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26 Jul

80’s Workout Music Playlist

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Tired of your current workout playlist? Shake it up with this 80’s Workout Music playlist!

You can listen to with your Lucid Audio HearBands Sport while working out.  Regardless of your workout regiment, we are confident you will enjoy listening as they range from pure bubblegum pop to classic rock. Stay safe, be seen, and enjoy these upbeat and optimistic songs to workout to while wearing Lucid Audio.


  1. Under Pressure (David Bowie, Queen)
  2. Control (Janet Jackson)
  3. Eye of the Tiger (Survivor)
  4. Don’t Stop Believing (Journey)
  5. Footloose (Kenny Loggins)
  6. Pour Some Sugar on Me (Def Leppard)
  7. Sister Christian (Night Ranger)
  8. We Built This City (Jefferson Starship)
  9. The Way You Make Me Feel (Michael Jackson)
  10. Love Is a Battlefield (Pat Benatar)
  11. We are the Champions (Queen)
  12. Hungry Like a Wolf (Duran Duran)
  13. Manic Monday (The Bangles)
  14. Opposites Attract (Paula Abdul)
  15. Girls Just Want to Have Fun (Cyndi Lauper)
  16. Every Little Thing She Does is Magic (The Police)
  17. Wake Me Up Before You Go (Wham)
  18. I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Whitney Houston)
  19. All Night Long (Lionel Ritchie)
  20. The Right Stuff (New Kids on the Block)

Please note: all song choices are purely the opinion of the writer who was raised in the 1980’s by her father who was a disc jockey throughout the 80’s. Legwarmers, spandex, and boombox not required!

23 Feb

The Hazards and Joys of Being a Runner

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Runners Are Lucky

Being a runner doesn’t take special equipment or gear. With a pair of good running shoes, runners can run anywhere, anytime. They can, loop the block or log 10-15 miles in any direction. All runners have a few common characteristics. They spot every port-a-potty in town and they replace running shoes more often than their toothbrushes. They also use their watch to track distance and heart-rate, not time. It seems, once a person starts running, it’s in their blood and they want more.

Best Cities for Runners

My friend Martha is an avid runner. She travels for work and never misses an opportunity to run. Martha says, “It’s a great way to see new places. It’s an adventure! Who doesn’t like adventure?”

What makes a city great for runners? Aside from planned races to run, it has to be the culture and surroundings that make the experiences rich. For fun, I compiled the top 5 common best US cities for runners, according to Runners World,, Women’s Running and Forbes:

  • San Francisco, CA – prepare yourself for the famous hills and smell of the ocean
  • New York City – challenge yourself to identify as many celebrities as you can
  • Chicago, Illinois – enjoy the lakeshore of the beautiful Windy City
  • Washington, DC – a great way to see our national treasures
  • Portland, OR – run off all that wonderful food you’re going to indulge in at their many micro-breweries.

Running Safety

HeadBands for runners

I have noticed, runners (including Martha) get lost in their own world when they run. They often forget the #1 rule, “SAFETY FIRST”!  Below are a few safety guidelines as a reminder:

  • Protect your feet and knees: wear good shoes and run on grass when possible
  • Avoid uneven sidewalks, curbs, rocks, holes, tree roots or any obstacles
  • Keep your heart rate up, try not to stop. But, by all means, don’t run through a red light!
  • Avoid breathing exhaust. Run in the morning when the air is clear.
  • Jog against traffic so you can see cars coming toward you. Wear reflective gear.
  • Approach intersections with caution.
  • Be alert! Run with HearBand SportTM neckband headphones. With the LED flashing light and reflective tape, you will be seen and able to control ambient sound and music – interdependently. Check these out: HearBand Sport.  

Runners Playlist

I leave you with Spotify’s most streamed workout tracks of 2017. Load these on your device when the new HearBand Sport neckbands arrive.

  1. “Till I Collapse” – Eminem
  2. “Rockstar” – Post Malone
  3. “Lose Yourself” – Soundtrack Version Eminem
  4. “HUMBLE.” – Kendrick Lamar
  5. “More Than You Know” – Axwell /\ Ingrosso
  6. “Mi Gente” (feat. Beyoncé) – J Balvin
  7. “Havana” – Camila Cabello
  8. “You Don’t Know Me” – Radio Edit – Jax Jones
  9. “New Rules” – Dua Lipa
  10. “POWER” – Kanye West

I admit these songs would not be my first choice, I am a spa music kinda gal.

What is are your favorite songs for working out? Inspire me!

16 Sep

5 Songs to Jump Start Your Run | Running Playlist Songs

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Let’s Run! Songs to add to your playlist before your next workout!

We love to run! And we’re always adding new songs to switch up and pump us up.

So we decided to share our favorite running songs with you! Go ahead and add these to your playlist.

1. Midnight City – M83

2. Tongue Tied – Group Love

3. What Lovers Do (Feat. SZA) – Maroon 5, SZA

4. One, Two Step – Ciara, Missy Elliott

5. Come My Way – Tep No Remix – Kiki Rowe, Khalil, Tep No

Have some favorite running tunes that are on your current playlist? We’d love to hear about what you listen to while you workout  Add your favorite running music to our comments section so we can add them to our playlist for our next run!




12 May

Cycling Music: A Playlist to Get You Through Your Ride

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cycling music

Your cycling music can be the make-or-break between a mediocre ride and an excellent ride.  Cycling music has the potential to pump you up and motivate you about your ride.  Curating the perfect cycling playlist can be a challenge, so we put the leg work in to put one together for you!  After researching the favorite songs of avid bikers and adding some of our own favorites to the mix, we have for you a playlist of cycling music that will appeal to a range of musical tastes.

Have some favorite tunes that aren’t on this playlist? We’d love to hear about what you listen to!  Add your favorite cycling music to our comments section so we can add them to our playlist for our next ride!

cycling music

Cycling Music: A Playlist to Get You Through Your Ride 

Track One: I Gotta Feeling (The Black Eyed Peas) 

This song is ideal for warming up and getting your adrenaline going.  It’s sure to put you in the mood for an enjoyable and challenging ride! 

Track Two: Take Me Anywhere (Tegan and Sara) 

Tegan and Sara will keep you in warm up-mode for just a little bit longer and will encourage you to get into your groove. 

Track Three: Work (Rihanna, Drake)

If Rihanna and Drake can’t get you excited about your ride, we don’t know who can!  This dynamic duo will push you past the warm-up stage and get you pedaling fast! 

Track Four: Billie Jean (Michael Jackson) 

Ready for some MJ?  You know Michael Jackson is talented when his music is great for the dance floor and for pedal pushing! 

Track Five: Bad Girls (MIA)  

MIA will get you pedaling even faster and get into a smooth rhythm. 

Track Six: Come Together (The Beatles)

Are you ready for some uphill climbing?  The Beatles sure are!  This song will start to slow you down and get you ready to push yourself for the climb. 

Track Seven: Halo (Beyoncé)

Throw it back to some 2009 classic Beyoncé.  This track is slower-paced and will encourage you to keep climbing and really push through the stretch and soreness that you might start to feel. 

Track Eight: 1901 (Phoenix) 

Ready to speed it back up, just a little?  This track will speed you up as you emerge from a climb. 

Track Nine: Holiday (Weezer) 

Now you’re in your groove, and maybe feeling ready for a holiday?  Weezer is right there with you, and will guide you through some smooth peddling. 

Track Ten: Unstoppable (Santogold) 

Tired yet?  Keep at it! Santogold will remind you that you’re unstoppable and that you have it in you to keep going!

Track Eleven: Yesterday (Atmosphere) 

Just when you were reminded that you’re unstoppable, it’s time to slow it down again!  You’re almost there!

Track Twelve: Do You Realize??? (The Flaming Lips)  

And finally, let’s end it with a slow and sweet one that will have you contemplating our universe.  Now you’re ready to take on anything! 

Remember, your cycling music really sets the tone of your ride, so it’s important to craft it carefully! The Lucid Audio Hearband will give you the freedom and flexibility to listen to your favorite cycling music while also hearing sounds of the road or of your instructor’s voice.

Did we miss any of your favorite cycling music? Remember to mention them in the comments!


05 Apr

Tune In: Innovation at Lucid Audio

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The Landscape of Hearing Technology

The Guardian recently published a feature in the technology section of their paper titled, “10 Most Influential Headphones” detailing the progression of influential headphones over time.

You probably won’t recognize the first headphone on the Guardian’s list, an in-ear device built in 1891. However, you might remember the Walkman Headphones from 1979, or the Apple Earbuds back in 2001.

All of the headphones on the list were innovative and influential when they were produced.  Most were seen as status symbols promising access to an enhanced listening experience. So, tune in and learn more about the newest innovations in headphone technology.

Building on the Legacy 

Lucid Audio’s products expand on this legacy of innovation in hearing technology.  These products, ranging from the Hearband to the Bluetooth Wireless Hearing Headphones to the Enrich Personal Sound Amplification Products, all add to the history of hearing-related products.

Here’s what makes Lucid Audio’s innovations historic: Lucid Audio helps integrate one’s inner world with the outer world.  The Hearband and the Hearing Headphones allow you to create your own world by streaming your choice of historic headphonesaudio directly into your ears.  With these products, you can lose yourself in the soothing melodies of jazz music, or in your favorite podcast. However, what makes Lucid Audio’s products truly innovative is the ability to tune into the sounds beyond your headphones with added clarity.  This is a feature that these other headphones just don’t have.

While listening to your choice of audio within your headphones, you can turn up the sound on the outside world and tune in to the sounds around you.  You can merge the beat of hip hop with the city sounds around you.  You can merge your favorite classical tunes with the sounds of birds chirping in your garden.  The possibilities for unification are endless, and you’ll have access to all of the sounds in the world, without missing a beat.

The Enrich Personal Sound Amplification Products (PSAPs) are also quite historic.  These products aim to make hearing enhancement more accessible to people of all income levels and backgrounds.  PSAPs amplify outside noises, granting enhanced hearing to people who are experiencing difficulty hearing at an affordable price.  The Enrich PSAPs start at only $99! This type of hearing accessibility is truly historic.

A Historic Opportunity 

So, be a part of history today and check out our products here. Lucid Auido’s headphones (and other products) are changing the landscape of hearing products. You don’t want to miss out.

07 Mar

Vacation Technology: A Tech Packing Guide for Every Trip

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Vacations are a time to recharge and rejuvenate, but the packing part is never any fun. Whether you’re headed to a ski trip in the mountains, a beach trip by the shore, or a hiking trip in the canyons, we have you covered with this packing guide for vacation technology!

Here are 5 pieces of vacation technology to remember to pack: 

1. Your phone charger 

This is an easy one to forget, since our daily routines usually involve grabbing our phones off the charger, but leaving the charger behind.  For your trip, check and double check that you have your charger with you (cord and charger)!  One tip for remembering to bring your charger is to set the lock screen on your phone to a picture of a note saying “remember your charger!”  This is especially helpful if you’re staying at different places during your trip, since every additional stop is an additional opportunity to forget your phone charger!  You don’t want to be left with a dead phone during your travels, so be proactive about remembering to pack it!

2. A portable battery charger 

In terms of vacation technology, having adequate battery power is high on the priority list.  Even if you remember to pack your phone charger, it’s a good idea to have a back-up portable battery charger.  This is especially helpful if you anticipate spending long days on the go without easy access to outlets.  Having a charged phone is important for the sake of your Snapchat Story, yes, but it’s also an important emergency precaution.  You don’t want to be stranded somewhere without the ability to call a taxi, access a map, or alert the police!  Check out this article for a list of some high-rated portable battery chargers!

3. Useful Apps

Load up your phone with apps that might be helpful while you’re traveling!  Of course, there are the basic apps you should have, like Google Maps, and WhatsApp (if you’re traveling abroad), but there are lots of other apps out there that you might find helpful!  Check this article from the Guardian, titled: 10 of the best travel apps…that you’ll actually use.  Apps are an essential piece of vacation technology because they provide important information right at your fingertips!

4. Music and E-books 

Whether you’re traveling by plane, train, or car, you’ll want to have some entertainment with you.  Make sure your phone is loaded up with your favorite tunes prior to your trip so you’ll have music to listen to during your down time. E-books are also a great option. You can choose to bring your Kindle or iPad if you have these pieces of technology, or you can load ebooks onto your phone if you’re looking to pack lighter!

5. A Hearband by Lucid Audio 

Vacation technology needs to be versatile so you can use it for a wide vacation technologyrange of activities.  Lucid Audio’s Hearbands use Lucid Audio’s AMPED technology to give you a customizable hearing experience.  With the Hearband, you can amplify the sounds around you, like conversations, concerts, or the sound of the waves.  You can use it to stay safe by listening to music while staying aware of the background noises around you.  The Hearband delivers crisp, clear music and sounds to your ears AND it’ll take up almost no space in your luggage! Its sleek design and its innovative features make it the perfect piece of travel technology for all of your adventures!


28 Oct

5 Apps That Let You Download Music FREE

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The digital music revolution has changed the way we listen to music. With some great headphones for music, a mobile device, and one of these popular apps, you can access the music you want, when you want.  Here are 5 apps that let you download music FREE:5 Apps That Allow You To Download Music Free

Napster — Originally started as a P2P file sharing service in 1999, Napster is often considered the grandfather of digital music distribution. Now Napster is a full music subscription service, which offers streaming and downloading for android, Apple, and Windows devices.

iTunes — iTunes is arguably the most popular music download site ever. In 2001, iTunes changed the music distribution game by allowing users to purchase single song downloads at a very low price. The iTunes player also allows you to listen to music you may already have saved to your device.

Spotify — Since its debut in September 2008, Spotify has grown to over 40 million subscribers. You can access over 30 million song titles for FREE! There are subscription options available that enable you to download music to different devices, so you can still hear your songs when you aren’t connected to the internet.

Amazon Music — A great addition to the Amazon family of entertainment products, the Amazon Music app offers you access to the nearly limitless Amazon digital archives. Similar to the iTunes app, you can purchase and download single songs or entire albums. If you are an Amazon Prime member, there are many albums and songs you can download for free. Even if you lose your Prime membership, you can still access and enjoy your music.

Groove Music — Produced by the Microsoft Corporation, the Groove Music app gives you access to a catalog of over 38 million songs. Purchase songs separately, or purchase a subscription for unlimited listening and streaming.

The Right Device for the Right Music

These apps will let you explore your musical tastes, while discovering new sounds as well. Lucid Audio’s visionary new line of headphones and neckbands can deliver that music to you in high quality, stereo sound. More than just great headphones for music, each device is equipped with our patent pending AMPED™ technology. Now you can control ambient noises, and hear more of what you want, and less of what you don’t, with the push of a button.