P.S. Check Out “PSAPs,” ASAP!

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What’s all the buzz about PSAPs? 

Wondering what all the buzz is about PSAPs, the acronym for Personal Sound Amplification Products?  You’ve come to the right place!

Personal Sound Amplification Amplification Products (PSAPs) are wearable electronic products that amplify sounds, allowing for enhanced hearing.  PSAPs look like this:

Personal Sound Amplification Products

PSAPs are placed behind the ear and amplify sounds to give the wearer access to enhanced hearing.  Though Personal Sound Amplification Products aren’t an alternative to hearing loss for those who need the full technological support that hearing aids provide, they do improve the listening experience at an affordable price.  PSAPs are a fraction of the cost of hearing aids, starting at Lucid Audio for just $99.

PSAPs are not just more accessible; they’re often the right choice for those who need a little bit of help hearing, but don’t quite need hearing aids yet.  In addition, Personal Sound Amplification Products can help support your hobbies, ranging from bird watching to attending symphonies.

Re-democratizing Hearing 

So how do Personal Sound Amplification Products work? The answer is in the name!  PSAPs function by amplifying sounds, making them louder and easier for your ears to pick up.  Personal Sound Amplification Products use technology that is simple to understand and highly sophisticated in implementation.  The ability to hear well can enhance everyday activities and experiences, facilitating connection with others and with the world that surrounds us.

The ability to hear with clarity and nuance shouldn’t be a privilege limited only to those who can afford it. Personal Sound Amplification Products re-democratize Personal Sound Amplification Productsthe experience of hearing with ease. With Personal Sound Amplification Products, especially the Enrich and Enrich PRO PSAPs offered by Lucid Audio, you’ll be able to Hear Better.

Lucid Audio’s Enrich and Enrich PRO PSAPs are easy and convenient to wear and use.  The devices are comfortable and come with a variety of comfort dome fitting tips, so you can wear them with ease daily.  Whether you’re a college student
having trouble hearing your professor’s voice in a large lecture hall, or a grandparent having trouble hearing your young grandchild’s voice, Lucid Audio’s Enrich PSAPs have a solution.

We hope this gave you a little more insight on PSAPs, yet another acronym to remember! But if you forget, just remember:

P.S. Check out PSAPs, ASAP! 😉


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