Autism Awareness Month: We Are Not so Different

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ASD advocated strongly argue spectrum children should be seen as a “difference to be recognized” instead of a “disorder to be cured.”

It has always been in the back of my mind, How can Lucid Audio HearMuffs and Kids HearMuffs benefit the Autism Spectrum community?”

And what better time to explore this topic than Autism Awareness Month?

Upon my first attempt, my question was immediately answered. Connecting noise protection devices and someone diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) would be easy. My computer was flooded with research and websites with ASD information. Managing overstimulation and sensory sensitivity are a high priority for someone with ASD. Give this, it was obvious was a connection. HearMuffs and Kids HearMuffs are already widely utilized for their “noise protection” and sensory calming features. Anyone with ASD would benefit using Lucid Audio HearMuffs and Kid HearMuffs for their everyday use and during therapy sessions.

Great! That was easy. Now what?

Well, my search didn’t end there!

As I continued on, I was led down a path more thought-provoking than simply connecting our products to the ASD community.

In fact, what I stumbled upon profoundly and beautifully altered my perception of the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) community.

I knew there was a slew of resources. What I was not expecting, was to recognize many children (including mine) not on the spectrum, are walking away from their PlayStations and putting down their smartphones. They are opting to play with sensory soothing tools. Such tools originally marketed and advertised for someone with ASD. Products including fidget spinners, slime, and squishies to name a few are important components (and have been for many years) components utilized during ASD therapy and everyday use. I don’t know about you, but all three have recently taken over my home and the everyday lives of my children.

Given this fact, it is imperative to give pause to the idea our children are grasping for toys with sensory soothing features. They are actually craving a break from the daily chaos and noises of their lives.

These newly named, “kid craze” and “trend toys” keeping our children company have been around as early as the 1970s. For decades now, they have been tools vital in assisting sensory and fine motor skill development. They work to regulate and independently calm children. They become less anxious in and able to cope with obsessive behaviors.

Many teachers and parents outside of the ASD community see these toys as distracting, pointless, and messy. Especially now that playgrounds have become a fidget and squishy black market. And kitchens into Do-It-Yourself Slime labs. When they are actually great tools for giving a pleasing and calming sensory experience. Thus the urge for them to become distracted dissipates.

If we can shift our focus from being a fad, we could potentially tackle all levels of over stimulation and hypersensitivity that lie within all of our children.

If you know any child that would like comfort and protection from their fast-paced routines and over stimulating activities, regardless of diagnoses, check out Lucid Audio’s Kid HearMuffs. Their revolutionary technology, kid-approved features, and quality comfort and protection have made them a hit with all children. Lucid’s Kid HearMuffs are Audiologist-Approved. To add, they hold an industry-leading 22 Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) and the patented GrowBand allows HearMuffs to grow with any child starting at infancy.

At the end of the day, I am not only confident Lucid Audio’s HearMuffs and Kids HearMuffs could benefit ASD children just like all children, but ASD children are not so different from my children (our children) after all.


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