30 May

5 Unique Uses for Amplification Technology in Hearbands™

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Sound amplification technology allows us to be more in tune with our world. Our ears can only pick up on so many noises on their own, but with a little help, they can notice so much more! The sound amplification technology in Lucid Audio’s Hearbands™ allow wearers to amplify outside sound from 0 to 9x amplification. There are lots of creative uses for amplification technology. Below are 5 unique uses for the amplification technology in Hearbands.

1. Mechanics Listening to Cars

Listening to a car and understanding the noises is truly an art. Mechanics can use Hearbands to listen more closely to the noises that cars are making. This allows them to determine whether the noises are indicative of a problem, or whether the car is running smoothly. Our ears are often not sensitive enough to hear the types of sounds that truly provide accurate hints of a car’s condition. However, with a little help from Hearbands’ sound amplification technology, mechanics will be able to hear just what they need to to evaluate and fix a car!

2. Miniature Airplane Enthusiasts Hearing Planes

The masterful craft of creating miniature airplanes is truly incredible. The intricate details yield planes that are sophisticated, and technical, though they are small. All parts of a miniature airplane are significantly smaller than the real thing, but the noises a miniature airplane makes are nearly imperceptible without help. Hearbands’ sound amplification technology allow miniature airplane enthusiasts to appreciate the sounds their creations make, a unique joy that would otherwise be imperceptible.

3. Birdwatchers Listening for Birds

Birdwatching is a thrilling hobby that requires immense patience and an attuned ear. The sounds that birds make give hints to bird watchers about the types of birds in the area and where exactly they might be able to see them. Hearbands’ sound amplification technology allows birdwatchers to notice and hear sounds that they otherwise might have missed, leading to a revolutionary birdwatching experience!

4. Parents Keeping an Ear on Kids

It’s important to keep an ear (or eye) on your children at all times. An accident can happen within seconds and it’s important that you’re there to comfort and attend to your child if one does happen. However, it’s difficult to keep an eye on your child at all times. If you’re trying to get work done at home, you might need to be looking at your laptop or paperwork. You might also need to hop onto a conference call at home. Hearbands allow you to do both.

Hearbands’ sound amplification technology allows wearers to listen to their call, while also turning on the sound amplification to also hear what’s happening in the outside world. This means that you can be watching a training video (or Netflix, we won’t judge) on loud on your laptop, and still be able to hear your children calling out for you, loud as ever! Hearbands’ sound amplification system allows parents to be just as attentive as ever, while still engaging in work (or play).

5. Listening to Your Breath During Yoga

Yoga and technology don’t always go together, but Hearbands’ sound amplification technology allows you to get closer to your breath, not further away from it. Turn on your Hearbands’ sound amplification technology while sitting in a quiet room. You will be able to hear your breath clearer than you ever have before. You’ll notice any irregularities and the practice of listening to your breath will become easier and come more naturally to you when you can hear it more clearly. Breath deeply, and enjoy the soothing calmness that Hearbands’ sound amplification technology provides!

If you have any unique uses for your Hearbands (or ideas for how you’d use a pair of Hearbands) let us know in the comments! 

30 May

Protecting a Baby’s Hearing

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Protecting Your Baby’s Hearing Is Important

Babies are delicate in many ways. We all know (hopefully) that it’s important to support a baby’s neck when holding the baby, that babies should never be left unattended, and that shaking a baby can be fatal. However, it’s easier to overlook the more subtle ways that babies are delicate, including how sensitive their ears can be!

Protecting a baby’s hearing is critical.  But how do you know what noise level is dangerous for babies? The noise level of a normal conversation is about 60 decibels, which is a safe level of noise for babies. Noises less than 80 decibels usually shouldn’t cause harm to a baby’s hearing. However, noises above 80 decibels can cause damage. Some children’s toys have sound features that are above 80 decibels, and these toys can cause harm to your baby’s hearing if your baby hears the sound repetitively close to his or her ears. It’s important to be careful with toys that feature loud noises, like cars and trucks with horns or sirens, musical instruments, or dolls and stuffed animals that talk.

It’s important to protect your child’s ears from unexpected loud noises (like car engines revving, construction work, and fire alarms), as well noises in environments that are inherently loud (like movie theaters, firework shows, or sporting events).

flying with an infant

Why are Infant Ears More Sensitive than Adult Ears?

The science behind why an infant’s ears are more sensitive than an adult’s ears is this: an infant’s ear canal is smaller in size than an adult (or even older child’s) ear canal. This means, the sound pressure entering the infant’s ear is greater. In fact, according to Dr. Reiter, head of the audiology program at Hofstra University, “an infant might perceive a sound as 20 decibels louder than an older child or an adult.” Hearing loss is cumulative and it is irreversible. This means protecting your child’s hearing is absolutely critical!

flying with an infant

Protecting Your Baby’s Hearing is Easy with HearMuffs!

Luckily, protecting a baby’s hearing isn’t difficult. Lucid Audio’s HearMuffs offer advanced hearing protection for infants and toddlers. HearMuffs are a 2018 winner of the Family Choice Award. The GrowBand that’s part of the HearMuffs adjust and fit a wide range of head sizes. The band is designed for comfort. It is made with super soft materials and it comfortably protects your child’s head. It’s also machine washable!

HearMuffs will not only protect your child’s hearing. They will also sooth your child with the touch of a button! They offer four soothing sounds: Lullaby, Babbling Creek, White Noise, and Haertbeat. These sounds are perfect for loud restaurants, sporting events, concerts, or even in your own home! If you need to calm your child with your voice, you can simply touch a button to communicate with your child without having to take the HearMuffs on and off each time you want to use them.

HearMuffs protect infants’ hearing in a world where loud noises are abundant. Your infant will be grateful that you took the necessary steps to protect his or her hearing, allowing them to soak in the beautiful sounds of our world throught his or her life.


29 May

Enjoying Summertime with your Summer Baby

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Summer babies are exciting, coming just at the right time for fun! Summer comes with lots of opportunities for adventure, but it’s important to ensure that you have all of the supplies you need to keep your little one safe, happy, and cool this summer!

1. Sleeveless Onesies

For the heat of summer, it’s best to keep it simple with a baby’s clothes. Get a pack of sleeveless onesies for your little one to keep them cool and comfortable, perfect for naps and playtime in the sun!

2. Baby Sunglasses and Hat

Sunblock might irritate a baby’s skin, which is why sunglasses and a hat are a necessity for parents of an infant! Sunglasses and a hat will keep your summer baby stylish and protected from the blazing summer sun.

3. Hearmuffs for Hearing Protection 

It’s hard to think of everything an infant might need, but it’s important to be mindful of their developing bodies and make sure to keep them safe! It’s fun to take your little one to concerts in the park or to bustling beaches, but make sure to keep their ears safe with a pair of Hearmuffs by Lucid Audio. Hearmuffs are the most advanced infant and baby ear protection available. They will sooth your infant and keep their developing ears safe in all types of situations!

4. A car seat cover or car window shades 

Spending time in the car is usually an avoidable part of life, both for babies and for parents. Make sure to protect your baby from the hot sun by placing window shades on your car window, or purchasing a car seat cover to shield your baby’s eyes from the bright sun outside!

5. A waterproof babybag

A waterproof babybag will be helpful for any beach trips you’re planning on making this summer, or even for any summertime showers that might surprise you.

Enjoy summertime with your summer baby!!

25 May

3 Best Summer Roadtrips

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Do you have nostalgic memories about childhood summer roadtrips with your family? Sandwiches picked up from roadside cafés? Gas station candy bars? Mountains of blankets in the backseat, counting state license plates, and doing sing-alongs? If you’re looking to re-live those memories, we have just the list for you!

1. Big Bend National Park

Sample Roadmap Route: Austin -> Marfa -> Big Bend National Park

Texas during the summer might not sound like the most appealing thing ever, but hear me out! Big Bend National Park is located in southwest Texas and includes the entire Chisos mountain range and a large part of the Chihuahuan Desert. Though it’s true that the weather during the summer is quite hot (and requires you to be familiar with heat safety), May through August is the rainy season in Big Bend and the afternoon and evening rains are beautiful and cool the desert. The temperature varies between the desert floor and the mountains, so pack a variety of clothes and get ready for a West Texas Adventure!

If you start your roadtrip in Austin, be sure to check out the vibrant live music scene, eat as much guacamole and chips as you can stomach, and check out the new Austin Public Library in the downtown area—it’s an architectural masterpiece and a beautiful community space! Once you’ve had your fill of Austin, make the 6.5 hour drive to Marfa to check out the art scene, and maybe take a photo of the Prada building if you want to be a typical tourist. Sleep in a yurt, a tent, or a cute hotel before driving the last 1.5 hours to Big Bend National Park the next day where you can hike and explore a new terrain!

2. A Canada Adventure!

Sample Roadmap Route: Seattle -> Vancouver -> Whistler 

This roadtrip will be the shortest international roadtrip you’ll ever take! This summer roadtrip is short and sweet, starting in the dynamic city of Seattle, you can check out the Pike Place Market, explore Mt. Rainier, and admire the Space Needle. If you’re a U.S. citizen with a passport, you don’t need a visa to cross over the border from the U.S. to Canada.

From Seattle, the drive is just a short 2.5 hours to Vancouver, and the road couldn’t be more scenic! Once you’re in Vancouver, you can take a leisurely stroll through Stanley Park, enjoy an evening in Yaletown, and explore Kitsilano Beach.

After you’ve had your fill of Vancouver (which might not be for a while), you can make the short 1.5 hour drive to Whistler. Whistler was the home of the 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympic Games and it’s easy to see why it was chosen. In Whistler, hike around Garibaldi Provincial Park, which boasts stunning views year-round. If you’re into waterfalls, check out the magnificent waterfall in Shannon Falls Provincial Park!

3. A Rocky Mountain Summer Roadtrip

Sample Roadmap Route: Yellowstone National Park –> Jackson Hole –> Rock Springs –> Denver –> Boulder

Though there are many exciting stops on this roadmap route, but the total trip time is just about 12 hours! If you’ve never been to Yellowstone National Park, get ready to experience an otherworldly, whimsical land! Yellowstone was the first national park in America and is famous for its geothermal features, especially the Old Faithful geyser which is a highly predictable cone geyser that spouts at regular intervals throughout the day!

Next up is Jackson Hole, a beautiful valley that is surrounded by mountains and covered in rivers and streams. Don’t forget to bring your camping gear because it has been rated the best campsite in Wyoming!

In Rock Springs, check out the Fossil Butte National Monument and White Mountain before making your way to a much larger city: Denver! Denver is the capital of Colorado and features things-to-do including the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, the Denver Botanic Gardens, and the Denver Art Museum.

After Denver, head on over to Boulder, a college town that is home to the bustling Pearl Street Mall. With a falafel or ice cream in hand, check out performances on the streets and the flowers blooming in every corner. Then, check out the Fiske Planetarium, a university venue for astronomy shows, and go to Chautauqua Park for idyllic mountain scenery!

We hope you enjoy these summer roadtrip ideas! Don’t forget to pack your Lucid Audio Hearbands so you can amplify the sounds of nature while you explore! And, bring along some Kids Hearmuffs to protect your children’s ears from the loud automobile sounds while you drive!

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23 May

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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Father’s Day is right around the corner, so it’s time to start thinking about Father’s Day gifts! If your dad is anything like mine, he doesn’t give any clues about what he wants for any occasion. This has given me lots of time to contemplate ideal gifts for fathers, which is what has led to this list!

1. For a traditional, classic gift, gift him a watch.

Watches are timeless gifts, allowing you to stay on your father’s mind (or rather, wrist) throughout the day. Since many people have started using their phones as watches, your father might not have gotten a watch for himself in a while, which makes now the perfect time for a new watch! You can personalize many watches with a thoughtful engraving.

2. Something handmade

You and I both know that spending money doesn’t equate to love. Spending a ton of money on a Father’s Day gift might make your dad smile as he remembers that you’re financially independent, but it won’t help him feel truly appreciated and loved. Help your dad feel loved this Father’s Day by building him something special. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to try woodworking, this might be the perfect excuse for you! Go out and find some pallets to make your father a coffee table or outdoor couch, if you’re feeling ambitious, or even just build him a coatrack! If woodworking isn’t your thing, you can keep it simple and just couple your present with a handmade card for dad. He’ll appreciate getting to read your words to him on paper, instead of electronically, for once, and it’ll be a special memento that he might want to store away for safekeeping with your childhood arts and crafts!

3. A HearBand!

Whether your dad is the type of father who loves music on his morning jog, listening to podcasts while doing the dishes, or taking business calls at the grocery store, the HearBand is the ideal gift for any dad on Father’s Day! A HearBand will allow your father to turn up his tunes, and turn up amplification to hear the ambient noise around him, keeping him safe and in-tune with his surroundings. HearBands are versatile and they’ll slip right into your dad’s routine, no matter what it’s like! Keep your dad up to speed with emerging technology with HearBands, and we can almost promise that you won’t stop hearing about them once he starts using them!

4. A weekend adventure!

The most special thing you can give to your dad is your time. Show your father you really care on Father’s Day by planning a weekend adventure for the two of you on a weekend that you’re both free. You can either purchase plane tickets to a new destination to explore together, or you can keep it simple by planning a camping trip at a nearby scenic destination (or an overnight hotel stay, if your father isn’t the outdoorsy type).

5. A slideshow with photos from over the years.

Let’s be honest, even when our fathers pretend not to be sentimental, they definitely are. By putting together a slideshow of special memories you and your father have shared over the years, you’ll have the opportunity to show your father how much he means to you, and you’ll get to experience a shared sense of nostalgia as you discuss memories (and maybe even learn more about your childhood and family history in the process)! Father’s Day is about celebrating the journey that brought you from infancy to adulthood and transformed your father from man to father. Taking some time to compile photos from the journey will mean a lot to him, and will bring a whole new dimension of meaning to your Father’s Day!

20 May

Top 5 Things to Pack when Flying with an Infant

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Flying with an infant on board has its challenges. The experience can be a stressful one for the parent and for the baby. However, flying with an infant is often a necessary experience, whether it’s to visit the grandparents, go on a family adventure, or even to take your baby on a business trip with you. When I was an infant, my mother took me on an overseas trip to visit our family, logging 24 full hours of in-air time, multiple flight changes, and a hot, long customs line. Though the experience of flying with an infant has the potential to be stressful, there are ample ways to mitigate the stress of flying with an infant, and what you pack can make all the difference.

flying with an infant

1. Comfortable clothes, for you and for your child

Feeling cozy is crucial for flying with an infant, regardless of whether your flight is long or short. With an infant, even a two hour flight can feel like an eternity! When picking your outfit, choose one that is loose and airy, made out of soft cotton, and has lots of layers. You want to ensure that you don’t feel too hot or too cold and that you’re able to move around fluidly. Ensuring that you feel comfortable will allow you to take the best care of your child.

For your infant, choose clothes that are easy to take off, allowing for easy diaper changes. Pick zippers, magnets, or velcro over hard-to-button buttons. You want clothes that will be easy to remove and change out of, even when the airplane lights go off.

2. HearMuffs, for your infant

Airplanes are loud, and an infants’ ears are sensitive! The sound of the engines roaring during take-off and landing will sound much louder to your infant than it sounds to you, and it will sound much scarier, as well! For an infant, everything about the experience of flying is brand new, and when you stop to think about it, flying can be flat-out terrifying! From the engines, to the overhead announcements, to the loud carts moving through the aisles, and the sounds of mid-air turbulence, it’s all scary and new for your baby!

HearMuffs offer sound protection for your infant. Lucid Audio’s HearMuff’s offer advanced infant and baby ear protection, fit a wide range of head sizes, are made with nontoxic, kid friendly materials, and are engineered for maximum comfort! HearMuffs allow you to protect your child from loud and harmful noises, soothing them during the frightening moments of your flight and protecting their hearing for the longterm.

3. Toys, toys, toys! 

We all get impatient during flights, and it’s rare for a single game on our phones or a single book to keep us occupied for an entire flight. Similarly, a variety in toys is key for keeping your infant entertained. Be sure to bring calming toys, like your infant’s favorite stuffed animal or blanket. However, also be sure to bring stimulating toys that will keep your infant engaged. Whether it’s an app your baby loves on the iPad, or a different stimulating toy, be sure to pack enough stimulation to keep your baby engaged when your baby gets board. Flying with an infant is much easier when your infant is having fun!

4. A Hearband, for you

Flying with an infant isn’t just hard on your infant, it can also be a challenging experience for the parent. A Hearband will allow you to hear the coos and cries of your infant using the sound amplification feature, while also listening to your favorite podcast, tunes, or while watching an in-air movie. Just because you’re flying with an infant doesn’t mean that you can’t stay entertained during the flight! A calm parent leads to a calmer baby, so do what you need to do to stay centered, while also remaining attentive to your child.

5. Some extra space

Yes, you read that right. Even though it might be tempting to bring all of your baby supplies with you when flying with an infant, you’ll thank yourself for not over-stuffing your bags. Not only is it more difficult to find what you’re looking for when your bag is over-stuffed, but carrying your baby through the security line is hard enough without also lugging huge, heavy bags with you. Be sure to take just what is necessary for your flight. Remember, you can purchase things like additional diapers and wipes at your final destination.

Flying with an infant can be a challenge, but if you pack the right things, it can be a smooth experience. Happy travels, and try to enjoy this special experience of flying with an infant!


01 May

Top Memorial Day Family Vacation Ideas

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It’s never too early to start planning a vacation, and we have some great Memorial Day Family Vacation Ideas for you! Holidays are opportunities for families to get together and find adventure, whether that adventure is in the backyard or across the country!

Here are three ideas for your Memorial Day family vacation:

1. A Memorial Day Family Vacation to DC

It’s easy to lose sight of why we have days off, but Memorial Day is an important holiday because it’s an opportunity to honor those who have lost their lives while serving in our country. Washington, DC is filled with history and its plethora of free and accessible sites makes it an ideal place for a Memorial Day family vacation. You can add to the adventure by taking a road trip to DC and exploring our country by car before arriving in the nation’s capitol! While in DC, make sure to visit these sites:

  • Arlington National Cemetery, located in Arlington County, Virginia, just across the Potomac River from D.C., which is an idyllic military cemetery. You can spend hours walking the grounds in remembrance. Bring some flowers to lay and maybe even take a tour.
  • The Vietnam Veterans Memorial on the National Mall, which honors members of the U.S. Armed Forces who fought during the Vietnam War. The architecture of this memorial is different from some of the other memorials, but the reflective black stone makes it impossible not to feel reflective of our country and the lives that have been lost fighting in wars. While you’re on the National Mall, also visit the World War I Memorial and World War II Memorial; they’ll be difficult to miss!
  • The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial is an ideal place for you to speak with your children about what freedom really means and the importance of continuing to fight for the rights of vulnerable groups in our country.

3. A Roadtrip to a National Park

America’s national parks are some of the most beautiful places in our country. A Memorial Day family vacation to a national park is an ideal way to get in touch with nature and see some incredible, awe-inspiring sights. Maybe you have a favorite national park already (mine is Bryce Canyon in Utah, where I have road-tripped with my family many times), or maybe you’re wanting to find a new favorite national park! Either way, pack up your car, put your seatbelts on, and make your way to a national park that will surely inspire you! Find a park here!

3. A Memorial Day Family Staycation

Sometimes it just makes most sense to stay in your city for Memorial Day, but that doesn’t mean it has to be any less of an adventure! You can create your own adventure right in your backyard and you can use Memorial Day as an opportunity to find newness in your own city! If you’re staying in town for Memorial Day, you can go on a “camping trip” in your backyard by setting up tents and doing a cook-out! Or, you can pack up your car with a picnic and go on a mini-road trip to the outskirts of your town, exploring the nearby places that you’ve never been before! In addition, you can spend a day being a tourist in your town, bringing out the camera and visiting your city’s top tourist sites and seeing them with fresh eyes! There are lots of ways to make a Memorial Day family vacation special, even in your own city!

Wherever you’re headed, check out Lucid Audio’s HearMuffs and Kids HearMuffs which are great for any family road trip, long or short, because they offer ample sound protection for your children’s ears. Cars and tourist destinations can both be loud places, especially harsh on little ears. HearMuffs feature active compression fo harmful sounds, the unique ability to let in outside voices at a comfortable level, and the choice to play four soothing sounds. 

29 Apr

10 Popular Podcasts to Listen on Your Lucid Audio Hearbands™

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Called the “new radio,” podcasts’ popularity in recent years is surging. Many contribute the rise to its accessibility, mobility, and the demand for digital media content. Many popular podcasts have replaced tv watching and radio listening to one’s sources for news, politics, entertainment, to name a few.

If you are one of the 44% of the US population already listening to podcasts, you will agree there is a vast universe of available. To date, there are 500,000 (and counting) podcasts in more than 100 languages available. With these numbers growing daily, streamlining your options could become overwhelming. Whether you are a digital audio aficionado or a newcomer there is certainly a podcast that will suit your interests and current mood.

Because podcasts are portable and user-friendly, listening on-the-go with your Lucid Audio Hearbands has become even more convenient. Ahead are 10 popular podcasts (in no particular order) you should be listening to on your Hearbands!


Downloaded more than 175 million times (a world record), Serial sets the bar high for its compelling mix of investigative journalism, first-person narrative, and dramatic storytelling. Season 1, dives into the powerful and deeply compelling story of Hae Min Lee. A Korean-American high school senior in Baltimore County, Maryland, Hae Min, disappeared in January 1999. Adnan Masud Syed, her ex-boyfriend, was convicted and given a life sentence plus 30 years. Without giving any spoilers the Serial podcast popularity has assisted in changing the course of the case. No doubt, will you find yourself mentally invested and keeping afloat on current developments. As hard as it may be, we highly recommend not researching the internet until you have completed the series.


A show about curiosity where sound illuminates ideas, and the boundaries blur between science, philosophy, and human experience. Each episode of Radiolab inspires imagination and curiosity. It attempts to approach broad, difficult topics such as “time” and “morality” in a light-hearted manner. In 2007 National Academies Communication Award “for their imaginative use of radio to make science accessible to broad audiences.”


Neuroscientist and philosopher, Sam Harris, explores some of the most important questions about the human mind, society, and current events. Sam Harris, a best-selling author, discusses thought-provoking conversations with physicists, philosophers, psychologists, filmmakers, former cult members, Navy SEALs, and many fascinating people. Regularly ranked among the top podcast lists worldwide, Waking Up has been selected as one of “iTunes Best.” And won a Webby Award for best podcast in the Science & Education category.


If true crime interests you, then Casefiles will certainly stand out as a top choice. This is the mecca of true crime murder mystery with over 100 cases to date. The series deals with solved or cold criminal cases, often related to well-known murders and serial crimes. Most of the cases relate to Australian cases but regularly feature cases around the world.


Trying to disrupt the concept of news, The New York Time’s is reinventing what and how the news should sound. Hosted by star reporter-turned-podcaster, Michael Barbaro, The Daily takes the biggest stories of our time and condenses them down to twenty-minute vignettes and delivers a new story five days a week. Many describe it as paving the way for a new era of journalism and continues to grow in popularity making it a regular on the top Most-Listened lists. Listeners can sign up to receive text message updates on discussed episodes offering further context.


Season 1 explores the 2005 disappearance of beauty queen and high school teacher Tara Grinstead in small town Ocilla, Georgia. The Tara Grinstead missing investigation was the largest case file in the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s history, with no arrests in 11 years. The podcast quickly drew attention nationwide. As difficult as it may be, try not to research before listening. Without giving away the jaw-dropping details, you will learn how this little unknown podcast literally became responsible for solving this 12-year cold case.


Yes, you are seeing this correctly. The Serial podcast is on our list again. In Season 2, the producers get away from true-crime and dive into a current and ongoing high stakes news-and-issues story. US Army Sergeant, Bowe Bergdahl, was captured in Afghanistan and held for five years by Taliban forces, was released in a prisoner swap for five Taliban held at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. The release was originally hailed good news in a long, costly, and increasingly unpopular war. Listerners learn this complicated story is much more than a prisoner-of-war tale.


1 phone call. 1 hour. Anonymous. Nothing is off Limits. Every week host, comedian Chris Gethard (Time Out’s “10 best comedians of 2015”,) opens the phone line to one anonymous caller, for one hour, and no matter how the conversation unfolds, he can not hang up first. From shocking confessions and family secrets to philosophical discussions, Beautiful/Anonymous is a no holds barred masterpiece.


What if you had to relearn who you are?, What if your past was an unsolved mystery?, or What if you lost your sense of smell? With over 100 interviews, each episode explores and probes into people’s extraordinary, life-altering events through first-person storytelling. Listeners are taken into the raw interior of many human experiences. 


Want to be able to listen to TED Talks on-the-go without having to watch the video? Every weekday, this feed brings you the latest TED talks into audio format. Hear thought-provoking ideas on every subject imaginable. From artificial intelligence to zoology, and everything in between, TED Talks gives the world’s leading thinkers and doers a platform to share and spread ideas. Each talk is in the form of short powerful talks with the agenda of making great ideas accessible and spark conversation.  


28 Apr

Ways To Meditate…Without Meditating

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Confused? OK, hear me out.

In recent years, “meditation” has taken on a much broader meaning than the Sanskrit word, Dhyana, which originated as a yoga exercise meant to influence contemplation and self-knowledge.

It is well-documented meditation improves memory, attention, mood, immune system function, sleep, and creativity. All it takes is a few minutes a day to start reaping the benefits. Yet wrapping our minds around being able to “successfully” meditate still seems out of reach.

Sounds simple, right? Sit still (in your mindful pose), focus on your breath, and reflect. There! You are now meditating!

Well, if it was that easy I am fairly confident the idea of a “hectic day” or even road rage would be taboo.

There is good news!

Today, the idea of mediation has evolved into becoming an informal and transferrable practice. Meaning you don’t technically have to meditate to meditate.

While the origin history of the practice continues to remain highly-respected and sacred, the perception of how to meditate has evolved. The context has broadened to include, but not limited to, anything that creates calmness, positive feelings, contemplation, and of course, mindfulness. Once we can wrap our minds around meditation is a state-of-mind rather than a physical pose then we will start receiving the benefits without having to travel to Tibet or having to sit cross-legged, chanting “ommmm” with incense burning in the background.

If you can recognize the importance of being in the present moment, in the now, then you will find you can manifest meditation into your daily life. In fact, whether you are aware or not, you have probably already begun to practice bits of meditation. Now set your intention to be fully present during a few of these everyday activities and you will soon discover that any act can be a meditation.

Listen to Reflect

Good for your body and soul, music can rejuvenate your mind. Find music that promotes and evokes emotions and inner perspective. Allow yourself to reflect and feel while you take in the music. Don’t forget to breathe… deeply.

Draw…or Color

Take advantage of this soul feeding exercise and allow yourself to create without judgment. Free drawing and adult coloring, both are an easy means to de-stress and provides a low-stress way to unlock your creative potential.

This easy to pick-up, not so easy to put down activity has become my main form of meditation over the last few years. At times (most of the time) my love for adult coloring is a source of comic relief among my family and friends. Yet, there is a reason 8 of the 20 slots on Amazon’s Best-Seller list are Adult Coloring Books.

Cooking with Love

If you believe we are what we eat, then what better time to bring presence and love into your cooking? Use all your senses; feel, listen, look, smell, taste to bring a quality state of being mindful.

I remember the first time I met my mother-in-law, we were talking about her infamous cooking. And what resonated wasn’t what she cooked for, but the way she focuses and reflects on the loved ones she is cooking for as she chops the food and moves through each step of cooking. This unique practice allows her to be fully present. All the while, love is infused into her dishes, easily making it her secret ingredient. And I can confidently say, with traveling and eating in some wonderfully fancy restaurants over the past 20 years, her cooking is (hands-down) the tastiest of all.  

Move to make Peace

Even if you only have time for a quick walk around the office, take this time to notice how your body feels, become aware of the way you are moving. Without judgment, simply observe and make peace with how you feel and notice your movement within your surroundings. Recognize that with each step, you are promoting healthy living.

Shower Your Mind

Away from distraction, this is probably the one place where you can easily observe your habitual patterns of thinking. And it’s the closest thing to a daily spa treatment. Enjoy your thoughts and allow for the sounds and sensations of the water to bring you back to the present moment.    

Outside to Connect

Now that spring is here, it is the perfect time of year for hiking, boating, picnics, camping, and much more! Natures’ sounds are enlivening, and nothing is more invigorating quite like its beauty. When we become present in nature, we become alive; we become open to receive nature’s wisdom to teach us how to live. For centuries, meditators have discovered the human potential to awaken in nature; that’s why many monasteries and meditation centers are located in the depths of forests and jungles.

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27 Apr

Spring Cleaning…YOU!

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“We are used to cleaning the outside house, but the most important house to clean is yourself, your own house, which we never do.” – Marina Abramov


As the weather starts to get warm enough to open the windows to let the winds carry the dust out of your house, we often find ourselves itching to organize and declutter our homes. Once our closets and drawers are tidy and the dust has been swept away, it’s time to focus on you. And for those introspective personalities, your mental well-being.

Yes, spring cleaning is not just for your home! You can clean-up mental clutter, renew your mind, and fill your soul by following and maintaining a mindset that puts YOU at the top of your priority list. Right where it should be.

According to the Global Wellness Institute, the global wellness industry is estimated to be close to $4 trillion dollars and growing. And in recent years, the taboo of seeking physical, emotional, and mental healing appears to be a thing of the past. Many are more open to the idea of wellness practices and are not just for people with deep-rooted problems, but for people wanting to work through and move past plaguing issues.

If you are ready to begin your Spring Cleaning You checklist, give these 5 ideas a try to get you started.


It’s interesting when examining a picture, within a group setting, everyone notices different things. This is because we all see things that stand out, impress, or what we appreciate more. All based on our own lives, experiences, and belief systems. What’s even more interesting is when I (myself) come back to a picture, I will notice things I did not originally see. Given this, I believe we (all) can refocus our lenses.

Refocusing our lenses can be accomplished once we can understand and appreciate we all see (perceive) differently. Even when it comes to comparing you too well, you.

It is vital to allow yourself to not have 100% success at first. Keeping this in mind will make it easier to continue practicing. Refocusing your lens (your brain) is just like training or retraining a muscle. With this, I profoundly believe this is not a simple task. Once you start the practice of refocusing your brain, you will eventually find your mind opening and see more than you thought was there. With refocusing your lens comes many benefits, including, being grateful, able to let go of little things, and avoiding gossip and drama, just to name a few. All are practices I believe to be fundamental in leading a healthy mind and body life.


While forgiving others is a wonderful practice, for this exercise I want you to focus on forgiving yourself. Yes, it’s time to forgive yourself for your past mistakes.

Don’t disown those mistakes, but rather learn from the past, create a “re-do,” if needed. Offer yourself a chance to let go. This will allow you to become clear on your morals and values as they are right now. You will find once you are able to forgive yourself you will be able to turn the page. You will be able to realize and appreciate the past, and most importantly recover from any emotional, physical, and debilitating effects of long-term stress.


This includes uncommitting to any friendships or relationships that are leaving you feeling bad about yourself. If you feel unnatural or find yourself gossiping with them, you will continue to create toxicity into your life.

Just as important, recommit to the friendships that leave you happy and fulfilled. Plan a trip or a romantic weekend with your partner to clean up those relationships. And just like dusting off your home, proactively work to dust off the distance with those people that bring good energy into your world!


Fueling your passion and life’s dreams can sometimes feel like just that, a dream. More attainable and just as beneficial, is to set aside some time each day to do what makes your soul happy. Getting involved in an activity or in a volunteer organization can beneficial to your health. Use your passions to do some good in the world!

Many of us work so much we forget how great it feels to do something leisurely. Leisure creates relaxation and we all know relaxation is typically on the short list for relieving stress. Do something to make your soul happy! This could be as simple as, painting, writing, gardening, traveling to other cultures, or learning a new language.

Equally important is making sure your career path is meaningful to you. If this is not possible then work to cut out major sources of stress that come with your job. This includes unnecessary spending, clutter, a job you hate, or unhealthy relationships.

Chase the idea of enriching your soul, not riches.


I left this suggestion last as this is my absolute favorite and most important for your “Spring Cleaning You” checklist. I am so confident in this suggestion, I almost feel if you cannot laugh, you might as well throw out all other suggestions. Devote all your attention to learning to laugh more.

According to a multitude of research studies, laughter decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, thus improving your resistance to disease. Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Endorphins promote an overall sense of well-being and can even temporarily relieve pain.

If you take life too seriously, you’re going to miss out on a whole lot of good times!

There you have it, a few suggestions to begin your Spring Cleaning You checklist!

When all else fails, just remember this thought to help you reset:

Your mind, body, and spirit are all connected. When one of these factors are off balance, our whole body will feel it on some level. Your emotions can cause physical symptoms and spiritual disharmony can cause emotional systems to break down, and so on.

Take a moment out of your day to assess your state-of-mind, how your body feels, and what your brain is picking up.

After all, your body is the one home that you can not up and leave when things get cluttered and muddy. It’s here for you when you are ready to cultivate a life meant living free and clear of clutter.

Lucid Audio cares about the well-being of its customers and aims to provide audio technology and hearing solutions that allow you to live a happier and healthier life.

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