18 Apr

Autism Awareness Month: We Are Not so Different

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ASD advocated strongly argue spectrum children should be seen as a “difference to be recognized” instead of a “disorder to be cured.”

It has always been in the back of my mind, How can Lucid Audio HearMuffs and Kids HearMuffs benefit the Autism Spectrum community?”

And what better time to explore this topic than Autism Awareness Month?

Upon my first attempt, my question was immediately answered. Connecting noise protection devices and someone diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) would be easy. My computer was flooded with research and websites with ASD information. Managing overstimulation and sensory sensitivity are a high priority for someone with ASD. Give this, it was obvious was a connection. HearMuffs and Kids HearMuffs are already widely utilized for their “noise protection” and sensory calming features. Anyone with ASD would benefit using Lucid Audio HearMuffs and Kid HearMuffs for their everyday use and during therapy sessions.

Great! That was easy. Now what?

Well, my search didn’t end there!

As I continued on, I was led down a path more thought-provoking than simply connecting our products to the ASD community.

In fact, what I stumbled upon profoundly and beautifully altered my perception of the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) community.

I knew there was a slew of resources. What I was not expecting, was to recognize many children (including mine) not on the spectrum, are walking away from their PlayStations and putting down their smartphones. They are opting to play with sensory soothing tools. Such tools originally marketed and advertised for someone with ASD. Products including fidget spinners, slime, and squishies to name a few are important components (and have been for many years) components utilized during ASD therapy and everyday use. I don’t know about you, but all three have recently taken over my home and the everyday lives of my children.

Given this fact, it is imperative to give pause to the idea our children are grasping for toys with sensory soothing features. They are actually craving a break from the daily chaos and noises of their lives.

These newly named, “kid craze” and “trend toys” keeping our children company have been around as early as the 1970s. For decades now, they have been tools vital in assisting sensory and fine motor skill development. They work to regulate and independently calm children. They become less anxious in and able to cope with obsessive behaviors.

Many teachers and parents outside of the ASD community see these toys as distracting, pointless, and messy. Especially now that playgrounds have become a fidget and squishy black market. And kitchens into Do-It-Yourself Slime labs. When they are actually great tools for giving a pleasing and calming sensory experience. Thus the urge for them to become distracted dissipates.

If we can shift our focus from being a fad, we could potentially tackle all levels of over stimulation and hypersensitivity that lie within all of our children.

If you know any child that would like comfort and protection from their fast-paced routines and over stimulating activities, regardless of diagnoses, check out Lucid Audio’s Kid HearMuffs. Their revolutionary technology, kid-approved features, and quality comfort and protection have made them a hit with all children. Lucid’s Kid HearMuffs are Audiologist-Approved. To add, they hold an industry-leading 22 Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) and the patented GrowBand allows HearMuffs to grow with any child starting at infancy.

At the end of the day, I am not only confident Lucid Audio’s HearMuffs and Kids HearMuffs could benefit ASD children just like all children, but ASD children are not so different from my children (our children) after all.


11 Apr

An Energizing Workout Playlist

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Are you in need of a new workout playlist that’ll really get you pumped and ready to go for your workout? You’re in luck! We have just the tracks for you that’ll really get you in the mood to move! Whether you’re taking a scenic morning run, lifting weights, or even hitting the climbing gym, these tunes will get you in the mood to move your body and push yourself to your full potential!

workout playlist

Here’s our energizing, irresistible workout playlist for you.

Track 1: “Bad Girls” by M.I.A.

Track 2: Song: “Empire State of Mind” by Jay-Z (feat. Alicia Keys)

Track 3: “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk (feat. Pharrell Willimas & Nile Rodgers)

Track 4: “Run the World” by Beyoncé

Track 5: “New Rules” by Dua Lipa

Track 6: “You’ll Find a Way” by Santogold

Track 7: “Wind it Up” by Gwen Stefani

Track 8: “Rock that Body” by The Black Eyed Peas

Track 9: “Cousins” by Vampire Weekend

Track 10: “1901” by Phoenix

And what’s the best way to listen to these tunes, you might be wondering? Lucid Audio’s HearBand Sport, of course!!

The HearBand Sport is built in with LED Safety Lights and a Reflector that will help keep you safe during your outdoor workouts, while delivering high-quality audio straight to your ears. The HearBand will not hinder your flexibility or speed–you’ll barely notice the band, but you’ll certainly notice the music! The sound amplifying features will also keep you safe, allowing you to amplify surround sound so you can hear noises from passing cars, bikes, or people.

Listening to this workout playlist using Lucid Audio’s HearBand Sport will keep you safe and energized. Are you ready for your next workout yet?

09 Apr

Family Road Trip Packing List

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There’s nothing quite like a family road trip. How many times in life do you have the opportunity to spend hours on end packed into a small, moving space with the people you love most??? While road trips can make for the best memories, there are a few things that should be packed to improve the quality of a family road trip and ensure it’s an enjoyable experience for all involved.

Here are 4 things you should remember to pack with you for your family road trip:

First, snacks!

It doesn’t take long while on the road for stomachs to start growling. In my experience, I happen to feel the most hungry when the nearest exit is still miles and miles away. Having healthy, nourishing snacks on hand is critical, but it can be hard to decide what to pack for a road trip! Here are some easy ideas:

  • A loaf of sliced bread and jars of peanut butter and jelly for easy sandwiches on the go. You can also pack some avocados to spread some nutritious green goodness onto your sandwiches as well! Remember to pack a knife for easy spreading!
  • Dried fruits like raisins and apricots for nutritious, non-perishable, snacking
  • Juice boxes to quench hunger and offer some sweetness
  • Grapes, carrots, celery, apples, bananas, and oranges especially for the first few days. There are a number of fruits and vegetables that won’t go bad right away. Keep these on hand to satisfy the desire to snack. These items are especially nice because it might be difficult to find high-quality produce at gas-station stores…

Second, items for coziness!

The design of cars is getting better and better, but they’re still not the coziest places on the planet. A few simple items will make cars more comfortable for passengers and will aid in helping the kids get to sleep and stay asleep. Be sure to pack some pillows, a comforter, soft socks and slippers, and stretchable cotton clothes. These items will make the car a more welcoming and comfortable place.

Third, Kids HearMuffs!

Kids have sensitive ears and might be disturbed by the array of loud noises that are present on the road. It’s important to protect your children’s ears from the sounds they might encounter, and also important to keep them entertained!

Lucid Audio’s Kids HearMuffs Trio do both: they protect your child’s ears and also allow your child to listen to their favorite media. The sound protection HearMuffs include active compression of harmful sounds, the unique ability to let outside voices in at a comfortable level, and the ability to listen to any media through a standard audio jack.

The HearMuffs are ideal for when your child is ready to snooze in the car, or, if they’d like to look out the window but you’d like to protect them from the loud construction sounds outside! The HearMuffs are wonderful additions to any family road trip and will create a more enjoyable experience for every member of your family.  Lucid Audio also offers HearMuffs for newborns and infants which come with the ability to play four soothing sounds including white noise, babbling brook, heartbeat and lullaby.

Of course, there are many other items you should be sure to pack (toothbrushes, an extra gas canister, extra water, a physical map, some podcasts to keep you occupied, etc.). Family road trips are opportunities for bonding and unforgettable memories. We hope you have a wonderful and comfortable trip!

26 Mar

Best Ways To Soothe Your Child

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Looking for some ways to soothe your child?

When our children are born we seem to innately know his or her needs. My mom used to say, a baby is: sleepy, hungry, poopy or uncomfortable. If he or she is crying, address one of those.

Most of the time, mom or dad instinctively knows exactly what the issue is and how to solve it. But sometimes, it is not that easy. For example: Did you catch the nebulous description, “when a baby is uncomfortable”? The easy, go to fixes are things like wrapping your baby up in a burrito blanket, rocking, bouncing, moving their legs up and down to massage the intestines, holding close to the bosom or rubbing the tummy. These are common and repetitive movements that soothe all babies.

But what do we try next if those don’t work? First, consult your pediatrician! Then, use the following techniques, not only for babies 0-5 but also your older kiddos, ages 5-10.

I do not claim to be an expert, but based on my own experiences plus what I have learned from my sisters and good friends who are therapists of one sort or another, comfort is all about addressing the senses and/or diet.

When babies are born, they are similar to a new bloom on a flower. Their senses are heightened and they are extremely sensitive to loud noises, sudden movement, touch, temperature, and pressure on the body. Their sense of smell is developed but they much prefer the smell of mom. When they come out of the womb, it is like they are coming from another planet. It takes awhile for babies to fully integrate into this world.  According to the book, The General Theory of Love, it takes babies about 1 year to fully integrate into this world.

Sometimes the senses don’t develop all the way, the brain is wired differently or the brain synapses don’t fully connect.  All too often these days, we start to see patterns emerge that are connected to Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Aspergers, and ADHD.

Regardless of your child’s development, I have found the following may help you soothe your child:

Apply Deep Tactile Pressure: When you cannot sit still, it may mean too much sugar or perhaps your proprioceptors are not firing. Deep tactile pressure like a weighted blanket, weighted Vest or light pressure on the legs, hips or shoulders help to connect the proprioceptors and brings comfort.

Limit Auditory Input: If there are too many sounds happening at once, it may cause sensory overload. Normally, we can select the sounds that we listen to but babies and those with SPD listen to all the sounds. Depending on the individual, they either hear all the sounds jumbling together and cannot make sense of it or they can gather information from each sound and become overwhelmed with too much input.

The idea here is to block or isolate sounds with audio devices like Lucid Audio’s HearMuffs™.  HearMuffs for infants, 0-5 and Kids HearMuffs, 5-10. HearMuffs have Advanced Hearing Protection and Unique Kid-Approved Features including active compression of harmful sounds, the unique ability to let in outside voices at a comfortable level and the choice to play four soothing sounds or watch any kind of media source.

Movement: Movement addresses the vestibular system responsible for sensory information about motion, equilibrium, and spatial orientation. Try swinging, laying on an exercise ball and rolling back and forth, spinning or for older kids martial arts help.
Oral Input, this is the fastest to satisfy the sensory system. Try teething rings, chewing gum, or rubber tubing (nontoxic).

I hope these ideas help you. Please add your ideas for soothing a child.  I will add them to my list of tried and true.

23 Mar

Shortcuts to Mastering the March Madness

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Unless you have been living under a rock, and said rock is located deep in the Himalayas, you are likely aware we are already half through March Madness. Yes, the glorious sporting event that steals the attention of all men leaving their wives, girlfriends, moms (you get it) wondering where they have all disappeared to during the month March is in full swing.

Chances are, you are only reading this post because you have momentarily stepped away from scanning (and analyzing) your NCAA tournament bracket. If not, I’d be willing to bet there is a short degree of separation between you and someone cheering on one of the 68 college basketball team as they battle in the holy grail of tournaments.

Should you be the rare case, and not have your trusty March Madness Survival Guide accessible, check out our shortcuts below. In no time, you will find yourself immersed into the American sporting phenomenon, we call March Madness.

HOW IT WORKS: A simple “March Madness” web search will lead you down a clickbait black hole with luring discussion panels, hot topics, prediction strategies, and even voodoo practices related to the tournament. Want a layman’s breakdown of all the madness? Check out: March Madness Explained

BREAKING BRACKET: If you consider yourself the authority in Bracketology, it may interest you, the odds of miraculously filling-out a perfect tournament bracket are 1 in 9.2 Quintillion. Meaning, you are more likely to become a gold-dripping Pro Basketball player or die from an Asteroid impact than picking the tournament game winners perfectly. Yet, each year, millions of people reject these odds and spend countless hours methodically perfecting their tournament picks, which many would consider a part of their identity. Check out, Brackets For Dummies and you will have a headstart on next year’s tournament. Just think, you could be on your way to being the Heisenberg of NCAA Bracket picking for next year’s tournament.

KEEP YOUR EYE ON: With the Sweet Sixteen underway, having to study the remaining teams just got a whole lot easier from 68 teams. Before you throw in the towel thinking there is any studying actual involved, understand it’s highly likely any tournament talk you will encounter will be focused on the remaining sixteen contenders down from the original 68 teams.

Lucky for us, SportingNews has done the work clearly backs it up with the “Why” for each placement of the Sweet Sixteen.


WATCHING, HOW & WHEN: Whether you are at work or at home, there are several ways to actively cheer and received updates on the NCAA games.








LOOKING for a way to stream the games while at work or want to listen but need to get things done? Lucid Audio’s HEARING HEADPHONES™ AND TV STREAMER is a perfect wireless headphone that will allow you to stream any of the games while giving you the freedom to move around and multitask, take calls, and hear sounds around you.

AND for a limited time, receive 50% OFF any TV Streamer Kit including our TV Streamer + Hearing Headphones and TV Streamer + HearBand.  Use code: tv50 at checkout.  Expires April 30th, 2018.

21 Mar

Safety Tips For Running At Night

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How to prepare for running at night?

Safety First, without a doubt the most important steps in the transition to night running revolves around personal safety.  No single workout is worth risking your overall health, well-being or life. With proper planning, night running should allow you to get your workout in with minimal risk. Here are some safety tips for running at night to consider:

Make sure you have a well-lit route or wear a headlamp

Keep your route simple – and repeat it to build up the miles. This keeps you close to home should you need/want to stop. If you run a trail, make sure someone knows exactly where and when you are going on your run.

Be Visible: Night runners can’t afford to blend in. Wearing oud colors with reflective material to catch passing headlights is a must. Add on a few flashing strobe lights (red for your back, white for your front) so you can be spotted easily.

  1. Reflective Vest: Preferably a mid-weight version, this full zip vest will make sure you are seen and help to keep your core warm.
  2. Headlamp: Not required, but a really nice to have item. It will cut through the darkness, allowing you to pick the safest path. It also helps with the visibility issue.
  3. Flashing Light: Similar to what bicycle commuters use, these simple lights are a cheap and effective way to make your presence known. This will help drivers and fellow pedestrians know which way you are headed long before they can actually see you.
  4. Headphones or Neckbands:  We suggest Lucid Audio’s HeadBand Sport ™ you can listen to music, make calls AND amplify outside sounds up to 9X, keeping you aware of your surroundings.  With the HearBand Sport you have the added benefit of flashing LED lights to keep you visible as well as reflective tape. Check them out here.
17 Mar

Best 5 Cities For Running At Night

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I love running at night or in the early morning hours before the sun has come up.  Cities just have a different feel and vibe at night which I love to explore by running.  That being said; here are some of my favorite cities in the world to run in at night.

  1. Miami – As the sun sets, Miami skies burst into bright pinks, purples, and oranges. Ocean Drive comes alive with neon lights, music, dancing, and lots of laughter. Running down the boardwalk in the moonlight makes the ocean glitter and is so absolutely surreal. Event – This year the Electric Run is being hosted in Miami on July 8th.
  2. Las Vegas – The bright lights of the Vegas Strip are most dazzling at night, creating a vibrancy that extends from the streets to outer space. Running Vegas at night is a unique way to experience Sin City, the bright lights, music, and activity.  Check out this year’s Vegas Rock n Roll Run on Nov. 10th
  3. London – A city of history and lore. Tower Bridge is more beautiful during the night, be dazzled by the architecture and its lights from the path along the Thames. You won’t regret it running through this vibrant city at night. Event: Life Style Sports Run in the Dark 5K and 10K – November.
  4. New York City – In the city that never sleeps, the best sightseeing happens after the sun goes down. Experience the bright city lights and watch the city come alive during your night run. Be sure to check out New York Road Runners Midnight Run in December.
  5. Tromso, Norway – Situated above the Polar Circle, the city sees only a few hours of sunlight during winter months which means that you have a great chance of seeing the spectacular green and purple hues of the Northern Lights stretched across the night sky during your stay. The Polar Night Half Marathon takes place in January each year.

And remember if you are running at night make sure you are safe AND seen.  Lucid Audio allows you to do this with their brand new HearBand Sport.  Check it out here.


12 Mar

Best Baby Shower Gifts of 2018

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When considering what to give a new mom as a baby gift, there are several ways to go. The first thing I consider when choosing a gift is, how well do I know the mom. If she is a close friend or family I usually want to help out with the big basic items like diapers, mattress or stroller, although not very fun. Giving a sentimental gift is always a good choice, but lots of pressure. It is always easy to pick a gift from the registry but the most satisfying is being able to choose the gift that is most used or most appreciated.

I have purchased several baby shower gifts this year and I feel compelled to share my findings with you. This list has been compiled from research on Parents.com, Amazon, Buy Buy Baby, asking new moms and of course, my own experience.

Baby Day-to-Day Essentials:

HearMuffs™: $19.95-49.95
At this price range, this gift is a no-brainer because there are so many uses and they grow with your child, meaning you don’t have to purchase a new pair as your baby grows.

I highly recommend them for several reasons:

  • Loud noises are startling – baby senses are heightened and they get easily startled. HearMuffs are protective ear muffs for newborns and infants up to 4-years-old.  HearMuff’s active compression of sound can be used while the baby is sleeping to reduce noises that might wake them.
  • Soothing SoundsHearMuffs Sounds comes with four soothing sounds including babbling creek, heartbeat, white noise and lullaby.  Perfect for naptime or when you’re trying to calm your child.
  • Push-to-Soothe Technology – HearMuffs allow you to communicate with your child without having to take on and off the ear muffs in order to do so.
  • Ear protection – going to a concert or a sports event? Take baby with you and feel good about protecting their ears.

Check out HearMuffs here.

Organic Oversized Muslin Swaddle Blankets: $8.99 – $29.99
Swaddling is one of the 5 ways to nurture your baby. Nurturing helps develop a baby’s disposition according to www.parents.com. Have you felt these things? My gosh, they are so soft, big for easy swaddling and the material breathes so baby does not get too hot. They sell in adult size too!

Drool Bandanas – $9.99 – $21.99
When babies are teething, they can go through as many outfits in a day as diaper changes. These are soft, inexpensive and practical. I see moms using them every day.

Child Carrier Sling: $14.99 – $49.99
Keep your baby close while you go hands-free, the wrap is ERGONOMICALLY designed to distribute your baby’s weight so it doesn’t strain your back.

Baby Safety:

Sleep Sacks – $3.99 – $89.99
Sleep Sacks were developed to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). These sacks leave the baby’s arms free while keeping the baby warm without the risk of the blanket covering the baby’s face.

Swivel Sleeper – $279.99
Keeping your newborn nearby while you sleep will help you rest better. This bassinet rotates 360 degrees for the ultimate in convenience and safety. Now your little one can sleep as close as you like while in their own sleep area. The unique design makes it easy to soothe and tend to your baby.

For Mom:

Nursing Nightgown: $19.99-$49.98
Nursing a baby does not feel sexy. Make mommy feel betting in one of these Motherhood Maternity nursing nightgowns. They are cute and practical.

Postnatal Mommy Massage: $110.00-$160.00
The process of childbirth causes immense strain on new moms both physically and emotionally. This type of massage helps moms get grounded and relax. Search for the best massage locations in your area.

No matter what you choose, the new mom will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Don’t forget to negotiate an opportunity to cuddle with that precious new baby!

04 Mar

Get Fit. Get Flashing. Hear AND Be Seen.

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Stop procrastinating. Learn a new skill. Travel more. Get healthier.

You probably said something like this a couple months ago. These four resolutions often top the list each January 1st. But often we stray from our commitments because they are just too hard. That’s why experts advise walking before you run. Literally.

While walking can be great exercise, it is important that people consider safety too, especially at night or in the early morning hours before the sun has come up. Many walkers, whether for sport or taking the dog out for a stroll, enjoy their exercise while it’s dark outside, leaving them vulnerable to traffic and potentially unaware of their surroundings. According to the NCVS, approximately 47% of violent crimes occur between 6pm and 6am, right around the time that many people go for their evening or morning runs.  

walking safety product

Sales of running and walking safety products, ranging from the traditional reflective tapes to lightweight LED vests, are growing each year. And luckily, audio product manufacturers are now getting into the game.

First to market with LED audio neckbands known as the HearBand Sport, Lucid Audio has created a running and walking safety product that allows you to hear AND be seen.

Hear your music, listen to your friends’ voices, be aware of traffic and animals in route. All possible with the touch of a button that allows you to let in and amplify outside sounds (up to 9X their normal volume) in addition to or instead of your music.

And as an added bonus to those of us who walk and run in the dusk and dark, the HearBand Sport has both LED lights in the front and a reflective band in the back. The LED lights, completely out of sight to the wearer, help oncoming traffic spot the wearer from a distance, whether biking home from work, jogging through the city, or just taking your nightly stroll in the neighborhood.

With around 37% of Americans resolving to run or walk for exercise this year, there may never have been a better time to introduce a product that keeps you safe and has the sounds that keep you moving. Night walks are great ways to release stress, aid digestion and trigger deeper sleep. So walk on, hear AND be seen, with the Lucid Audio HearBand Sport.

03 Mar

World’s 10 Most Extreme Races

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I scoped out the toughest, most extreme races around the world to learn more about these events. After combing through a long list, I have compiled the top 10 most extreme races in the world:

  1. Marathon de Sables – is a six-day, 251 km (156 mi) ultramarathon, which is approximately the distance of six regular marathons. This multi-day race is held every year in southern Morocco, in the Sahara Desert. It has been called the toughest foot race on Earth.
  2. The Race Across America – For 36 years RAAM has been challenging ultra cyclists from around the globe to push their physical and mental limits to the farthest reaches. Starting in Oceanside, under one of the longest piers in California, RAAM spans 3000 miles, climbs 175,000 feet, crosses 12 states and finishes at City Dock in Annapolis, Maryland.
  3. The Jungle Ultra – Runners cover 142.6 miles through the humid Peruvian jungle in a five-stage, self-supported race
  4. Alaska Mountain Wilderness Challenge – Since 1982, roughly 15 people a year attempt to find the path of least resistance across more than 100 miles of wild Alaskan terrain.
  5. La Ruta de Los Conquistadores – From the Costa Rican jungle to high-altitude peaks and active volcanoes, bikers must battle knee-deep mud and sand (and poison dart frogs) over four stages on a course that climbs 29,000 feet over 161 miles.
  6. The Self-Transcendence 3,100 Mile Race (via a 1 block radius) – This race is a true demonstration of the fact that the most extreme endurance feats in the world are mental ones. The course doesn’t offer ever-changing natural vistas. Instead, racers must complete about two marathons a day circling the same block in Queens.
  7. The Brutal – Located in Wales, it involves a 4.8-mile swim, then a 224-mile bike ride, followed by a 52-mile run.
  8. The Barkley Marathon – 100 miles in 60 hours. There is no website. The way to enter the ultramarathon is a secret. The course is said to snake 100 miles through brutal terrain in the mountains in Frozen Head State Park in Tennessee (though some say it’s closer to 130 miles long). Racers have 60 hours to finish.
  9. The Patagonia Expedition Race  – follows a unique route. Racers form teams of four and cross glaciers, rivers, mountains, forests, and plains.They might kayak, mountain bike, or rock climb, potentially traveling hundreds of miles over multiple days.
  10. Volvo Ocean Race – Every three years sailors race 38,739 nautical miles around the world, crossing four oceans and hitting five continents.

But what makes extreme sports appealing?

Man was made to hunt, gather, run, survive. As we have evolved, we have created a life of comfort but is this what we really need? Do we find comfort in discomfort? Must we push ourselves to the brink of death and then overcome to prove we are alive?

Perhaps pushing the limits of human capability is what provides the thrill, the accomplishment, and demands respect.

There is no doubt, extreme racers are adrenaline junkies. They feed on the competition and the respect that comes with being able to overcome the hurdles of each event. These athletes focus on the goals and continuously set the bar higher. But, there is that moment during the race when racers feel stripped, raw and almost broken. In that moment is when they find out what they are really made of.  Overcoming the lowest moments in these extreme races is when, it seems, the most satisfaction is gained.

Extreme sports cover all kinds of activities including snowboarding, rock climbing, surfing, racing, skydiving, paragliding, skateboarding, and sailing. During a lot of these activities, it is always a good idea to hear and be seen. Lucid Audio recommends the HearBand Sport™. Racers can listen to music AND amplify outside sounds up to 9X, keeping them aware of their surroundings. And, they have the added benefit of flashing LED lights to stay visible during nightime hours.