17 Aug

Surprising Benefits of Listening to Audiobooks!

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Audiobooks used to be reserved for long road trips or viewed as a dummies guide to reading. However, in recent years they have gained a tremendous amount of popularity. As of 2016, U.S. audiobook sales totaled $2.1 billion making it the fastest-growing format in publishing according to Nielsen Book Research.


Because we are all so busy with work, families, and home life finding entertainment and an escape from the daily grind can be challenging. One of the obvious reason audiobooks have gained exponential popularity recently is due to the increase in digital technology, it’s growing affordability, and more importantly due to its mobility.

With the increase in popularity and affordability of smartphones, tablets to laptops, wireless headphones like our HearBands, and Kindles there are more avenues to listen to your favorite book. This coupled with countless audio books becoming accessible wirelessly, reading your favorite book or getting to that recommended novel your best-friend said is a “must read” no longer has to be reserved for sitting down during your free time [insert laugh here.] With the accessibility  you can now listen to books wherever your day takes you and can be accomplished whatever you are doing.

Just like one of Audible’s early catchphrases accurately predicted: “You can listen when your eyes are busy but your mind is free.” And we all know finding even a few moments in your busy day can be a challenge. Yet even take a few moments to slip on your favorite Lucid Audio wireless device to listen to a book can bring endless possibilities of entertainment, positive creativity, and provided healthy results as seen with calming your mind by reading your favorite book or binge-watching your favorite show on a lazy Sunday.  


To recap our blog titled “Meditate Without Meditating” in recent years, “meditation” has taken on a much broader meaning. It is well-documented meditation improves memory, attention, mood, immune system function, sleep, and creativity. All it takes is a few minutes a day to start reaping the benefits. Essentially, you do not technically have to meditate to meditate.

We can probably all agree to calm your mind and drowning out the daily chaos of your day can seem like a never-ending obstacle. Avid audiobook listeners profoundly believe [listening] to a good book (even on-the-go) can manifest results similar to those from traditional meditation. Just like snuggling up to your favorite read to escape into your imagination allows you to be, “in the moment” thus calming your mind, listening into your favorite audiobook can and melting to the sounds of the often-times soothing voice of the narrator can be a rather hypnotic and calming experience.

Whether you recognize it or not, once you understand the importance of being in the present moment, in the now, then you will find listening with the intent to an audiobook you will increase your comprehension and bring you to a calming state of mind.


Have you been putting off something painfully time-consuming like cleaning out your closet, or sitting in line at the DMV? Do you need something to forget your ultimate disdain for enduring rush hour? Plug into your favorite device and download an audiobook. During the time it takes to cook and clean-up, stand in a never-ending line, you can slip into listening to your favorite book and suddenly the time has passed. Done! And what’s better? You’ve just tapped into and fill your time with a wonderful literary experience while completing a chore, task, or daily commute.

Shop Lucid Audio’s Wireless products before you download your next audiobook.  Our amped technology enables you, the listener to enjoy high definition audio without losing awareness of your surroundings. Customize your experience in real time using the controls, which allow you to separately choose the volume of your audiobook and of the ambient sounds around you. With this you are able to multitask, whether you want no outside sound or up to 9x amplification, it’s yours when listening to our wireless products.


01 Aug

PSAP Benefits

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Do you have difficulty hearing in a noisy environment?  Are you constantly asking someone to repeat themselves? Is it increasingly harder for you to hear the TV without having to blast the volume? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time for you to look into some form of hearing assistance. Should you be lucky and able to rule out hearing loss by a hearing specialist, it may be time for you to look into a Personal Sound Amplification Product more commonly known as a “PSAP.”

Traditionally, hearing products [hearables] have been seen as something meant for older individuals, but diminishing hearing affects people of all ages. Soon everyone will be wearing some sort of earbuds or “hearables” in the near future, regardless of their hearing ability. PSAPs are classified under the broad term hearables.

If your hearing is still pretty good, but you just need a boost sometimes our Lucid Audio Enrich PSAP may be perfect for you. Like all other Lucid Audio products, our PSAPs help you “Hear Better.” And as the name suggests, our Lucid Audio Enrich PSAP amplifies sound. It is easy to use, inconspicuous, and comfortable enough to wear every day.  It offers many benefits at a fraction of the cost of traditional hearing aids.


#1. Offers clear verbal communication which is essential for mental and physical health for people to stay connected to friends and love ones.

#2. Adapts continuously to changing environments while maintaining excellent sound quality. Unwanted feedback is suppressed and stopped without sacrificing sound quality or gain. Loud concerts or noisy public environments is modified as to not overwhelm the PSAP wearer.

#3. Produces a power boost when greater amplification is needed such as in large business meetings while listening to music in a quiet environment, or watching television.

#4. Provides low-level noise suppression for improved comfort in quiet environments. Noises such as air conditioning, refrigerator motors or internal microphone noise are all reduced by this system. This helps to keep quiet situations quiet.

#5. The device has a low (nearly invisible) profile, is easy to wear, and provides second-to-none powerful omnidirectional amplification.


Yes. If you have minimal hearing issues and are not ready or need a hearing aid, purchasing a PSAP is significantly less expensive compared to the typical $2,500 per ear for prescribed hearing aid devices not including the costs of a doctor visit. Our Lucid Audio PSAPs range from $95 – $150. And purchasing is easy.  Lucid’s Enrich PSAPs are ready-to-wear right out of the box.  They don’t require any testing or fitting.

It is important to note the FDA does not consider PSAPs to be medical devices to treat hearing loss. While PSAPs provide many of the same benefits of common hearing aids, they are classified as wearable electronic products for occasional, recreational use by consumers who are not hearing impaired.


“Hearing aids and personal sound amplification products (PSAPs) can both improve our ability to hear sounds,” says Eric Mann, M.D., Ph.D., Deputy Director of FDA’s Division of Ophthalmic, Neurological, And Ear, Nose, and Throat Devices. “They are both wearable, and some of their technology and function is similar.”

PSAPs can change the daily function and happiness in someone’s life suffering from mild-to-moderate hearing loss. In addition to enriching the communication with friends and loved ones, these products can help people stay on the job longer as they age, and continue to engage in the experiences and moments often missed with the mild-to-moderate hearing loss.

26 Jul

80’s Workout Music Playlist

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Tired of your current workout playlist? Shake it up with this 80’s Workout Music playlist!

You can listen to with your Lucid Audio HearBands Sport while working out.  Regardless of your workout regiment, we are confident you will enjoy listening as they range from pure bubblegum pop to classic rock. Stay safe, be seen, and enjoy these upbeat and optimistic songs to workout to while wearing Lucid Audio.


  1. Under Pressure (David Bowie, Queen)
  2. Control (Janet Jackson)
  3. Eye of the Tiger (Survivor)
  4. Don’t Stop Believing (Journey)
  5. Footloose (Kenny Loggins)
  6. Pour Some Sugar on Me (Def Leppard)
  7. Sister Christian (Night Ranger)
  8. We Built This City (Jefferson Starship)
  9. The Way You Make Me Feel (Michael Jackson)
  10. Love Is a Battlefield (Pat Benatar)
  11. We are the Champions (Queen)
  12. Hungry Like a Wolf (Duran Duran)
  13. Manic Monday (The Bangles)
  14. Opposites Attract (Paula Abdul)
  15. Girls Just Want to Have Fun (Cyndi Lauper)
  16. Every Little Thing She Does is Magic (The Police)
  17. Wake Me Up Before You Go (Wham)
  18. I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Whitney Houston)
  19. All Night Long (Lionel Ritchie)
  20. The Right Stuff (New Kids on the Block)

Please note: all song choices are purely the opinion of the writer who was raised in the 1980’s by her father who was a disc jockey throughout the 80’s. Legwarmers, spandex, and boombox not required!

18 Jul

5 Easy Ways to Exercise at Home Using Lucid Audio

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Do you want a quick and easy fix to get your blood pumping and heart rate up without leaving the comfort of your home? Below are 5 EASY ways you can exercise at home using Lucid Audio.

Regardless of the season sometimes you do not want to venture out into the summer heat or winter air even if it’s to jump into your car and drive to the gym. Or maybe you are just too tired from a long day at the office or home with the kids. 

#1. STAIRS – This is a fantastic cardio exercise to do in your home! And if you do not have a set of stairs available don’t fret, you’re not out of luck! You can either find the largest book you own, safely stack up several hardcover books, or use a sturdy chair (step stool works too!) and put it in front of the TV. Plug in and connect your Lucid Audio TV Streamer to your Wireless HearBands, and step up-and-down while watching your favorite show. This simple exercise will ensure you reach your steps for the day!

#2. STREAM A WORKOUT – If you find yourself ready for an upbeat workout, but can not make that yoga class or Zumba class you use to have time for then stream it with your Lucid Audio Wireless HearBands is your answer. Check out Shape Magazine’s 13 Killer Workouts That Offer Online Streaminghere.

#3. DANCE – We’ve all heard the line, “Shake what your Momma gave you!” and believe it or not this is a fantastic way to boost your heart rate and workout your muscles! Slip on your any of our HearBands and connect to your favorite music. What’s even better is you can control the sound, pick up phone calls, and hear sounds around your with a press of a button and without taking them off.  AND you never know your partner, children, or roommates may see how much fun you are having and join you for a dance party!

#4. CLEAN – Believe it or not what you may already be doing on a daily basis is considered a workout. Merely doing household chores can raise your heart rate and conditioning your body all the while cleaning. Check out WikiHow’s Workout While Doing Housework for ideas and don’t forget your Lucid Audio headphones to listen to your favorite. What an accomplishment to be able to stay clean, organized, and fit all at the same time!

#5. MAKE IT A GAME – OK, ready for some real fun while you workout? We know, fun and working out are not commonly used together until now! If you like watching TV or streaming shows, slip on your favorite Lucid Audio headphones, connect them to the TV streamer, and get up during the commercials (or Ads.) Do a round of jumping jacks, squats, or a plank during each break or when a specific character appears on the screen. Or give yourself a secret word (make it common, but not too common you wear yourself out in the first 5 minutes.) Keep the game going, and anytime anyone (your partner, children, roommates, etc.) says the secret word require yourself to do a 30-second plank or 10 squats.

Another idea is to work a point system into your daily workout at home routine. For example, give yourself a point for every set of reps you complete and another set of points for actually completing an exercise. Set a goal with a reward for reaching a certain amount of points. For example, 100 points equal a pedicure or foot reflexology. Step it up with more points and reward yourself with tickets to your favorite concert or sporting event. There is nothing better than awarding yourself with something for all of your hard work. 


15 Jul

Ways To Find Me-Time As A Mom or New Parent!

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Is It Actually Possible To Find More Me-Time As A Mom? 

Yes! The answer shockingly is, “Yes,” you can actually find some unexpected “me-time” in your already hectic day of chasing runny noses, tackling the week’s laundry, making meals, helping with homework, cleaning up toys, grocery shopping. The list goes on and on!

However, once you (we) identify AND accept it is IMPOSSIBLE to be a “Super Mom” suddenly the door will open to focus on you. And this type of mom may exist. You know. The type of mom we daydream of being. Always able to optimize every precious moment, keeping the house organized, instituting healthy eating habits, having flat abs all while still being our husband’s “girlfriend.” It is without question burn-out WILL happen. Therefore, accepting (not residing) to the fact being a Super Mom is impossible will inevitably take the burden off yourself and allow you to open up to more me-time.


“Me-time” is downtime and is a vital component to your overall well-being. Me-time doesn’t necessarily mean having a spa-day or as being self-indulgent. Think of it as the crucial time needed for yourself to be a better mother and better wife. Give yourself permission to have some me-time and slow down, relax for a few moments by yourself or a few hours each week.


It’s not rocket science to know a well-rested, physically, and an emotionally healthy person can accomplish more, be less anxious, and be a better partner all relates to women with children too! A rested, physically and emotionally healthy woman is a better mom and a better wife…period. Just like when the Flight Attendant instructs us to put on our oxygen mask on first, prioritizing a little me-time in your life is critical. We all (mother or not) need a break from the demands of daily living. Compound these demands with having little humans you are responsible for it, and you can clearly see you are no exception.


#1 SCHEDULE IT!  – If you want your family to run like a well-oiled machine and be able to expect and know what challenges are coming, a schedule is key. And not a minute-to-minute schedule. But rather a weekly schedule to help keep you and your partner on the same page. And aware of what is happening next. Most important, this schedule should include a slot for, “me-time.” Have your partner take the kiddos off your hand even if it is for one hour a week. Having this planned out will ensure you do not pass over this much needed time for yourself. And as important as scheduling-it, have a go-to list of things you classify as, being me-time. Need help kicking off your me-time checklist? Check out this wonderful list of ideas to get you started.

#2 WHEN THEY REST…YOU REST – Yeah, Right! We can hear you now. Yes, we get it. Seriously, we do. This suggestion is probably the hardest of all. When they finally get to sleep for the night or down for a nap you are no doubt looking at a house turned upside down. Take baby steps if necessary. The first step is to require yourself [require being the keyword] to take one night or at least one nap a week to push all your chores aside and spend this time doing something relaxing for yourself.  Do it! No one would or should fault you for not emptying the dishwasher over catching up on some much-needed R&R. And if they do, have them walk in your shoes for one day. We dare them!

#3 GO OUTSIDE…WITH YOUR KIDS  – If you do not already know the term, “Cabin Fever” as a parent then skip this section and pat yourself on the back. You are doing something right! Parenting can be taxing. Not the kind on your hard-earned money rather the overload of doing something over-and-over again. Like a never-ending assembly line. Eat, poop, sleep, you – no sleep, clean, eat, poop, sleep, you – no sleep, clean. That kind of, “taxing.” So, when the weather permits grab a blanket, pack a snack, grab a book, and your Lucid Audio HearBands and stroll the kids outside. You don’t have to go far. Maybe under a tree or a park that is within walking distance. Just getting out, breathing oxygen, encountering human beings breaks the exhausting monotony of parenting at home. And you may just get a moment to yourself as your child has a few safe minutes of independent play or playing with a friend they meet.

#4 LOCK YOUR DOOR…SAFELY, OF COURSE! – Privacy is important. We know as a Mom it has probably been months since you have had an interrupted bathroom break. Put a lock on your door. It goes without saying to ensure your children are safe when you lock yourself away for a bathroom break. If this does not feel right to you, that is ok. Take an extra few minutes in the shower to sit and allow the water to hit your back or neck. Sitting quietly with your thoughts in a shower or bath is a form of meditation. And just a few moments by yourself with the rush of water drowning out the daily chaos is a fantastic way to center yourself. Want some help, check out this 5 Minute Meditation Practice You Can Do In The Shower.

#5 CONTROL THE NOISE IN YOUR LIFE –Remember the days of quickly catching up on news, music, podcasts, binge-watching your favorite show, or chatting with a friend on the phone uninterrupted? Wearing Lucid Audio Wireless HearBands neckband now is an effortless way to connect to these activities while controlling your environment. With a touch of a button, you can stay alert of your children napping or playing in another room while wearing. For the moms who have trouble sitting down wearing Lucid Audio’s HearBands allows you to listen to your favorite music, watch your favorite tv show, or take calls while maneuvering around the house hands-free. Sound impossible? Check out this excellent VIDEO showing Meghan, a busy mom, maneuvering through her day with ease while wearing her Lucid Audio HearBand.

23 Jun


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With this week, technically, June 21st, being the official start of summer, we hope you treat yourself with some well-deserved travel away from the office (or classroom…or kitchen…) And regardless if you find yourself flying or taking a short road trip, we understand packing for yourself or family brings with it a few frustrating packing challenges.
Thankfully, we have researched a slew of carry-ons designed specifically to ease the travel burden. Should you choose to put the words, “travel” and “burden,” in the same sentence (hmm?), we are confident you will be happy including these carry-on approved must-haves to your packing list. To make things even easier on you we even included links to buy each product below.

Never lose your cool this summer in any travel situation. Keep your drinks hot or cold on long-haul flights or road trips with any of their insulated stainless steel drink canteens or drink holders. Their designer-inspired and contemporary metallic designs are a great accessory to your travel attire. And what’s better? 5% of all Corkcicle sales go directly toward Charity: Water to help provide clean drinking water to those in need.  

Protect your smartphone from water, accidental drops, and scratches with a certified waterproof phone case. There is nothing worse than a cracked phone screen or non-functioning camera to hinder capturing your travel memories.

If sound quality and battery life are essential then Lucid Audio’s Bluetooth headphones are the way to go when traveling! Designed to be light, travel-friendly, and second-to-none when it comes to comfort, quality, the sound activated compression protects you from distracting turbine and engine noises that can cause long-term damage. Listen to your music, take calls, and with the adjustable ambient volume control, continue to have conversations with your travel companions.

This portable compact power charger packs a big punch of power. The slim and compact body will surprise you by how fast it can charge up to two smartphones/tablets fast and includes multiple functions essential for the smartphone traveler.

This scientifically proven super soft neck support is compact and lightweight compared to the traditional u-shaped neck pillow. Should you find yourself wanting a little shut-eye during your travels, this travel pillow holds your neck in ergonomic position during rest. And with its low-profile features, it is super lightweight and can easily attach to your travel bag. Check out this Trtl Pillow Video to see the comfort for yourself!

Save time dealing with unraveling your electronic cables, plugs, adapters, battery packs, etc. There is nothing more frustrating than spending half your travel time trying to locate a charger stuffed at the bottom of your bag or pulling out the knots of your jumbled up chords. And if you are like us, you can also find room in this roomy organizer to add your other travel items such as your passport, tablet, laptop accessories, etc.

30 May

5 Unique Uses for Amplification Technology in Hearbands™

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walking at night

Sound amplification technology allows us to be more in tune with our world. Our ears can only pick up on so many noises on their own, but with a little help, they can notice so much more! The sound amplification technology in Lucid Audio’s Hearbands™ allow wearers to amplify outside sound from 0 to 9x amplification. There are lots of creative uses for amplification technology. Below are 5 unique uses for the amplification technology in Hearbands.

1. Mechanics Listening to Cars

Listening to a car and understanding the noises is truly an art. Mechanics can use Hearbands to listen more closely to the noises that cars are making. This allows them to determine whether the noises are indicative of a problem, or whether the car is running smoothly. Our ears are often not sensitive enough to hear the types of sounds that truly provide accurate hints of a car’s condition. However, with a little help from Hearbands’ sound amplification technology, mechanics will be able to hear just what they need to to evaluate and fix a car!

2. Miniature Airplane Enthusiasts Hearing Planes

The masterful craft of creating miniature airplanes is truly incredible. The intricate details yield planes that are sophisticated, and technical, though they are small. All parts of a miniature airplane are significantly smaller than the real thing, but the noises a miniature airplane makes are nearly imperceptible without help. Hearbands’ sound amplification technology allow miniature airplane enthusiasts to appreciate the sounds their creations make, a unique joy that would otherwise be imperceptible.

3. Birdwatchers Listening for Birds

Birdwatching is a thrilling hobby that requires immense patience and an attuned ear. The sounds that birds make give hints to bird watchers about the types of birds in the area and where exactly they might be able to see them. Hearbands’ sound amplification technology allows birdwatchers to notice and hear sounds that they otherwise might have missed, leading to a revolutionary birdwatching experience!

4. Parents Keeping an Ear on Kids

It’s important to keep an ear (or eye) on your children at all times. An accident can happen within seconds and it’s important that you’re there to comfort and attend to your child if one does happen. However, it’s difficult to keep an eye on your child at all times. If you’re trying to get work done at home, you might need to be looking at your laptop or paperwork. You might also need to hop onto a conference call at home. Hearbands allow you to do both.

Hearbands’ sound amplification technology allows wearers to listen to their call, while also turning on the sound amplification to also hear what’s happening in the outside world. This means that you can be watching a training video (or Netflix, we won’t judge) on loud on your laptop, and still be able to hear your children calling out for you, loud as ever! Hearbands’ sound amplification system allows parents to be just as attentive as ever, while still engaging in work (or play).

5. Listening to Your Breath During Yoga

Yoga and technology don’t always go together, but Hearbands’ sound amplification technology allows you to get closer to your breath, not further away from it. Turn on your Hearbands’ sound amplification technology while sitting in a quiet room. You will be able to hear your breath clearer than you ever have before. You’ll notice any irregularities and the practice of listening to your breath will become easier and come more naturally to you when you can hear it more clearly. Breath deeply, and enjoy the soothing calmness that Hearbands’ sound amplification technology provides!

If you have any unique uses for your Hearbands (or ideas for how you’d use a pair of Hearbands) let us know in the comments! 

30 May

Protecting a Baby’s Hearing

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Protecting Your Baby’s Hearing Is Important

Babies are delicate in many ways. We all know (hopefully) that it’s important to support a baby’s neck when holding the baby, that babies should never be left unattended, and that shaking a baby can be fatal. However, it’s easier to overlook the more subtle ways that babies are delicate, including how sensitive their ears can be!

Protecting a baby’s hearing is critical.  But how do you know what noise level is dangerous for babies? The noise level of a normal conversation is about 60 decibels, which is a safe level of noise for babies. Noises less than 80 decibels usually shouldn’t cause harm to a baby’s hearing. However, noises above 80 decibels can cause damage. Some children’s toys have sound features that are above 80 decibels, and these toys can cause harm to your baby’s hearing if your baby hears the sound repetitively close to his or her ears. It’s important to be careful with toys that feature loud noises, like cars and trucks with horns or sirens, musical instruments, or dolls and stuffed animals that talk.

It’s important to protect your child’s ears from unexpected loud noises (like car engines revving, construction work, and fire alarms), as well noises in environments that are inherently loud (like movie theaters, firework shows, or sporting events).

flying with an infant

Why are Infant Ears More Sensitive than Adult Ears?

The science behind why an infant’s ears are more sensitive than an adult’s ears is this: an infant’s ear canal is smaller in size than an adult (or even older child’s) ear canal. This means, the sound pressure entering the infant’s ear is greater. In fact, according to Dr. Reiter, head of the audiology program at Hofstra University, “an infant might perceive a sound as 20 decibels louder than an older child or an adult.” Hearing loss is cumulative and it is irreversible. This means protecting your child’s hearing is absolutely critical!

flying with an infant

Protecting Your Baby’s Hearing is Easy with HearMuffs!

Luckily, protecting a baby’s hearing isn’t difficult. Lucid Audio’s HearMuffs offer advanced hearing protection for infants and toddlers. HearMuffs are a 2018 winner of the Family Choice Award. The GrowBand that’s part of the HearMuffs adjust and fit a wide range of head sizes. The band is designed for comfort. It is made with super soft materials and it comfortably protects your child’s head. It’s also machine washable!

HearMuffs will not only protect your child’s hearing. They will also sooth your child with the touch of a button! They offer four soothing sounds: Lullaby, Babbling Creek, White Noise, and Haertbeat. These sounds are perfect for loud restaurants, sporting events, concerts, or even in your own home! If you need to calm your child with your voice, you can simply touch a button to communicate with your child without having to take the HearMuffs on and off each time you want to use them.

HearMuffs protect infants’ hearing in a world where loud noises are abundant. Your infant will be grateful that you took the necessary steps to protect his or her hearing, allowing them to soak in the beautiful sounds of our world throught his or her life.


29 May

Enjoying Summertime with your Summer Baby

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Summer babies are exciting, coming just at the right time for fun! Summer comes with lots of opportunities for adventure, but it’s important to ensure that you have all of the supplies you need to keep your little one safe, happy, and cool this summer!

1. Sleeveless Onesies

For the heat of summer, it’s best to keep it simple with a baby’s clothes. Get a pack of sleeveless onesies for your little one to keep them cool and comfortable, perfect for naps and playtime in the sun!

2. Baby Sunglasses and Hat

Sunblock might irritate a baby’s skin, which is why sunglasses and a hat are a necessity for parents of an infant! Sunglasses and a hat will keep your summer baby stylish and protected from the blazing summer sun.

3. Hearmuffs for Hearing Protection 

It’s hard to think of everything an infant might need, but it’s important to be mindful of their developing bodies and make sure to keep them safe! It’s fun to take your little one to concerts in the park or to bustling beaches, but make sure to keep their ears safe with a pair of Hearmuffs by Lucid Audio. Hearmuffs are the most advanced infant and baby ear protection available. They will sooth your infant and keep their developing ears safe in all types of situations!

4. A car seat cover or car window shades 

Spending time in the car is usually an avoidable part of life, both for babies and for parents. Make sure to protect your baby from the hot sun by placing window shades on your car window, or purchasing a car seat cover to shield your baby’s eyes from the bright sun outside!

5. A waterproof babybag

A waterproof babybag will be helpful for any beach trips you’re planning on making this summer, or even for any summertime showers that might surprise you.

Enjoy summertime with your summer baby!!

25 May

3 Best Summer Roadtrips

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Do you have nostalgic memories about childhood summer roadtrips with your family? Sandwiches picked up from roadside cafés? Gas station candy bars? Mountains of blankets in the backseat, counting state license plates, and doing sing-alongs? If you’re looking to re-live those memories, we have just the list for you!

1. Big Bend National Park

Sample Roadmap Route: Austin -> Marfa -> Big Bend National Park

Texas during the summer might not sound like the most appealing thing ever, but hear me out! Big Bend National Park is located in southwest Texas and includes the entire Chisos mountain range and a large part of the Chihuahuan Desert. Though it’s true that the weather during the summer is quite hot (and requires you to be familiar with heat safety), May through August is the rainy season in Big Bend and the afternoon and evening rains are beautiful and cool the desert. The temperature varies between the desert floor and the mountains, so pack a variety of clothes and get ready for a West Texas Adventure!

If you start your roadtrip in Austin, be sure to check out the vibrant live music scene, eat as much guacamole and chips as you can stomach, and check out the new Austin Public Library in the downtown area—it’s an architectural masterpiece and a beautiful community space! Once you’ve had your fill of Austin, make the 6.5 hour drive to Marfa to check out the art scene, and maybe take a photo of the Prada building if you want to be a typical tourist. Sleep in a yurt, a tent, or a cute hotel before driving the last 1.5 hours to Big Bend National Park the next day where you can hike and explore a new terrain!

2. A Canada Adventure!

Sample Roadmap Route: Seattle -> Vancouver -> Whistler 

This roadtrip will be the shortest international roadtrip you’ll ever take! This summer roadtrip is short and sweet, starting in the dynamic city of Seattle, you can check out the Pike Place Market, explore Mt. Rainier, and admire the Space Needle. If you’re a U.S. citizen with a passport, you don’t need a visa to cross over the border from the U.S. to Canada.

From Seattle, the drive is just a short 2.5 hours to Vancouver, and the road couldn’t be more scenic! Once you’re in Vancouver, you can take a leisurely stroll through Stanley Park, enjoy an evening in Yaletown, and explore Kitsilano Beach.

After you’ve had your fill of Vancouver (which might not be for a while), you can make the short 1.5 hour drive to Whistler. Whistler was the home of the 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games and it’s easy to see why it was chosen. In Whistler, hike around Garibaldi Provincial Park, which boasts stunning views year-round. If you’re into waterfalls, check out the magnificent waterfall in Shannon Falls Provincial Park!

3. A Rocky Mountain Summer Roadtrip

Sample Roadmap Route: Yellowstone National Park –> Jackson Hole –> Rock Springs –> Denver –> Boulder

Though there are many exciting stops on this roadmap route, but the total trip time is just about 12 hours! If you’ve never been to Yellowstone National Park, get ready to experience an otherworldly, whimsical land! Yellowstone was the first national park in America and is famous for its geothermal features, especially the Old Faithful geyser which is a highly predictable cone geyser that spouts at regular intervals throughout the day!

Next up is Jackson Hole, a beautiful valley that is surrounded by mountains and covered in rivers and streams. Don’t forget to bring your camping gear because it has been rated the best campsite in Wyoming!

In Rock Springs, check out the Fossil Butte National Monument and White Mountain before making your way to a much larger city: Denver! Denver is the capital of Colorado and features things-to-do including the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, the Denver Botanic Gardens, and the Denver Art Museum.

After Denver, head on over to Boulder, a college town that is home to the bustling Pearl Street Mall. With a falafel or ice cream in hand, check out performances on the streets and the flowers blooming in every corner. Then, check out the Fiske Planetarium, a university venue for astronomy shows, and go to Chautauqua Park for idyllic mountain scenery!

We hope you enjoy these summer roadtrip ideas! Don’t forget to pack your Lucid Audio Hearbands so you can amplify the sounds of nature while you explore! And, bring along some Kids Hearmuffs to protect your children’s ears from the loud automobile sounds while you drive!

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