Hearing Loss And Hispanics

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According to a recent study, over 15% of the Hispanic population in the United States suffers some degree of hearing loss.

Hearing Loss in Hispanic Communities

Researchers examined 16,415 men and women of Hispanic/Latino descent. Participants ranged from 18 to 74 years of age and represented a diverse sampling of educational and socioeconomic backgrounds. Their findings are important clues to uncovering the causes of Hispanic hearing loss.sound amplification

  • 15.6% of participants showed signs of hearing loss in at least one ear
  • 8.24% had bilateral hearing impairment (loss of ability in both ears)

Some groups were shown to have higher risks of hearing loss.

  • Adults over 45 years old
  • Less education and/or lower income
  • Those with diabetes or prediabetes

Results also show participants of Puerto Rican descent were more likely to experience impairment when compared to their Mexican counterparts.

Your Family, Your World

Researchers noted a positive correlation between hearing impairment and lower quality of life. They also noted that most hearing loss is undiagnosed and untreated. This is especially true in communities that traditionally lack access to modern healthcare.

Many of us have family members who suffer from hearing loss. Some of them refuse to get medical attention because they think it’s just part of getting older.

Looking for a way to help? You might have thought about getting an old hearing aid for a loved one to try out. The thing to remember is that hearing aids are like prescription glasses. Only a medical professional can adjust them properly, as they are customized to the user’s specific needs.

Personal Sound Amplifiers – Control, Convenience, Cost-Effective

Hispanic Latino Hearing LossThe Enrich Personal Sound Amplifier from Lucid Audio can help your loved one hear better.

  • Comfortable, behind-the-ear design improves your hearing without compromising your style.
  • Omni-directional microphones and volume control let you focus on what you want to hear.
  • Low-level noise reduction gives you the power to reduce distracting background noises.
  • Digital sound processing delivers stereo quality sound with crystal clarity

While the Personal Sound Amplifier is not a replacement for medical grade devices, it can positively impact the daily lives of most hearing loss sufferers. Regain control of your auditory environment with this comfortable and affordable hearing solution!

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