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21 Apr

Staying Present in the Moment: Headphones for Long Distance Relationships

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Technology in Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships can be tough.  However, technology offers us more and more ways to stay connected to our loved ones long distance relationships when we are apart.  Our phones help us stay connected.  There’s the “good morning” text, the workout selfie, and even app games to play with one another.  The most meaningful way to connect with your long distance partner, though, is by hearing their voice.

According to a study explained in a CNN article, people spend an average of 58 minutes a day on their phones. “Even with all the bells, whistles, and apps,” the study found, “the biggest chunk of that time is spent talking on the phone.”

In long distance relationships, time spent talking on the phone spikes. Since the opportunity to connect in person is diminished, talking on the phone often replaces the time a couple would have spent together.

Hearing it All AND Having it All

It can be easy, in long distance relationships, to become attached to your phone and begin losing touch with the people and places right in front of you. In an effort to stay connected to your loved one, you can begin to become disconnected from the sounds and voices that are beyond your phone.

Lucid Audio gets it. And with our technology, you have the power of AND. You can stay connected to your loved one AND stay connected to your surroundings.

Sound amplification technology allows you to talk on the phone during your evening stroll, on the bus, or during a meal, all while letting in all of the sounds around you. You can control the volume of the voice on the phone line along with the ambient sounds around you.

This is not only a convenience, it’s also a good safety measure. With so much time spent talking on the phone, it would be easy to miss a long distance relationshipscar’s horn, a baby’s cries at the park, or the kitchen timer at home without Lucid Audio’s unique technology. Allowing ambient noise in gives you (and your loved one) peace of mind when you talk on the phone. The headphones also allow you to stay present in the moment, absorbing the sounds that surround you, along with the voice of the person you miss.

At last, you can hear it all AND you can have it all.

10 Apr

Work Headphones with Optimal Functionality: The 5 C’s

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When you’re at work, you need headphones that are up for any challenge.  Below, we’ve identified some qualities that are important in work headphones.  We also explain how Lucid Audio’s headphones provide all the functionality you need at work, and more. We’ve distilled optimal functionality for work headphones into the ‘5 C’s’: Clarity, Connectivity, Comfort, Convenience, and Continuity. Read more about each characteristic below: 

1. Clarity 

When you’re on a call, it’s important to hear every word with ease.  Ideal headphones will give you the flexibility to work in crowded spaces and still hear the work headphonesperson at the other end of your call. High quality sound is key, and Lucid Audio
delivers.  Lucid Audio’s AMPED headphones have Hi Gain omnidirectional microphones on each side that provide clear sound enhancement for phone calls.

In addition, Lucid Audio’s Ultra Low Profile Ear Cups with folding design are form fitting to ensure the best sound quality. The HD speakers and drivers provide a wide range of audio quality for natural sound clarity!  All of these features for sound clarity make Lucid Audio’s headphones excellent work headphones!

2. Connectivity 

At work, it’s crucial to remain connected to those in the office and outside of the office.  Lucid Audio’s AMPED headphones with Bluetooth Sound technology allow you to facilitate these connections by first connecting with your devices.  Lucid Audio’s Low Latency Bluetooth enables high audio quality and wireless media synchronization.  When your headphones are connected to your devices via Bluetooth, you can answer calls from your phone or your computer with just the touch of a button on your headphones!  You’re likely to never miss a call again while shifting between your devices!

In addition, Lucid Audio’s headphones are great work headphones because they allow you to connect and collaborate with your colleagues with ease. The feature work headphonesthat makes Lucid Audio’s headphones most unique is the ability to hear and adjust both internal audio AND outside sounds! Here’s a scenario: Let’s say music helps you focus, but you’re worried about accidentally ignoring your boss when she comes by to speak with you. Lucid Audio has a solution! With Lucid Audio’s AMPED smart technology, you can amplify the outside world up to 9x, while also staying tuned into your music! This means you can choose to hear your boss or collegues clearly while listening to your favorite tunes (or while you’re on a call). It’s all up to you!

3. Comfort

Comfort is crucial when it comes to work headphones.  Whether you work a job that requires you to wear an itchy suit, or whether you work long hours in the sun, work headphonesyour headphones shouldn’t be a source of discomfort in your work day.  Lucid Audio’s headphones are comfortable and fit snugly around/in your ears.

You can choose between Lucid Audio’s AMPED headphones or the AMPED hearing neckband.  The Neckband is a lightweight, flexible alternative to the headphones, which provide more structure and support. Both devices provide maximum comfort, and you might even forget you’re wearing them!

4. Convenience 

Grab ’em and go! Lucid Audio’s AMPED headbands in particular are a great option work headphonesfor business travel, or even just your daily commute!  These headbands are lightweight and flexible enough to fit into your purse, briefcase, or backpack!

With the Lucid Audio AMPED headphones, convenience comes at the touch of a button.  You can answer calls and adjust the volume of internal and external sounds with just the touch of a button!  Everything you need for your calls and other audio needs is right at your fingertips!

And finally, both Lucid Audio’s headbands and headphones are ready to wear out of the box, providing you with optimal convenience starting at the moment of purchase!

5. Continuity 

The best work headphones won’t just offer you incredible features now, they’ll also continue to protect your hearing for the future. Lucid Audio’s AMPED headphones protect your ears in two main ways.  First, they have ear cups with a work headphonesfolding design that is form fitting to ensure protection from loud noises.  And second, some models have sound activated compression that instantly activates to protect your ears from loud, harmful noises!

Lucid Audio’s headphones don’t just give you what you need to hear now, they also protect your hearing for the future.

So, when you’re looking for work headphones, remember the ‘5 C’s’: Clarity, Connectivity, Comfort, Convenience, and Continuity.  Have other characteristics that are important to you in work headphones? Tell us about them in our comments section! 

13 Feb

The Hidden Truth Behind Gift Giving

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Every year, 180 million gifts are exchanged by friends, family members, and sweethearts. The most common gifts are cards, candies, and flowers. These gifts are fun to receive, but what happens when the candy is eaten, the flowers die, and the cards are long forgotten?

This year, you will have many opportunities to show someone how much you love them with a very special gift.  Don’t give another stuffed bear or floral arrangement. Give a gift that will improve the daily lives of your loved ones, and be a constant reminder of your love.

The Sound of Love

headphones giftLove can take on many forms. Love is a mother carefully buttoning her daughter’s sweater as she walks out the door. It is a husband taking his wife’s car to the mechanic for a tune-up. It’s a grandson calling to remind his grandmother to take her medication.

What if you could give a gift that shows your love, in a meaningful way, every day? Now you can, with Lucid Audio’s revolutionary line of headphones and neckbands. Let the power of AND protect, encourage, and motivate your loved ones wherever they go.

Keep them safe. The AND Control Center lets you turn up ambient sounds up to 9x amplification. Your loved one can stay alert and aware while on the go.

Keep them motivated. Wireless Bluetooth connectivity gives you easy access to all your audio files. Hear your favorite tunes with superior stereo quality.

Stay connected and keep them encouraged. The AND Control Center lets you switch between audio and phone calls with the touch of a button. They can even turn background noise down, so they never miss a single word.

The Gift of Good Hearing

When you give the gift of a Lucid Audio neckband or headphones, you are giving more than just a high-performance audio device.headphones gift Lucid Audio’s mission is to help people hear better. Our devices are designed to support, protect, and expand the natural abilities of our sense of hearing. Lucid Audio’s devices will take care of your loved one, just like you always do. The foldable design makes the neckbands and headphones easy to carry, so they’ll always be there when needed.

True love is forever. This year, skip the temporary trinkets. Give the gift of safety, comfort, and control with Lucid Audio. Your special someone will benefit from your loving gift every day.

23 Dec

Demand the AND

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A stay-at-home mom is pursuing her PhD in education. She has a big test coming up, and wants to review some of the lectures she has recorded. How can she concentrate on the material and still confidently hear her 3-year-old twins playing in the other room?

As he straps on his running shoes, a jogger contemplates a new path for his morning run. The first part crosses an intersection that gets busy at unexpected times. He needs his music to keep him motivated, but also worries about being able to hear surrounding traffic noises.Headphones with Amplification;

A concert enthusiast doesn’t want to miss a single beat of her favorite live performances. She also wants to protect her sensitive ears, so that she can keep enjoying them for years to come.

These people each face a choice. They can choose safety, OR they can choose enjoyment.

But, what if they didn’t have to choose?

The Power of AND

Lucid Audio’s revolutionary new line of earbuds, neckbands and headphones with amplification is introducing the freedom of choice to your audio experience. With their patent pending AMPED™ technology, you don’t have to settle for less.

With the touch of a button, the AND Control Center lets you amplify the sounds around you up to 9x. Or, you can turn them all the way down, so you only hear what you want.

  • Pump your tunes to keep you motivated AND stay alert to your environment.
  • Be safe during your morning run AND enjoy your favorite audio with stereo quality sound.
  • Indulge in your favorite audio book AND still hear the kids.
  • Concentrate on your studies AND stay connected, so you don’t miss that important call.

Headphones with Amplification;

Lucid Audio: The Power of Choice

Freedom of choice is power. The right choices can create a lifestyle that supports your goals and enhances your abilities. Shouldn’t your personal audio device do the same?

With the power of AND technology, you don’t need to choose. Enjoy superior sound quality, enhanced awareness, and wireless connectivity, all from one convenient device. Demand the AND, and have it all with Lucid Audio’s earbuds, neckbands, and headphones with amplification.


29 Sep

The Power of AND

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Amplification and the Power of AND
Amplification of technology shapes our modern world. We use it to enhance our sight, and we see things light years away. We use it to enhance our strength, and we can build machines that make the world smaller. We use it to enhance our voices, and we can hear each other across the globe, in an instant.

Lucid Audio is continuing the quest to improve our natural abilities with our innovative, patent-pending AMPEDTM technology. Now, we can begin to explore the power of AND in hearing!

Hear It All, or Nothing at All!
Personal listening devices, like headphones with amplification, have changed the way we experience sound. We can choose when and where we hear our favorite music or audio. We have headphones with high-quality sound. Others can reduce background noises to almost nothing.

Lucid Audio devices are the first neckbands and headphones that can do both!

The Control Center built into each Lucid Audio device allows you to adjust your listening experience to your situation. AMPEDTM technology allows you to dampen background noises, or magnify them up to 9x.

AND with a touch of a button, you can also easily switch between phone calls and your media, while still being in full control of background noises.

AMPED Technology – Adding the AND to Your Daily Life
Unlike other headphones with amplification on the market, Lucid Audio has improved your ability to filter and select the sounds you hear. Now you don’t have to choose between safety and enjoyment. Now you can:

  • Enjoy your music with stereo quality during your morning jog AND still be able to hear traffic noises!
  • Listen to soothing music while you work AND keep safe in dangerous work areas!
  • Listen to audiobooks and lectures AND still be able to hear the announcements on the train!
  • Watch your favorite TV shows while the kids are napping AND still be able to hear any sounds they might make!

Visit our website at for more information on our revolutionary neckbands and headphones with groundbreaking AMPEDTM capabilities. Learn how you can add the power of AND to your life!