New Year, New Ways to Hear

January 3, 2019 HLT Uncategorized

It’s a new year, which means we can all up our game in many ways. Innovations in hearing and sound technology allow for new ways to hear that can really change the game in 2019. Lucid Audio provides options for better sound, better protection and better hearing, all of which can help you up your game in a new year!

Better Sound


Lucid Audio’s Hearbands™ are neckband headphones that amplify outside sound up to 9x! HeadBands for runnersTake your Hearbands™ on your next jog or hike or bus commute to take in the outside sounds to maintain safety while also listening to your favorite podcasts, music, or even taking a phone call for work! The options are truly endless, and you have full control. You can amplify outside sound from 0 to 9x–it’s up to you! The design is sleek and snazzy and the device will allow you to experience better sound this year. Check out Lucid Audio’s pathways for better sound here.


Better Protection

Protecting our hearing is important, as our ears are one of the ways that we interact with the world. Lucid Audio offers advanced hearing protection for children, ranging from infants to 10 year olds. Lucid Audio’s HearMuffs include soothing sounds including: Lullaby, Babbling Creek, White Noise, and Heartbeat. HearMuffs will protect your child’s hearing while also soothing them at places like restaurants, sporting events, concerts, or even in your own home. It’s never too early to start protecting your child’s hearing, so make 2019 the year of hearing protection!  Check out Lucid Audio’s pathways for better hearing protection here.

Better Hearing

Lucid Audio is working hard to make better hearing accessible to everyone. Lucid Audio’s Personal Sound Amplification Products (PSAPs) provide a hearing boost and are affordable. PSAPs are perfect for those who are not yet ready for hearing aids, but still need some help with hearing. Make muffled hearing a thing of the past this year and check out the Lucid Audio PSAPs! Check out Lucid Audio’s pathways for better hearing here.

It’s a new year and there are so many new ways to hear!