What does it mean to be AMPEDTM?

Lucid Audio AMPED™ is patent pending smart technology, engineered for the way we live and the things we love. With Lucid Audio’s exclusive AMPED™ equipment, finally there are no more tradeoffs, only AND. You customize your experience each time at the Control Center. Whether you want no outside sound to up to 9x amplification, it’s yours. And your media and call volume also come in loud and clear with a touch of a button.

Safe AND Sound cycling and running. Amp your awareness of traffic and other dangers AND enjoy the music you love.

Rock AND Roll while on the go. Keep moving when a call comes in, switching from music to phone with the touch of a button.

Play, Plan AND Protect. When at a job site or at a loud event, have it all. Play your music AND amp your environment so you can plan your next move. All the while you’ll be protected from ear-damaging loud sounds.

Hear it all or nothing at all with Lucid Audio AMPED™.

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