10 Ways to Incorporate Music Into Your Day

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It’s no secret that life can get hectic pretty quickly some days. It can be easy to rush through your days, accepting what happens instead of seeking to enrich the quality of life for yourself and your family. At Lucid Audio we want to empower you to take control of the important aspects of your life. That’s just one of the reasons we developed the AND control center. It allows you to decide if you want no outside ngreat headphones for musicoise or up to 9x amplification AND your media and call volume come in loud and clear with a touch of a button.

At Lucid we know how important music can be – that’s what we created great headphones for music!

Music plays an integral part in all our lives. It’s got the ability to inspire, uplift and motivate. We embrace the power of AND! That’s why we encourage you to find some time throughout the day to listen to your favorite tunes and enjoy the relaxing, motivating, uplifting benefits they provide. Think you’re too busy? Here are 10 ways to incorporate music into your day!

1) Daily Commutes: Whether your daily commute is 10 minutes or 100 minutes, music has the ability to keep you engaged and enjoying life while you go about your day.

2) Sleeping/Relaxing: Believe it or not, music can be beneficial while you try to unwind and fall asleep. Gentle music can calm your mind and help you fall asleep more quickly.

3) Showering/Morning Routine: Music can help keep you focused while getting ready for the day. Turn on some tunes while you come alive in the shower!

4) Working Out: There is nothing better than blasting your favorite tunes while working up a good sweat!best-headphones-for-music

5) Play Time With The Kids: Sometimes children need a little variety. When you play music throughout the day it gives you the ability to enrich their lives and bond with them.

6) Getting Work Done: Getting things done around the house isn’t the most riveting past time, add some fun tunes to help you power through your chores.

7) Parties: Getting together with friends? What better way to share your favorite tunes with others!

8)  Meditate: While some people like silence during meditation, we think everything is better with music. Turn on some smooth melodies and clear your mind.


Like these tips or have any ideas of your own? Feel free to stop by our Facebook page and tell us what you think!  We’re passionate about making great headphones for music!

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