Lucid Audio’s Holiday Gift Guide

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It’s Holiday Gift Guide Time!

The weather is getting cooler and it’s officially time for the holidays. We’ve gathered some Lucid Audio products that are a great fit for anyone on your holiday list this year.

holiday gift guide



The perfect gift for family members who love to watch tv, movies, and sports. The Lucid Audio TV Streamer Kit feeds audio directly to the HearBand at any volume level without disturbing others. What makes this different and better than other TV amplifiers is that you can customize your television volume to your taste AND hear outside sounds, so you don’t miss holiday carolers and the reindeers on the rooftop. Now everyone will enjoy a peaceful holiday season.

holiday gift guide




Give the gift of light and safety to your favorite dog walkers, runners, and cyclists. With the HearBand Sport LED, the flashing LED lights to keep you visible in the neighborhood or on the road. Plus, with the Bluetooth you can make calls, listen to music, and amplify the outside sound up to 9X. Now Rudolph won’t be the only one with red light brightening up the night sky!

holiday gift guide



Our most advanced hearing protection is a fantastic gift for precious infants and toddlers. Designed to develop with your child, HearMuffs come with a patented GrowBand that ensures a perfect fit from infant to 4 years old. Our HearMuffs Sounds protect your child’s hearing from harmful noises, allows you to communicate with the touch of a button, and plays four soothing sounds. The ultimate holiday gift for young children and new parents. HearMuffs muffle the noise and protect young ears for the newest Joys in your world.



Happy Holidays from all of us at Lucid Audio!

Shop all of these products and more on our website. Don’t forget to use code: SANTACASH and receive $25 in Santa Cash when you purchase $100 or more.


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