Running is a fantastic way to burn off stress and calories, but can be more enjoyable when accompanied by music, a book, or the latest podcast. Lucid Audio headphones create an experience unlike any other. Our AMPED technology gives you the control, safety, versatility, and sound that every runner should look for in a headphone with hearing loss lucid audio
Wide Range of Audio Quality
The earbuds in our HearBands use HD speakers and drivers to give you the best neckband experience. When you’re running and listening to music, a song is capable of giving you motivation to keep going, and what better way than to enjoy what’s coming out of your headphones.

Independent Volume Controls for Safety

With two hi-gain omni directional microphones, you have the control to enhance ambient sound so that you can be more aware of your surroundings. Safety is important, so we created headphones for running that would keep you alert and aware.

Superb Design for Comfort

Our headphones for runners were meant to be easy to work with and easy to store. Our HearBands feature retractable ear buds so you don’t have to deal with extra wire slack or tangled wires other neckbands have. These headphones are flexible, lightweight, and durable, so you can take them with you on any run or other activity.

Lucid Audio headphones are used by runners and athletes everywhere. We are here to get you through the run and make exercise much more interesting and engaging. Buy your very own pair of Lucid Audio running headphones for a listening experience all its own.

Happy running!