How Are Headphones Changing Your World?

June 19, 2017 HLT Uncategorized 0 Comments

 The genius of AMPED 

These days, headphones are everywhere…

Headphones are in abundance on buses and metros during daily commutes.  Pedestrians have their earbuds in ear as they join conference calls while walking across intersections and through cities.  The person behind you at the checkout line at the grocery store might be sporting headphones, squeezing in a phone call with their friend across the country before it’s their time to check out.  Whether you’re riding in a rickshaw in bustling Mumbai or flying first class from New York to LA, you’re likely to see headphones all around you.

Headphones are ubiquitous and for good reason.

With headphones, people can create their own sanctuary of sounds in a world where most outside stimulus is out of people’s control.  With headphones, you can carve out some you-time with Netflix in the living room without bothering people in other parts of your home who are trying to work or study.  Headphones allow us to carve out privacy, even in public spaces.

Increasingly, students and employees are saying that they find it easier to concentrate and focus while wearing headphones.  And while it’s unclear whether headphones really facilitate focus, it is clear that outside stimulus can often be a large distraction.  In our world, having choices regarding stimuli affords us the opportunity to be in control of their productivity and creativity.

More choices…

Lucid Audio’s AMPED headphones allow for more choices and control than most other headphones on the market.  With AMPED technology, you can choose to block out external sounds, or you can choose to allow ambient sounds to enter in.  You can turn down the volume of your external environment when you need to focus, and you can let it in when you need to interact with it!

Whether it’s in transit, at work, during a workout, or just before bed, headphones are changing our world.  Next time you’re out, make note of the headphones and earbuds that you spot.  In what ways do you notice people using their headphones?  And how do you use them in your own life?  Try out Lucid Audio’s AMPED technology to truly make use of the revolutionary technology of headphones.

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