It’s National Family Health and Fitness Day

September 30, 2017 HLT Family, Interactive, Social 0 Comments

FITNESS DAY: A day created to encourage families to get active together.

Fitness Day is held the last Saturday in September every year and we have generated some ideas to get your family active. Ideas that are not just packing them up in the car and taking them to the gym.

When planning the day, you want to make sure you focus on the fun. Do not make it about exercise make it about a game or a competition. Consider these few factors when picking

• Allow every family member to pick an activity!• Don’t discourage your kids in any way with their picks unless they are truly dangerous.

• Do not discourage your children unless they pick something that is actually dangerous

• If your family doesn’t click with one activity, just pick another!


family health and fitness day

Need some ideas to get started?

  1. “Capture the Flag”
  2. Kickball
  3. Flag Football
  4. Squirt Gun/Nerf Gun Wars
  5. Slip-N-Slide, Pool Games like “Marco Polo”

Keep it fun! And remember to make sure that everyone stays moving.

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