Headphones for Every Occasion!

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We know your day-to-day life involves many different activities, and it can be hard to find a pair of headphones that are appropriate for all of these occasions. You might have a pair of earbuds that are always easily storable in your backpack or purse. And you might also have a pair of bulkier headphones with better sound quality.

But what if you could just have one pair of headphones for every occasion?

If you’re looking for versatile headphones, Lucid Audio’s neckbands with AMPED technology might be perfect for you! Lucid Audio’s neckbands have the convenience of earbuds with the quality of headphones!

Lucid Audio’s neckband headphones are ideal for a wide range of activities. They are ideal for exercising, taking phone calls, listening to music, and even making a fashion statement!


headphones for every occasionThe Lucid neckband’s sleek design makes it ideal for exercise. You can slip it around your neck for your jogs, bike rides, hikes, rock-climbing adventures and so much more! The neckbands will stay wrapped snugly around your neck, and you may even forget you have it on! And, you can feel safe when exercising with your Lucid Audio neckband, since it amplifies outdoor noises. These truly are headphones for every occasion!

Phone Calls

When you slip the neckband around your neck, you’re ready for business! You can take headphones for every occasionphone calls on your neckband with ease. The neckband is bluetooth enabled and wireless, so you can answer the phone directly by pushing a button on your neckband. You can
multitask while answering calls, and the sound amplification features will allow you to feel connected to your surroundings while listening carefully to the person on the other line.

Listening to Music

headphones for every occasionThe Lucid Audio neckband is ideal for listening to music in all contexts! You just pop the earbuds in and you’re ready to listen! While you’re listening to your favorite, you can also amplify the background noises around you. The neckband ensures you don’t miss a single sound–unless you want to! You always have the option of turning off the sound amplification and turning up the music! These are truly headphones for every occasion!


More and more, headphones are becoming a fashion statement. As the New York Times reported in the Fashion & Style section, “Headphones are now fashion statements. Status symbols.” Lucid Audio’s neckbands with AMPED Technology are sleek and stylish. Don’t believe us? Check out these wearers of Lucid Audio neckbands. We think they look pretty hip, do you?

headphones for every occasion headphones for every occasionheadphones for every occasion




Interested in having a pair of your own headphones for every occasion? Check out our Lucid Audio neckbands with AMPED technology here. 

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