Ways To Find Me-Time As A Mom or New Parent!

July 15, 2018 HLT Family

Is It Actually Possible To Find More Me-Time As A Mom? 

Yes! The answer shockingly is, “Yes,” you can actually find some unexpected “me-time” in your already hectic day of chasing runny noses, tackling the week’s laundry, making meals, helping with homework, cleaning up toys, grocery shopping. The list goes on and on!

However, once you (we) identify AND accept it is IMPOSSIBLE to be a “Super Mom” suddenly the door will open to focus on you. And this type of mom may exist. You know. The type of mom we daydream of being. Always able to optimize every precious moment, keeping the house organized, instituting healthy eating habits, having flat abs all while still being our husband’s “girlfriend.” It is without question burn-out WILL happen. Therefore, accepting (not residing) to the fact being a Super Mom is impossible will inevitably take the burden off yourself and allow you to open up to more me-time.


“Me-time” is downtime and is a vital component to your overall well-being. Me-time doesn’t necessarily mean having a spa-day or as being self-indulgent. Think of it as the crucial time needed for yourself to be a better mother and better wife. Give yourself permission to have some me-time and slow down, relax for a few moments by yourself or a few hours each week.


It’s not rocket science to know a well-rested, physically, and an emotionally healthy person can accomplish more, be less anxious, and be a better partner all relates to women with children too! A rested, physically and emotionally healthy woman is a better mom and a better wife…period. Just like when the Flight Attendant instructs us to put on our oxygen mask on first, prioritizing a little me-time in your life is critical. We all (mother or not) need a break from the demands of daily living. Compound these demands with having little humans you are responsible for it, and you can clearly see you are no exception.


#1 SCHEDULE IT!  – If you want your family to run like a well-oiled machine and be able to expect and know what challenges are coming, a schedule is key. And not a minute-to-minute schedule. But rather a weekly schedule to help keep you and your partner on the same page. And aware of what is happening next. Most important, this schedule should include a slot for, “me-time.” Have your partner take the kiddos off your hand even if it is for one hour a week. Having this planned out will ensure you do not pass over this much needed time for yourself. And as important as scheduling-it, have a go-to list of things you classify as, being me-time. Need help kicking off your me-time checklist? Check out this wonderful list of ideas to get you started.

#2 WHEN THEY REST…YOU REST – Yeah, Right! We can hear you now. Yes, we get it. Seriously, we do. This suggestion is probably the hardest of all. When they finally get to sleep for the night or down for a nap you are no doubt looking at a house turned upside down. Take baby steps if necessary. The first step is to require yourself [require being the keyword] to take one night or at least one nap a week to push all your chores aside and spend this time doing something relaxing for yourself.  Do it! No one would or should fault you for not emptying the dishwasher over catching up on some much-needed R&R. And if they do, have them walk in your shoes for one day. We dare them!

#3 GO OUTSIDE…WITH YOUR KIDS  – If you do not already know the term, “Cabin Fever” as a parent then skip this section and pat yourself on the back. You are doing something right! Parenting can be taxing. Not the kind on your hard-earned money rather the overload of doing something over-and-over again. Like a never-ending assembly line. Eat, poop, sleep, you – no sleep, clean, eat, poop, sleep, you – no sleep, clean. That kind of, “taxing.” So, when the weather permits grab a blanket, pack a snack, grab a book, and your Lucid Audio HearBands and stroll the kids outside. You don’t have to go far. Maybe under a tree or a park that is within walking distance. Just getting out, breathing oxygen, encountering human beings breaks the exhausting monotony of parenting at home. And you may just get a moment to yourself as your child has a few safe minutes of independent play or playing with a friend they meet.

#4 LOCK YOUR DOOR…SAFELY, OF COURSE! – Privacy is important. We know as a Mom it has probably been months since you have had an interrupted bathroom break. Put a lock on your door. It goes without saying to ensure your children are safe when you lock yourself away for a bathroom break. If this does not feel right to you, that is ok. Take an extra few minutes in the shower to sit and allow the water to hit your back or neck. Sitting quietly with your thoughts in a shower or bath is a form of meditation. And just a few moments by yourself with the rush of water drowning out the daily chaos is a fantastic way to center yourself. Want some help, check out this 5 Minute Meditation Practice You Can Do In The Shower.

#5 CONTROL THE NOISE IN YOUR LIFE –Remember the days of quickly catching up on news, music, podcasts, binge-watching your favorite show, or chatting with a friend on the phone uninterrupted? Wearing Lucid Audio Wireless HearBands neckband now is an effortless way to connect to these activities while controlling your environment. With a touch of a button, you can stay alert of your children napping or playing in another room while wearing. For the moms who have trouble sitting down wearing Lucid Audio’s HearBands allows you to listen to your favorite music, watch your favorite tv show, or take calls while maneuvering around the house hands-free. Sound impossible? Check out this excellent VIDEO showing Meghan, a busy mom, maneuvering through her day with ease while wearing her Lucid Audio HearBand.