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Lucid Audio loves your hearing! We love it so much, we want to help you protect it.

Word Hearing Day

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared March 3, 2017 to be World Hearing Day. This annual celebration seeks to highlight the importance of auditory health.

This year’s theme is “Action for hearing loss: make a sound investment”. Hearing loss can have a huge impact on economies. The WHO estimates the world loses $750 billion annually due to hearing loss related causes. That is roughly equal to the gross national product of the Netherlands.

With this declaration, the WHO is encouraging governments and communities around the world to invest in protecting their peoples’ precious sense of hearing. They have suggested several strategies.

  • Make ear care a national habit by including it in the established healthcare system
  • Prioritize early identification and intervention
  • Increase public awareness of the importance and impact of hearing loss
  • Encourage governments to allocate funds and human capital for hearing loss efforts

They have also identified some cost effective ways to actively combat hearing loss.

  • Use protective gear when exposed to loud noises
  • Promptly identify and treat otitis media (middle ear infections)
  • Focus early screening efforts on newborns, school-aged children, and adults over 50
  • Provide continuous support for people in need of hearing amplification
  • Increase access for the hearing impaired with closed captioning and sign language interpretation

Researchers have suggested that preventing hearing loss caused by exposure to excessive noise would save the world economy up to $152 billion per year.


InvestinWorld Hearing Dayg in You

At Lucid Audio our mission is Helping People Hear Better. With our patented pending AMPED™ technology, we amplify the outside world for clearer conversations and more enjoyable experiences.

We help people hear better at all ages and stages. Our products span the range from infant and child protective ear muffs to AMPED™  Bluetooth® audio devices powered by Lucid that utilize the most advanced adaptive dynamic range optimization engineering.

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