “indoor voice.” Remind older children that your baby’s ears are sensitive and that it’s not okay to yell into the baby’s ears.

Though there are lots of ways to protect your baby’s ears, you can’t always predict when an ordinary noise will be loud enough to damage your baby’s ears. As such, we suggest Hearmuffs for your baby. These Hearmuffs are a reliable way to protect your baby’s hearing because they’ll stay on your baby in a large range of situations, so you’ll know your baby’s ears are protected and that ordinary sounds won’t be damaging to your baby’s ears. With Hearmuffs, you’ll be able to enjoy ordinary activities without worrying about damaging your baby’s ears.

20 Sep

Protecting Your Kid’s Ears During Football Season

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It’s fall, and that means football season is officially here! Whether you’re headed to the stadium or hosting a watch party at home, odds are things are going to get a little loud. Sports are a family activity, and it’s important to include the kids in America’s favorite pastime so they can develop an affinity for your favorite team while they’re still young. However, all sporting events can be harsh on your kid’s ears, so it’s important to protect your kid’s ears during football season!


What are the ways to protect your kid’s ears during football season? Here are three good options:


1. Turn down the sound or head outside!

If you’re watching the game on TV with a lot of vocal fans, try to do what you can to control the noise. Turn the volume on the TV down (always a good idea, no matter what you’re watching). Another good option is to put up a projector (if you can) and host your party outdoors. Sound will diffuse more outside and your child will have more space to move away from the loud noises while still being part of the game-watching activities!

2. Pull on a Pair of Kids HearMuffs

Whether you’re watching the game at home or at the stadium, one great way to protect your kid’s ears during football season is to hand them a pair of Kids HearMuffs by Lucid Audio. These Kids HearMuffs won a 2018 Family Choice Award and protect your child’s ears from damaging sounds. They come with an industry-leading 22 Noise Reduction Rating (NRR), so you know they’re good! The HearMuffs will fit your child snugly and comfortably, and they come in lots of colors that are sure to appeal to your child. See, protecting your hearing can be fun! The Kids HearMuffs come in Pastel Blue, Spa Green, Pastel Pink, and White–do they match your favorite team’s colors?

3.  Ears > Embarrassment

Reassure your child that it’s always okay for them to cover their ears if the cheering (or booing) from the game becomes too loud. Their hearing is important, and it’s helpful to emphasize to your child that (s)he should do everything (s)he can to protect those eardrums from damage, even if it might feel embarrassing to do so.

30 Aug

The Harmful Effects Noise has on our Children

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Sound and noise are universal in our environments. It is so widespread we often do not notice it or simply categorize it as a harmless nuisance. Yet, this could not be further from the truth. Whether we realize we realize it or not, noise pollution is hazardous to the health to you and your loved one’s health.

What is Noise Pollution?

Environmentalists scientifically categorize constant or high-level sounds that disrupt the natural balance as being the result of exposure to “noise pollution.” This description applies to abnormal volumes and repetitive production of sounds or noise. Examples of noise pollutants include airport traffic, construction sites, music concerts, sporting events, fireworks, consistently playing with noisy toys/video games, and listening to personal music players or high-volume headphones.

Is Noise Pollution Harmful?

Because we can not see it, smell it does not mean it cannot harm us.

Surprisingly, the most common victims of noise pollution are our children. Numerous diseases, birth defects, and immune system changes are traced back to noise pollution. This includes psychological effects, as well.

Approximately 40 years ago a link between low-birthweight and exposure to high sound levels noted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Expectant mothers with exposure to noise pollution have higher rates of birth abnormalities to include: low birth weight, harelip, cleft palate, and spinal defects.

As well, noise pollution is known to damage the physical health of children beyond infancy. Children who live in noisy residences often have a heart rate significantly higher than those of children from quieter homes. Lower focus and performance abilities are also linked to those living in noisy conditions.

Consequently, higher rates of hypertension and ADD/HDAD disorders are found amongst children living in noise pollution. It is estimated, approximately 12% American children between the ages of 6 to 19 years had impaired hearing in one or both ears.


Regular exposure to sounds and noise related pollution in educational settings compromise their auditory processing and can develop speech and/or reading complications. Just like children continue to physically grow as they get older, they continue to develop their speech perception capabilities as they develop into their teenage years. Disruptive noise in learning environments can yield a variety of cognitive developmental delays.

Evidence shows children in noisier classrooms have more learning aptitude difficulties than those who learn in quieter settings. APD, an auditory processing disorder associated with word discrimination, and Dysgraphia, a writing development impairment stem brain-based issues and caused by environmental stressors commonly associated with noise pollution.

How to Protect our Children?

Noise pollution can play a role in shaping our child’s mental health and physical functionality. Once we understand and reconcile this scientific fact, we can take preventative measures. Your child’s health is important to Lucid Audio. We are parents too, which is why our HearMuffs are made with our revolutionary advanced sound protection technology.

Our HearMuffs actively compress harmful sounds while having the unique ability to let in outside voices at a comfortable level. HearMuffs and Kids HearMuffs protect your child from noise pollution including traffic, concerts, construction, and city sounds. All while providing maximum comfort for all head shapes and sizes and grows with your child from infancy through adolescence.

22 Aug

8 Audiobooks that Promote Positive Change!

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Audiobooks continue to be the fastest growing published format and it’s no wonder given how mobile our day-to-day lives have become with the accessibility to smartphones, tablets, and wireless headphones.

Following up on our last blog titled, Surprising Benefits of Listening to Audiobooks!, we feel it appropriate to round-out the topic and provide our list of Audiobooks that promise to promote positive change in your life.  

Whether you need some entertainment on-the-go, to calm your mood, something to take your mind off tackling those mundane tasks, we are confident you will want to check out this list of audiobooks below. And to make things even easier, each has an Audible.com link for easy downloading. Finally, plug in your favorite Lucid Audio device and tackle your day while taking in something positive! Happy Listening!


Peterson answers the most difficult of questions of living in a modern world and uniquely combines the hard-won truths of ancient tradition with the stunning revelations of cutting-edge scientific research.

Superstar blogger, Mark Manson, cuts through the minutia to show you a counterintuitive approach to living a good life by the importance of stop trying to be positive all the time so you can truly become a better, happier person.

Columnist, Charles Duhigg takes you to the thrilling edge of scientific discoveries and distills vast amounts of information through narratives. All while explaining why habits exist and how they can be changed. Duhigg brings to life a whole new understanding of human nature and its potential for transformation.

Whether you are in a relationship or know someone in one, this is an excellent and enlightening guide towards better understanding everyone’s unique language of love. Learn to speak and understand your partner’s love language, and in no time, you will be able to effectively love and truly feel loved in return.

#5. THE 10X RULE
Want a step-by-step guide on how to achieve phenomenal success for yourself? The 10X Rule guides you through correctly setting goals you previously thought were impossible to achieve. Cardone’s 10X Rules promises to create unprecedented levels of happiness and satisfaction in every area of your life and shows you how to use your fear as fuel to move you into action.

Who doesn’t want to live more and work less? Enjoy the dozens of practical tips and case studies from people who have doubled their income, overcome common sticking points, and reinvented themselves. Included in the  4 Hour Work Week are templates for eliminating email and negotiating with bosses and clients, how to apply lifestyle principles in unpredictable economic times, and the latest tools, tricks, and shortcuts for living like a millionaire without having to be one.

Talented creator of television hits Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal and executive producer of How to Get Away with Murder, Shonda Rhimes, took on her sister’s challenge to say “Yes” for 1 year. In the Year of Yes, she chronicles how the powerful impact of saying “yes” for one year changed her life and how it can change yours.

This simple rule is a one-size-fits-all solution for the one problem we all face of holding ourselves back. Mel Robbins will assist in transforming your life with this one simple tool. The 5 Second Rule will help you become your greatest self. Want to break the habit of procrastination and self-doubt need to beat fear and uncertainty, desire to stop worrying and feel happier? It takes just five seconds.

Don’t forget to listen to these great audiobooks on your Lucid Audio device. Shop Lucid Audio’s HearBand. Our AMPED technology enables you, the listener to enjoy high definition audio without losing awareness of your surroundings. Customize your experience in real time using the ‘AND’ controls, which allow you to separately choose the volume of your music and of ambient sounds. Whether you want no outside sound or up to 9x amplification, it’s yours.


17 Aug

Surprising Benefits of Listening to Audiobooks!

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Audiobooks used to be reserved for long road trips or viewed as a dummies guide to reading. However, in recent years they have gained a tremendous amount of popularity. As of 2016, U.S. audiobook sales totaled $2.1 billion making it the fastest-growing format in publishing according to Nielsen Book Research.


Because we are all so busy with work, families, and home life finding entertainment and an escape from the daily grind can be challenging. One of the obvious reason audiobooks have gained exponential popularity recently is due to the increase in digital technology, it’s growing affordability, and more importantly due to its mobility.

With the increase in popularity and affordability of smartphones, tablets to laptops, wireless headphones like our HearBands, and Kindles there are more avenues to listen to your favorite book. This coupled with countless audio books becoming accessible wirelessly, reading your favorite book or getting to that recommended novel your best-friend said is a “must read” no longer has to be reserved for sitting down during your free time [insert laugh here.] With the accessibility  you can now listen to books wherever your day takes you and can be accomplished whatever you are doing.

Just like one of Audible’s early catchphrases accurately predicted: “You can listen when your eyes are busy but your mind is free.” And we all know finding even a few moments in your busy day can be a challenge. Yet even take a few moments to slip on your favorite Lucid Audio wireless device to listen to a book can bring endless possibilities of entertainment, positive creativity, and provided healthy results as seen with calming your mind by reading your favorite book or binge-watching your favorite show on a lazy Sunday.  


To recap our blog titled “Meditate Without Meditating” in recent years, “meditation” has taken on a much broader meaning. It is well-documented meditation improves memory, attention, mood, immune system function, sleep, and creativity. All it takes is a few minutes a day to start reaping the benefits. Essentially, you do not technically have to meditate to meditate.

We can probably all agree to calm your mind and drowning out the daily chaos of your day can seem like a never-ending obstacle. Avid audiobook listeners profoundly believe [listening] to a good book (even on-the-go) can manifest results similar to those from traditional meditation. Just like snuggling up to your favorite read to escape into your imagination allows you to be, “in the moment” thus calming your mind, listening into your favorite audiobook can and melting to the sounds of the often-times soothing voice of the narrator can be a rather hypnotic and calming experience.

Whether you recognize it or not, once you understand the importance of being in the present moment, in the now, then you will find listening with the intent to an audiobook you will increase your comprehension and bring you to a calming state of mind.


Have you been putting off something painfully time-consuming like cleaning out your closet, or sitting in line at the DMV? Do you need something to forget your ultimate disdain for enduring rush hour? Plug into your favorite device and download an audiobook. During the time it takes to cook and clean-up, stand in a never-ending line, you can slip into listening to your favorite book and suddenly the time has passed. Done! And what’s better? You’ve just tapped into and fill your time with a wonderful literary experience while completing a chore, task, or daily commute.

Shop Lucid Audio’s Wireless products before you download your next audiobook.  Our amped technology enables you, the listener to enjoy high definition audio without losing awareness of your surroundings. Customize your experience in real time using the controls, which allow you to separately choose the volume of your audiobook and of the ambient sounds around you. With this you are able to multitask, whether you want no outside sound or up to 9x amplification, it’s yours when listening to our wireless products.


01 Aug

PSAP Benefits

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Do you have difficulty hearing in a noisy environment?  Are you constantly asking someone to repeat themselves? Is it increasingly harder for you to hear the TV without having to blast the volume? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time for you to look into some form of hearing assistance. Should you be lucky and able to rule out hearing loss by a hearing specialist, it may be time for you to look into a Personal Sound Amplification Product more commonly known as a “PSAP.”

Traditionally, hearing products [hearables] have been seen as something meant for older individuals, but diminishing hearing affects people of all ages. Soon everyone will be wearing some sort of earbuds or “hearables” in the near future, regardless of their hearing ability. PSAPs are classified under the broad term hearables.

If your hearing is still pretty good, but you just need a boost sometimes our Lucid Audio Enrich PSAP may be perfect for you. Like all other Lucid Audio products, our PSAPs help you “Hear Better.” And as the name suggests, our Lucid Audio Enrich PSAP amplifies sound. It is easy to use, inconspicuous, and comfortable enough to wear every day.  It offers many benefits at a fraction of the cost of traditional hearing aids.


#1. Offers clear verbal communication which is essential for mental and physical health for people to stay connected to friends and love ones.

#2. Adapts continuously to changing environments while maintaining excellent sound quality. Unwanted feedback is suppressed and stopped without sacrificing sound quality or gain. Loud concerts or noisy public environments is modified as to not overwhelm the PSAP wearer.

#3. Produces a power boost when greater amplification is needed such as in large business meetings while listening to music in a quiet environment, or watching television.

#4. Provides low-level noise suppression for improved comfort in quiet environments. Noises such as air conditioning, refrigerator motors or internal microphone noise are all reduced by this system. This helps to keep quiet situations quiet.

#5. The device has a low (nearly invisible) profile, is easy to wear, and provides second-to-none powerful omnidirectional amplification.


Yes. If you have minimal hearing issues and are not ready or need a hearing aid, purchasing a PSAP is significantly less expensive compared to the typical $2,500 per ear for prescribed hearing aid devices not including the costs of a doctor visit. Our Lucid Audio PSAPs range from $95 – $150. And purchasing is easy.  Lucid’s Enrich PSAPs are ready-to-wear right out of the box.  They don’t require any testing or fitting.

It is important to note the FDA does not consider PSAPs to be medical devices to treat hearing loss. While PSAPs provide many of the same benefits of common hearing aids, they are classified as wearable electronic products for occasional, recreational use by consumers who are not hearing impaired.


“Hearing aids and personal sound amplification products (PSAPs) can both improve our ability to hear sounds,” says Eric Mann, M.D., Ph.D., Deputy Director of FDA’s Division of Ophthalmic, Neurological, And Ear, Nose, and Throat Devices. “They are both wearable, and some of their technology and function is similar.”

PSAPs can change the daily function and happiness in someone’s life suffering from mild-to-moderate hearing loss. In addition to enriching the communication with friends and loved ones, these products can help people stay on the job longer as they age, and continue to engage in the experiences and moments often missed with the mild-to-moderate hearing loss.

26 Jul

80’s Workout Music Playlist

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Tired of your current workout playlist? Shake it up with this 80’s Workout Music playlist!

You can listen to with your Lucid Audio HearBands Sport while working out.  Regardless of your workout regiment, we are confident you will enjoy listening as they range from pure bubblegum pop to classic rock. Stay safe, be seen, and enjoy these upbeat and optimistic songs to workout to while wearing Lucid Audio.


  1. Under Pressure (David Bowie, Queen)
  2. Control (Janet Jackson)
  3. Eye of the Tiger (Survivor)
  4. Don’t Stop Believing (Journey)
  5. Footloose (Kenny Loggins)
  6. Pour Some Sugar on Me (Def Leppard)
  7. Sister Christian (Night Ranger)
  8. We Built This City (Jefferson Starship)
  9. The Way You Make Me Feel (Michael Jackson)
  10. Love Is a Battlefield (Pat Benatar)
  11. We are the Champions (Queen)
  12. Hungry Like a Wolf (Duran Duran)
  13. Manic Monday (The Bangles)
  14. Opposites Attract (Paula Abdul)
  15. Girls Just Want to Have Fun (Cyndi Lauper)
  16. Every Little Thing She Does is Magic (The Police)
  17. Wake Me Up Before You Go (Wham)
  18. I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Whitney Houston)
  19. All Night Long (Lionel Ritchie)
  20. The Right Stuff (New Kids on the Block)

Please note: all song choices are purely the opinion of the writer who was raised in the 1980’s by her father who was a disc jockey throughout the 80’s. Legwarmers, spandex, and boombox not required!