Easiest New Year’s Resolutions to Keep

January 1, 2018 HLT Uncategorized 0 Comments

New year, new start, new resolutions!

It’s a new year and it’s time to make your resolutions list. But are you tired of writing “workout more” and other typical goals? Are you the type of person that makes goals and never follows through? We gathered some of the easiest and different New Year’s goals to try in 2018.

easiest resolutions to keep in 2018

  1. Floss Daily
  2. Stop Juicing Your Fruits and Vegetables
  3. Go to Bed 15 Minutes Earlier
  4. Have a Conversation with Someone You Normally Every Month
  5. Stop Procrastinating
  6. Trust Your Instincts
  7. Forgive Someone
  8. Learn One New Thing
  9. Get to Know Your Neighbors
  10. Volunteer More Often

These ten things are simple decisions that can change your year. If you strive to complete a few each month you can follow through on them. Comment and let us know some of your favorite resolutions to make.

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