Getting Through a Long Winter with Lucid Audio

February 20, 2019 HLT Uncategorized

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Is it just us, or is winter feeling especially long and cold this year? Of course, there are lots of wonderful things about winter: hot chocolate, an excuse to spend lazy weekends reading under cozy blankets, and the beauty of a quiet winter morning. However, winter can get dreary, so we have some tips for you for how to make a long winter a little easier and a lot more lively!

Get your workout on with HearBand Sport

Some people prefer working out indoors when it’s cold out, while others enjoy the adrenaline rush that accompanies running through the cold wind. Whether you prefer indoor workouts or outdoor workouts, HearBand sport will be your buddy for keeping that blood pumping during your workout so you can listen to your favorite pump-up tunes and stay warm, wherever you are!

Keep your kids’ ears protected from loud wind with HearMuffs

While HearMuffs won’t necessarily keep your kids’ ears as warm as true earmuffs, HearMuffs offer hearing protection that can protect your kids’ ears from loud winter sounds like loud wind or other winter noises. And the fact that they cover your kids’ ears is a perk, too!

Amplify the sound of soft snow falling with HearBands

Going for a nice winter walk through softly falling snow? If you want to be extra-attuned to winter sounds, take your pair of HearBands with you to listen to those winter sounds that you might otherwise miss. HearBands amplify outside sound up to 9x! Or, if you need to take a call on your walk or commute, you can use HearBands to do that, too!

Winter may feel long this year, but there are ways to make this long winter feel better! Do you have any other creative uses for HearBands during the winter? We’d love to hear about them in the comments!