Protect those Ears! The Importance of Baby Ear Protection

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The Importance of Baby Ear Protection

Remember the image that circled around after the 2010 Superbowl? The Saints had just won and Drew Brees is seen hoisting his then 1-year-old son. What caused all the buzz, were the earmuffs his son Baylen had on. Some people knew the importance of baby ear protection and others didn’t. That photo started a conversation.

Credit Mark J. Terrill/Associated Press

Why was he wearing protective earmuffs? To protect from potentially life-altering hearing loss due to the roaring crowds. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health says that more than 15 min of exposure to over 100 decibels is unsafe. The norm for a football stadium ranges anywhere from 100 to 130 decibels.

The importance of baby ear protection is due to the fact that children’s ear canals are smaller than adults. So the pressure of the noise entering the ear is greater and has a shorter distance to travel. All of this causes dangerous noise levels to increase in higher frequencies, which are especially important in language development.

Conversations about baby ear protection mostly go by the wayside.

Why? Because hearing loss accumulates over time, slowly, and is not painful so it goes unnoticed. Also, many parents are unaware of the sound levels that simple things like snowmobiles or firework shows cause on their children. Finally, it is sometimes difficult to get your child to wear earplugs without taking them out.

That’s where earmuffs come in. LucidAudio HearMuffs are designed to protect and soothe your child in situations of high-level noise. The HearMuffs Soothe allow you to use a touch of a button to communicate with your child so there is no need to remove the earmuffs. And if you child needs a calming sound to help them sleep, HearMuffs Sounds offers four different variations so there is no need to miss a nap.

Protecting your children goes beyond just sunscreen.




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