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NEWS RELEASE: Lucid Audio™ AMPED™ Bluetooth Neckband featured in eWeek


We’re seeing innovation being stepped up in just about every part of the IT industry–enterprise and consumer alike. […] However, one product type that really hasn’t seen a lot of innovation is in hearware. […] A new audio product, Lucid’s Amped Bluetooth Neck-band, enables the user to control not only the music or phone conversation coming into the headset but also all ambient sounds in the immediate environment. This granular, multi-level control of sound has been unheard of until now.

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NEWS RELEASE: Lucid Audio™ AMPED™ Bluetooth Neckband featured in BASS Times


This is the perfect gift for the angler who also loves music. The Lucid Amped Neckband not only plays your favorite tracks, but it also features Sound Activated Compression, which instantly protects your ears from loud harmful noises.

Read the full release here.

News Release: Lucid Audio™ Debuts AMPED™ Products to Deliver a Customized Listening Experience


Smart technology delivers clear media, music and calls AND gives users up to 9x amplification of outside ambient sounds so they can hear exactly what they want, when they want.

“We help people hear better at all ages and stages. With our patent pending AMPED equipment, Lucid Audio amplifies the outside world for clearer conversations and more enjoyable experiences,” said Tim Schnell, CEO, Lucid Audio. “Our commitment to quality, superior engineering and the proven audio technology embedded in the product line gives everyone the control to customize their listening experience by hearing more of what they want and less of what they don’t.”

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