10 Places to Pack Ear Protection

September 7, 2017 HLT Family, Hearing, Safety 0 Comments

Children’s ears are sensitive, protecting them is imminent.

There are many places a parent already knows their child will need ear protection, like the big game or concert.  But what about some others that aren’t so obvious, like your own home. We have compiled a list of ten places to protect your child’s ears from the harmful noise.

Ten places to pack ear protection for your little one:

  1. Airports/Airplanes
  2. Malls / Shopping Centers
  3. Stadiums/ Gyms / Race Tracks
  4. Concerts
  5. Road Trip – Highway Noise
  6. City Apartment Living – Sirens / Construction
  7. Playroom – various toys when held close to the hear can reach unsafe decibels
  8. Family Entertainment Centers (i.e Chuck E Cheese)
  9. Restaurants – with live music or loud dining areas
  10. Amusement Parks

ear protection

15 minutes of listening to noise over 100 decibels are considered extremely dangerous for your child.

All of these places listed have noise that could reach decibels that are dangerous to your child’s hearing and hearing development.  The importance of hearing protection goes beyond just their ears, it can help reduce the stress of a child in a loud environment and make your experience as a parent just a little easier.

So next time you head to the mall, big game, or even just to your living room, remember to place ear protection on your little one.



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