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17 Aug

Surprising Benefits of Listening to Audiobooks!

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Audiobooks used to be reserved for long road trips or viewed as a dummies guide to reading. However, in recent years they have gained a tremendous amount of popularity. As of 2016, U.S. audiobook sales totaled $2.1 billion making it the fastest-growing format in publishing according to Nielsen Book Research.


Because we are all so busy with work, families, and home life finding entertainment and an escape from the daily grind can be challenging. One of the obvious reason audiobooks have gained exponential popularity recently is due to the increase in digital technology, it’s growing affordability, and more importantly due to its mobility.

With the increase in popularity and affordability of smartphones, tablets to laptops, wireless headphones like our HearBands, and Kindles there are more avenues to listen to your favorite book. This coupled with countless audio books becoming accessible wirelessly, reading your favorite book or getting to that recommended novel your best-friend said is a “must read” no longer has to be reserved for sitting down during your free time [insert laugh here.] With the accessibility  you can now listen to books wherever your day takes you and can be accomplished whatever you are doing.

Just like one of Audible’s early catchphrases accurately predicted: “You can listen when your eyes are busy but your mind is free.” And we all know finding even a few moments in your busy day can be a challenge. Yet even take a few moments to slip on your favorite Lucid Audio wireless device to listen to a book can bring endless possibilities of entertainment, positive creativity, and provided healthy results as seen with calming your mind by reading your favorite book or binge-watching your favorite show on a lazy Sunday.  


To recap our blog titled “Meditate Without Meditating” in recent years, “meditation” has taken on a much broader meaning. It is well-documented meditation improves memory, attention, mood, immune system function, sleep, and creativity. All it takes is a few minutes a day to start reaping the benefits. Essentially, you do not technically have to meditate to meditate.

We can probably all agree to calm your mind and drowning out the daily chaos of your day can seem like a never-ending obstacle. Avid audiobook listeners profoundly believe [listening] to a good book (even on-the-go) can manifest results similar to those from traditional meditation. Just like snuggling up to your favorite read to escape into your imagination allows you to be, “in the moment” thus calming your mind, listening into your favorite audiobook can and melting to the sounds of the often-times soothing voice of the narrator can be a rather hypnotic and calming experience.

Whether you recognize it or not, once you understand the importance of being in the present moment, in the now, then you will find listening with the intent to an audiobook you will increase your comprehension and bring you to a calming state of mind.


Have you been putting off something painfully time-consuming like cleaning out your closet, or sitting in line at the DMV? Do you need something to forget your ultimate disdain for enduring rush hour? Plug into your favorite device and download an audiobook. During the time it takes to cook and clean-up, stand in a never-ending line, you can slip into listening to your favorite book and suddenly the time has passed. Done! And what’s better? You’ve just tapped into and fill your time with a wonderful literary experience while completing a chore, task, or daily commute.

Shop Lucid Audio’s Wireless products before you download your next audiobook.  Our amped technology enables you, the listener to enjoy high definition audio without losing awareness of your surroundings. Customize your experience in real time using the controls, which allow you to separately choose the volume of your audiobook and of the ambient sounds around you. With this you are able to multitask, whether you want no outside sound or up to 9x amplification, it’s yours when listening to our wireless products.


23 Jun


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With this week, technically, June 21st, being the official start of summer, we hope you treat yourself with some well-deserved travel away from the office (or classroom…or kitchen…) And regardless if you find yourself flying or taking a short road trip, we understand packing for yourself or family brings with it a few frustrating packing challenges.
Thankfully, we have researched a slew of carry-ons designed specifically to ease the travel burden. Should you choose to put the words, “travel” and “burden,” in the same sentence (hmm?), we are confident you will be happy including these carry-on approved must-haves to your packing list. To make things even easier on you we even included links to buy each product below.

Never lose your cool this summer in any travel situation. Keep your drinks hot or cold on long-haul flights or road trips with any of their insulated stainless steel drink canteens or drink holders. Their designer-inspired and contemporary metallic designs are a great accessory to your travel attire. And what’s better? 5% of all Corkcicle sales go directly toward Charity: Water to help provide clean drinking water to those in need.  

Protect your smartphone from water, accidental drops, and scratches with a certified waterproof phone case. There is nothing worse than a cracked phone screen or non-functioning camera to hinder capturing your travel memories.

If sound quality and battery life are essential then Lucid Audio’s Bluetooth headphones are the way to go when traveling! Designed to be light, travel-friendly, and second-to-none when it comes to comfort, quality, the sound activated compression protects you from distracting turbine and engine noises that can cause long-term damage. Listen to your music, take calls, and with the adjustable ambient volume control, continue to have conversations with your travel companions.

This portable compact power charger packs a big punch of power. The slim and compact body will surprise you by how fast it can charge up to two smartphones/tablets fast and includes multiple functions essential for the smartphone traveler.

This scientifically proven super soft neck support is compact and lightweight compared to the traditional u-shaped neck pillow. Should you find yourself wanting a little shut-eye during your travels, this travel pillow holds your neck in ergonomic position during rest. And with its low-profile features, it is super lightweight and can easily attach to your travel bag. Check out this Trtl Pillow Video to see the comfort for yourself!

Save time dealing with unraveling your electronic cables, plugs, adapters, battery packs, etc. There is nothing more frustrating than spending half your travel time trying to locate a charger stuffed at the bottom of your bag or pulling out the knots of your jumbled up chords. And if you are like us, you can also find room in this roomy organizer to add your other travel items such as your passport, tablet, laptop accessories, etc.

21 Sep

Essential Running Gear For Your Next Run

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Ready to start running?

Not sure what gear you actually need. Don’t worry! We narrowed it all down to the essential running gear you need for your next run.

All this gear makes the miles seem a little more doable. But remember that everybody is different, so reevaluate after your run to see what you need to add or subtract.

1. Tracking Device – Grab a FitBit to wear and keep track of your miles, heart rate, and calorie burn. If you prefer to take your phone with you there are multiple apps that can track your run. For example, Map My Run is a great option. Or if you are an Apple Watch user you can track your run through there.

2. Hydration – You’ll want to make sure you are constantly hydrated before and after your run. Either with a hydration belt, like this one from Fitletic, for during your run or a great water bottle to carry around after.

3. Headphones – When you’re running you want to make sure you can hear and be seen. Lucid Audio’s HearBand Sport with LED Safety Lights has LED lights and reflectors to make sure you are seen on your route.  With the ability to amplify ambient sounds up to 9x and take calls with Bluetooth technology you can hear on your run too.

4. Music/Podcast – What goes better with headphones than great music or an interesting podcast. With Spotify Premium, you can make playlists to go with your run. Check out our blog post for 5 new songs to add.

5. Socks – Need post-run recovery? Grab a pair of compression socks to help alleviate soreness and pain. Nike Compression socks are a great way to get prep your body for the next run.

There are so many essential running items out there. Make sure to pick the ones that work best for you. And we’ll see you out on the trails.

09 Sep

Best Baby Shower & Sip N’ See Gifts

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Headed to a baby shower or sip n’ see soon?

Here are the Best of the Best Baby Shower & Sip N’ See Gifts

It’s exciting when you find out a friend or family member is expecting. Then you remember it’s time to find a present. You want to find one that is unique, fun, and useful. That’s a tough task, but no need to worry we’ve spent the time to round up the best gifts to take.

First on the list, the Wild Thing Bouncer. This bouncer has it all from lights to sweet music to even a few jungle friends. All while holding your new baby safe and sound with three-point restraint and comfy head pad. ($60)

best baby shower gifts
Photo Courtsey of Fisher-Price


The Baby Bjorn has been a timeless baby shower gift for generations past and it still ranks high on wish-lists of moms today. Spoil the soon to be mom with this perfectly ergonomically designed carrier that’s comfortable for parents to wear and comes in multiple different colors. ($79.99)

best baby shower gifts
Photo Courtesy of Baby Bjorn


Whip up your babies food with our next gift. The Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Blender comes with multiple date dial turn storage containers, a two blade system for mixing, and much more. It’s guaranteed to always be smiling 🙂

best baby shower gifts
Photo Courtesy of Target


Protect your baby from loud and harmful noises 
including traffic, concerts, 
construction, and city noise with Lucid Audio’s HearMuffs. HearMuffs Sounds actively compress harmful sounds, give you the choice to play four soothing sounds, and have the unique ability to let in outside voices at a comfortable level.  Featuring GrowBand technology, HearMuffs will grow with you child.

best baby shower gifts
Photo Courtesy of Lucid Audio


The Honest Company Baby Arrival Gift Set has all the products you’ll need when you bring baby home. The Honest Co. is known for having all the non-toxic and natural essentials needed for baby and family. The gift set includes Perfectly Gentle Shampoo + Body Wash, Perfectly Gentle Conditioner, Perfectly Gentle Face + Body Lotion, Perfectly Gentle Bubble Bath and Organic Body Oil. The reusable wooden box all these items come in will make a great storage for all things baby in your home.

best baby shower gifts
Photo Courtesy of Honest Co.


For more information on these gifts follow the links and learn more!






07 Mar

Vacation Technology: A Tech Packing Guide for Every Trip

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Vacations are a time to recharge and rejuvenate, but the packing part is never any fun. Whether you’re headed to a ski trip in the mountains, a beach trip by the shore, or a hiking trip in the canyons, we have you covered with this packing guide for vacation technology!

Here are 5 pieces of vacation technology to remember to pack: 

1. Your phone charger 

This is an easy one to forget, since our daily routines usually involve grabbing our phones off the charger, but leaving the charger behind.  For your trip, check and double check that you have your charger with you (cord and charger)!  One tip for remembering to bring your charger is to set the lock screen on your phone to a picture of a note saying “remember your charger!”  This is especially helpful if you’re staying at different places during your trip, since every additional stop is an additional opportunity to forget your phone charger!  You don’t want to be left with a dead phone during your travels, so be proactive about remembering to pack it!

2. A portable battery charger 

In terms of vacation technology, having adequate battery power is high on the priority list.  Even if you remember to pack your phone charger, it’s a good idea to have a back-up portable battery charger.  This is especially helpful if you anticipate spending long days on the go without easy access to outlets.  Having a charged phone is important for the sake of your Snapchat Story, yes, but it’s also an important emergency precaution.  You don’t want to be stranded somewhere without the ability to call a taxi, access a map, or alert the police!  Check out this article for a list of some high-rated portable battery chargers!

3. Useful Apps

Load up your phone with apps that might be helpful while you’re traveling!  Of course, there are the basic apps you should have, like Google Maps, and WhatsApp (if you’re traveling abroad), but there are lots of other apps out there that you might find helpful!  Check this article from the Guardian, titled: 10 of the best travel apps…that you’ll actually use.  Apps are an essential piece of vacation technology because they provide important information right at your fingertips!

4. Music and E-books 

Whether you’re traveling by plane, train, or car, you’ll want to have some entertainment with you.  Make sure your phone is loaded up with your favorite tunes prior to your trip so you’ll have music to listen to during your down time. E-books are also a great option. You can choose to bring your Kindle or iPad if you have these pieces of technology, or you can load ebooks onto your phone if you’re looking to pack lighter!

5. A Hearband by Lucid Audio 

Vacation technology needs to be versatile so you can use it for a wide vacation technologyrange of activities.  Lucid Audio’s Hearbands use Lucid Audio’s AMPED technology to give you a customizable hearing experience.  With the Hearband, you can amplify the sounds around you, like conversations, concerts, or the sound of the waves.  You can use it to stay safe by listening to music while staying aware of the background noises around you.  The Hearband delivers crisp, clear music and sounds to your ears AND it’ll take up almost no space in your luggage! Its sleek design and its innovative features make it the perfect piece of travel technology for all of your adventures!


30 Nov

3 Gift Ideas for the Person With Everything

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The holiday season is upon us! As the weather gets colder, our thoughts turn to cozy family get togethers, holiday treats, and gift giving. With all the joy and sparkle of the season comes the inevitable holiday stress. While gatherings and gift exchanges with friends and family can be fun, we all have at least one person on our list who is almost impossible to shop for. So, what do you get for the person who has everything?

This year, Lucid Audio is making your gift exchange easier. These are gift ideas for the person with everything – sure to please even the most privileged person on your list.

1. AMPED™ Headphones

Lucid Audio’s innovative line of headphones are just the thing to put the happy in your holidays!gift ideas for the person with everything image

Every device is equipped with a spectacular set of features:

  • The AND Control Center, which gives you the power to amplify ambient sounds up to 9x, or block them out completely.
  • Multiple high gain omni-directional microphones built-in.
  • Low profile ear cups with 21dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR)
  • Sound Activated Compression, which Instantly activates to protect your hearing from loud harmful noises (NRR 21 dB)

2. AMPED™ Wireless Neckbands

Give the gifts of comfort, style, and convenience. These flexible and lightweight wireless neckbands come standard with these gift ideas for the person with everythingamazing features.

  • Low Latency Bluetooth
  • Sound Activated Compression that instantly activates to protect from loud harmful noises
  • Retractable Ear buds
  • Powered by Rechargeable LIPO battery for 10 hours of normal use including Integrated Micro USB port for charging
  • HD speakers and drivers that deliver advanced audio quality

3. AMPED™ Bluetooth Wireless Neckband with Wireless Audio Streamer Kit

If you’re really looking for gift ideas for the person with everything, Lucid Audio’s wireless streamer kit is the package for you.

For the gift that keeps on giving, choose the cutting-edge quality of the neckband, paired with the freedom of a wireless audio streamer kit. You get all the fantastic features of the neckband, with the added bonus of being able to stream your audio anytime, anywhere.

With prices starting at just $69, these gift ideas will put you on Santa’s “nice” list for good!

Be the envy of your gift giving circle this year. Give the gift of control, choice, and safety, packaged in superior sound quality, with Lucid Audio’s new line of personal audio devices.