Essential Running Gear For Your Next Run

September 21, 2017 HLT Gifts, Headphones, Safety, Social 0 Comments

Ready to start running?

Not sure what gear you actually need. Don’t worry! We narrowed it all down to the essential running gear you need for your next run.

All this gear makes the miles seem a little more doable. But remember that everybody is different, so reevaluate after your run to see what you need to add or subtract.

1. Tracking Device – Grab a FitBit to wear and keep track of your miles, heart rate, and calorie burn. If you prefer to take your phone with you there are multiple apps that can track your run. For example, Map My Run is a great option. Or if you are an Apple Watch user you can track your run through there.

2. Hydration – You’ll want to make sure you are constantly hydrated before and after your run. Either with a hydration belt, like this one from Fitletic, for during your run or a great water bottle to carry around after.

3. Headphones – When you’re running you want to make sure you can hear and be seen. Lucid Audio’s HearBand Sport with LED Safety Lights has LED lights and reflectors to make sure you are seen on your route.  With the ability to amplify ambient sounds up to 9x and take calls with Bluetooth technology you can hear on your run too.

4. Music/Podcast – What goes better with headphones than great music or an interesting podcast. With Spotify Premium, you can make playlists to go with your run. Check out our blog post for 5 new songs to add.

5. Socks – Need post-run recovery? Grab a pair of compression socks to help alleviate soreness and pain. Nike Compression socks are a great way to get prep your body for the next run.

There are so many essential running items out there. Make sure to pick the ones that work best for you. And we’ll see you out on the trails.

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