Helping People Hear Better

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Have a hard time following conversations in a crowded room? Do you find yourself asking people to repeat themselves frequently? You might have hidden hearing loss.

Hidden Hearing Loss

Over 48 million Americans suffer from some degree of hearing loss. One out of every three people over the age of 65 has a hearing problem. But hearing loss isn’t just a problem for older people.hearing amplification

Hearing loss can be tricky to detect. Your doctor may not see any problems. Yet you still have trouble hearing in certain situations.

Hidden hearing loss can make
everyday tasks difficult, dangerous, and frustrating. Hearing aids can help, but you may not be ready for one of those just yet.

Helping You Hear Better

Lucid Audio has the answer. Our devices are built with features specifically designed to help you hear better, no matter where you go.

  • The AND Control Center lets you turn up ambient sounds, up to 9x hearing amplification.
  • Built in high gain omni-directional microphones, with independent volume controls, let you focus on exactly what you want to hear.
  • Low profile ear cups and Sound Activated Compression protect you from loud, sudden noises with a 21 dB Noise Reduction Rating.
  • High definition speakers give you clear, natural sound.

Our devices are designed to be comfortable and easy to use. Lucid Audio makes it easy to find the features you need at the price you like.

Your Hearing – AMPEDTM!

Lucid Audio’s mission is to help people hear better. Our devices use the power of AMPEDTM technology to help hearing amplificationyou get the most out of your hearing experience, in every situation.

  • Turn up the hearing amplification in a crowded study hall. Never miss another word of important lectures!
  • Enjoy the sounds of nature with crystal clarity during a hike.
  • Boost the hearing amplification on your neckband, and the family won’t have to nag you to turn the television down.
  • Stay aware and alert while exercising outdoors. Lucid Audio headphones let you blast your tunes and hear passing cars during your morning run.

There are countless situations in life when a little volume boost would be helpful. How can hearing amplification benefit you?

Lucid Audio is challenging the way people think about hearing, with products manufactured to support and enhance your natural abilities. Visit us online, and explore the potential of the power of AND in your life!


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