Kids’ Creative Uses for Kids HearMuffs

October 15, 2018 HLT Uncategorized

Kids are creative, and they’re super skilled at finding innovative uses for our products that we hadn’t even considered! We decided to check in with some kids who use Kids HearMuffs to ask them about the ways they’re using their Kids HearMuffs. Maybe these ideas will serve as inspiration for the kids in your life. If you have other innovative uses for your Kids HearMuffs, we’d love to hear about them in the comments section!

Kids’ Creative Uses for Kids HearMuffs:

1. Focusing on their Favorite Hobbies

Kids reported that HearMuffs help them concentrate on their favorite hobbies. Whether they enjoy painting or fishing, kids appreciated that they were able to tune out sound in the outside world when they needed to, and to hone in on that sound at other times.

2. Blocking out their Siblings

We truly wouldn’t have thought of this use for HearMuffs! Kids reported that HearMuffs are helpful for when a sibling is being particularly “annoying” or when they want a little bit of cool-down time without their sibling. Having a little bit of time and space to oneself is important, even for kids, and HearMuffs give children the opportunity to tune out their surroundings and tune into themselves and their own thoughts and emotions.

3. As a Fashion Accessory

We tried to make HearMuffs look as stylish as possible, but we really didn’t think wearing them would make kids feel “cool!” Turns out, HearMuffs are quite a fashion accessory, and it doesn’t hurt that they come in four fun colors (pastel blue, spa green, pastel pink, and white).

Know a kid in your life between the ages of 5 and 10? They’ll love a pair of HearMuffs! Kids love that HearMuffs allow them to have some control over their environment, and we know they’ll continue finding more and more creative uses for their HearMuffs! Check out Kids HearMuffs here!