Cycling to your favorite music can greatly improve your performance, increase enjoyment, and make an intense workout seem to pass more quickly. Lucid Audio’s headphones offer the sound, safety, and control you need for your next cycling ride.headphones amplification;

Volume Control

Lucid Audio’s headphones were created for activities like cycling in mind. They stay in place while allowing some neighboring noise to enter, keeping cyclists aware of their surroundings. The two hi-gain omni directional microphones built into our headphones allows you to control how much music or outside noise you want to hear.

Protection & Comfort

The headphones we recommend for cyclists are HearBands – also known as “neckbands.” The flexible and lightweight features of our HearBands make them the ideal headphones for cycling. In addition to being easy to carry, they are also easy to put away. Lucid Audio’s HearBands have retractable ear buds, making these neckbands easier to use and store. Their functionality and ease provides cyclists long lasting headphones for their rides.

Great Sound & Connection

Our revolutionary AMPED technology ensures a unique listening experience that amplifies ambient sound. Every sound you want and need to hear is transmitted through HD speakers and drivers for a crisp and wide range of audio quality. Best of all, the Bluetooth feature lets you connect to a device of your choice without the hassle of tangled wires getting in the way.

Cycling can be a strenuous workout. Experience Lucid Audio’s HearBands for yourself and see how these neckbands make your rides more enjoyable. For cycling and more, Lucid Audio headphones are easy to use, keep you safe, and keep you in control of the listening experience.