A Higher Performance Headphone Is Here

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The higher performance headphones you’ve been looking for are finally here!

Lucid Audio’s innovative line of headphones and neckbands are now available for purchase!

A Revolution in Personal Audio Devices

What makes these personal audio devices different from others? The answer is the genius of our patent pending AMPED™ technology, which gives you the freedom to choose. Each device is equipped with the AND Control Center, which puts the power in your hands to customize your world.

  • Block out ambient sounds, or amplify them up to 9x.A Higher Performance Headphone http://www.lucidaudio.com
  • Adjust media and call volumes with the touch of a button.
  • Sound Activated Compression protects your hearing from sudden increases in volume, from your media or your surrounding environment.
  • High definition speakers deliver natural, stereo quality sound.

How is all of this possible in one device?

  • Hi gain omni directional microphones, with independent volume controls, give you the ability to enhance ambient sounds
  • Form fitting, ultra-low profile ear cups with a 21dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) ensure that you only hear what you want, at the volume you want.

Your World, AMPED!

A Higher Performance Headphone http://www.lucidaudio.comOur products offer more than you’ve come to expect! Enjoy all life has to offer in a more meaningful way, now that you can decide whether you want to hear it all or nothing at all.

Now you can

  • Hear conversations around you more clearly
  • Block out the world during study time
  • Enhance the sounds of nature during meditation or long walks
  • Conduct business on a busy commuter train with crystal clear quality sound
  • Enjoy your tunes and still hear the traffic around you during your morning run

No other device on the market offers the quality of sound and freedom of customization that Lucid Audio offers!

Visit Lucidaudio.com for more information on our unique line of headphones, neckbands, and accessories. With prices starting at $79, you are sure to find the right device for your needs, at the right price. Get AMPED™ with Lucid Audio!


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