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How Are Headphones Changing Your World?

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 The genius of AMPED http://www.lucidaudio.com 

These days, headphones are everywhere.  Headphones are in abundance on busses and metros during daily commutes.  Pedestrians have their earbuds in ear as they join conference calls while walking across intersections and through cities.  The person behind you at the checkout line at the grocery store might be sporting headphones, squeezing in a phone call with their friend across the country before it’s their time to check out.  Whether you’re riding in a rickshaw in bustling Mumbai or flying first class from New York to LA, you’re likely to see headphones all around you.

Headphones are ubiquitous, and for good reason.  With headphones, people can create their own sanctuary of sounds in a world where most outside stimulus is out of people’s control.  With headphones, you can carve out some you-time with Netflix in the living room without bothering people in other parts of your home who are trying to work or study.  Headphones allow us to carve out privacy, even in public spaces.

Increasingly, students and employees are saying that they find it easier to concentrate and focus while wearing headphones.  And while it’s unclear whether headphones really facilitate focus, it is clear that outside stimulus can often be a large distraction.  In our world, having choices regarding stimuli affords us the opportunity to be in control of their productivity and creativity.

Lucid Audio’s AMPED headphones allow for more choices and control than most other headphones on the market.  With AMPED technology, you can choose to block out external sounds, or you can choose to allow ambient sounds to enter in.  You can turn down the volume of your external environment when you need to focus, and you can let it in when you need to interact with it!

Whether it’s in transit, at work, during a workout, or just before bed, headphones are changing our world.  Next time you’re out, make note of the headphones and earbuds that you spot.  In what ways do you notice people using their headphones?  And how do you use them in your own life?  Try out Lucid Audio’s AMPED technology to truly make use of the revolutionary technology of headphones.

22 May

Reflections on “Throwing 10+ Different Surprise Parties in One Day!”

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Ryan, a Partner at the Multiplier Effect, helped to create Lucid Audio’s recent video where unsuspecting people entered a booth only to be showered with words of gratitude, love, and encouragement from their friends and family.

I spoke with Ryan to learn more about the ideation and creation process for this video. Our interview is below: 

Savannah: The concept of the video is so touching! How did you come up with it? 

Ryan: The concept came about through conversations with Art Alliance Austin.  They wanted Lucid to participate in their annual art event, Art City Austin, so we began brainstorming unique and creative ways for us to get Lucid involved.  We knew we wanted to incorporate the idea that Lucid Audio products, through their AMPED Technology, ensure you don’t miss many of life’s special moments but we weren’t sure how to execute on that big of an idea at first.  After some thought, we had a lightbulb moment…  let’s create a once-in-a-lifetime experience where people are able to hear how much their friends and family really care about them.  We knew immediately we had the right idea – it speaks to the very heart of what Lucid is all about – people – and helping people live more fulfilling and inspired lives!

S: So how did production work? 

R: We got a really talented artist, Matthew Winters, onboard to help create the booth.  We also got Circus Picnic involved since they had worked with us on other video projects in the past and we had a lot of trust in their abilities to execute on an idea like this.  When I pitched the idea to Circus Picnic, I remember Jefe, one of the Producers at Circus Picnic, said he got goosebumps.  They loved the underlying theme and concept and couldn’t wait to get involved.  Both Matthew and Circus Picnic were essential to the process and production.

S: What were some especially memorable moments for you in producing this video? 

R: There were lots of meaningful and sweet moments. I had a couple friends who participated in the experience and getting to watch them hear all those amazing, heart-felt messages was very moving for me. The anticipation was nerve-wracking, but exciting. I felt nervous all day because it’s basically like doing a surprise party for 10+ different people in one day – it was intense.  And you want it to go super smoothly so everyone gets the most out of the experience.

S: What was most surprising to you about the whole process? 

R: I don’t think I anticipated how impactful it was for people to simply hear friends and family express love and gratitude like that.  I know that in-person, eye-to-eye, face-to-face, communication can be really impactful. But it was beautiful to witness the power of words. It was a good reminder for me that expressing love and gratitude, whether that is over the phone or in whatever form, can be extremely is powerful.

S: Any last thoughts?

R: I’m really grateful to be working with a company like Lucid that is so supportive of ideas like this – their desire to help people is unmatched. The people at Lucid Audio really believe in their mission, and this video is evidence of the vision. It starts with Tim (the CEO) and ripples through everyone at Lucid that I’ve had the pleasure to meet. At Lucid, people seem to be lit up by what they’re doing, helping people hear better!

22 May

#ExpressLoveToday: Behind the Scenes with Lucid Audio

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I recently sat down to interview Dustin, who works with Circus Picnic, a creative video and entertainment studio based in Austin, Texas.  Dustin and his team at Circus Picnic played a crucial part in producing our most recent video in which unsuspecting people walked into a sound booth to hear the voices of their loved ones sharing thoughtful words with them.

The video is touching, and it looks like a challenge to produce, so I wanted to learn more about the process from Dustin!  Below are his answers to some of the questions I asked him.

Savannah: Tell me about your experience filming the video. 

Dustin: It was a really surprising and uplifting process.  I didn’t realize how many moving parts there would be and how challenging it would be to get ahold of so many people.  We were relying on the friends and families of our subjects to take the lead.  It was amazing to see how people stepped up to the challenge.  When we would reach out to these strangers and tell them that we were putting this on for their sister or family member, etc, there was almost this breath of relief.  It was like they had been in search of this exact opportunity to share how important that person was to them.

S: That seems like a complex process. Could you tell me more about the logistics of getting the messages?

D: Well, the way we set it up was that we had kind of a secret agent who was the point person with each of our subjects.  This point person would help us get in contact with the family and the loved ones.  The process of taking the recording was pretty low-tech.  They would email or text the audio recording to us.  So, 2 weeks before the shoot, I was getting text messages from people whose numbers I didn’t know and it was people leaving heartfelt messages for their loved one!  It continuously made my day.

S: How did you pick the people to go in the sound booth? 

D: We wanted to pick people who we felt needed or deserved a pick-me-up, or people who might really be experiencing some challenges in their life and could benefit from being showered with love and gratitude.  So, between the people who were involved in making the production, we identified people in our networks who might fit that mold.

S: How did you get the chosen people to the phone booth?

D: It was a challenge getting people to the event without knowing it.  We had to confirm that they were going to be available to be there, and that our undercover agent would also be available to bring them to the event.  We had their friend reach out to them and invite them to the event by telling them they had free tickets to this art show, and asked if they wanted to come along.  On site, it was very tricky to have everything line up perfectly.  We had someone scheduled to come to the booth on the hour every hour.  It was tricky to make sure that people didn’t overlap.  We were on the phone texting our undercover agents throughout the day, but it worked out.

S: Tell me a little bit more about the setting.

D: Art City was at the Long Center in Austin, Texas.  It had a ton of artists come and display their work in tents.  We were halfway down the first long strip of tents.  Our “undercover agent” would would tell us when the person was approaching so we could be prepared.

S: How did you create the booth? 

D: Creating the booth was also interesting because we had a back and forth about the best way to do this.  We wanted to have a camera straight-on shooting their reaction.  We wanted it to be an intimate experience, so there was some two-way glass and a camera behind it so we could film their reactions.

S: What happened when a random person walked into the booth? 

D: We had created what we called “a universal set of compliments and affirmations.”  Our team in the office recorded positive messages that were not specific to any one person.  They were just good reminders of things like how unique people are and trying to lift people up and brighten their day.  The universal recording was playing in between participants arriving.  Though it’s not included in our main video, the universal recording features the voices of several people.  It felt like these people were in the booth with you.  The recording would play for about 30 seconds to a minute.  People chose how long they wanted to listen for.

S: What was the inspiration behind all of this? 

D: We, in general as a society, generally have trouble receiving compliments.  We have trouble listening to positive feedback.  Often, there’s a challenge of expressing yourself and telling people how you feel.  But there’s also the challenge of accepting positive feedback.  We are all hyper-self-critical and just generally take issue with that.  We filmed on April Fools Day. So we wanted to create the nicest April Fools prank ever.  A great way to do that, we thought, would be to shower them with compliments.  We wanted them to just stop everything they were doing and just receive love from their family and friends.

We are so impressed with Dustin’s work and his immense knowledge! Thanks, Dustin and Circle Picnic! So, how are you going to #ExpressLoveToday? Let us know in our comments section!

17 May

3 of our Favorite Poems that Celebrate Sound

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When was the last time you listened?  Like really, really listened? poems that celebrate sound

There are so many sounds in our world that can go unnoticed.  The chirping of the quietest bird in the nest, the soft swaying of tall grass, the pitter-patter of some afternoon drizzle.

Lucid Audio technology brings attention to the soft sounds that might otherwise go missed, bringing a magical quality to everyday experiences.  Listening to the sounds that might go unnoticed can spark creativity.  Poetry is powerful when it sheds new light on everyday experiences.

Poets throughout history have drawn inspiration from the sounds that others miss. We thought we would share some of these poems that celebrate sound with you!

Here are 3 of our favorite poems that celebrate sound:

1. “The Sounds of Trees” by Robert Frost

In this poem, Robert Frost observes: “I wonder about the trees./ Why do we wish to bear/ Forever the noise of these/ More than another noise/ So close to our dwelling place?”

Frost takes note of the sound of wind blowing through the trees, and observes that though trees make noise as they sway, they do not truly move away since they are so deeply grounded.

Take Action: Put on a pair of Lucid Audio Hearphones, sit below a tree (or by a window), and listen to the sound of wind blowing through the trees. What do you notice?

2. “The Sound of the Sun” by George Bradley

Bradley notes, “If you listen closely some morning, when the sun swells/ Over the horizon and the world is still and still asleep/ You might hear it, a faint noise so far inside your mind/ That it must come from somewhere, from light rushing to darkness/ Energy burning toward entropy, toward a peaceful solution/ Burning brilliantly, spontaneously, in the middle of nowhere.”

In this poem, Bradley observes the power of the sun, and observes that you can hear the sun if you listen very closely. Do you think the sun makes a noise? Can you imagine that it does?

Take Action: Lie in bed with a pair of Lucid Audio HearBands. Turn up the Sound Amplification and observe what you can hear. Do the objects around you that seem silent make noise? Maybe the springs on your bed bounce when you move, or maybe, just maybe you’ll hear the moon climbing into the sky in the evening. Notice the sounds that you make. What does your breath sound like? What does it sound like when you sigh or run your fingers through your hair? Maybe you’ll feel inspired to write a poem about something unexpected that makes sound!

3. “The Sound of One Fork” by Minnie Bruce Pratt 

Minnie Bruce Pratt writes: “While I wait, I can hear the random clink of one fork/ against a plate. The woman next door is eating supper/ alone. She is sixty, perhaps, and for many years/ she has eaten by herself the tomatoes, the corn/ and okra that she grows in her backyard garden./ Her small metallic sound persists, as quiet almost/ as the windless silence, persists like the steady/ random clink of a redbird cracking a few/ more seeds before the sun gets too low.”

The sound of one fork against a plate sparks an inquiry around loneliness, self-sufficiency, routine, and resilience. Even the softest, most ordinary sounds can tell rich, moving stories.

Take Action: Think about an ordinary sound in your life that often goes ignored. Does this sound tell a story? Spend a day wearing a Lucid Audio product of your choice and “collecting sounds” in your memory that tell stories. We’re curious about what you find, so please share with us in the comments section!

We hope you enjoyed reading through these poems that celebrate sound. Lucid Audio products help you notice sounds that can easily go missed. We hope the sounds you hear will spark your creativity!



15 May

How to Take Care of Your Headphones to Ensure Longevity

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Do you know how best to take care of your headphones? After you’ve made the investment in a pair of quality headphones, it’s important to know how to take care of your headphones.

taking care of headphones

Here are some tips on taking care of headphones that we hope will be helpful for you as you take care of your Lucid Audio Headphones, or any other pairs you might have.

1. Keep Your Headphones Away from Liquids

I know that açai berry smoothie you’re drinking is delicious, but there’s no need to share it with your headphones!  The sensitive electronics within your headphones can be affected when exposed to water or other liquids, so be careful to keep your headphones dry!  Along with avoiding liquids, you should also try to avoid exposing your headphones to high humidity.

2. Check For Dirt Regularly

Inspect your headphones for dirt and grime regularly.  If you notice that your headphones are a bit dirty, you should wipe them down to clean them off.  You don’t want that dirt to build up!  The way to clean your headphones is as follows: Lightly wet a soft cloth with a dab of warm water and a bit of soap.  Apply the towel to the dirty areas and wipe the dirt off. Use a dry toothbrush or a q-tip to clean out areas that are hard to reach.  You should use only a minimal amount of water, but even so, allow your headphones to air dry naturally before putting them back on.

3. Store Your Headphones Carefully 

When you’re storing your headphones, make sure not to stuff them into an area where they could get distorted.  Wrap the wires carefully around the headphone to ensure that the wires do not get tangled.  Store the headphones in a clean, cool, dry place. Don’t just leave it in your car on a hot day, or leave it out in the snow!

Taking care of headphones isn’t a difficult task, but it can make a huge difference in the long run!  If you follow these tips, your headphones will last longer!

12 May

Cycling Music: A Playlist to Get You Through Your Ride

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cycling music

Your cycling music can be the make-or-break between a mediocre ride and an excellent ride.  Cycling music has the potential to pump you up and motivate you about your ride.  Curating the perfect cycling playlist can be a challenge, so we put the leg work in to put one together for you!  After researching the favorite songs of avid bikers and adding some of our own favorites to the mix, we have for you a playlist of cycling music that will appeal to a range of musical tastes.

Have some favorite tunes that aren’t on this playlist? We’d love to hear about what you listen to!  Add your favorite cycling music to our comments section so we can add them to our playlist for our next ride!

cycling music

Cycling Music: A Playlist to Get You Through Your Ride 

Track One: I Gotta Feeling (The Black Eyed Peas) 

This song is ideal for warming up and getting your adrenaline going.  It’s sure to put you in the mood for an enjoyable and challenging ride! 

Track Two: Take Me Anywhere (Tegan and Sara) 

Tegan and Sara will keep you in warm up-mode for just a little bit longer and will encourage you to get into your groove. 

Track Three: Work (Rihanna, Drake)

If Rihanna and Drake can’t get you excited about your ride, we don’t know who can!  This dynamic duo will push you past the warm-up stage and get you pedaling fast! 

Track Four: Billie Jean (Michael Jackson) 

Ready for some MJ?  You know Michael Jackson is talented when his music is great for the dance floor and for pedal pushing! 

Track Five: Bad Girls (MIA)  

MIA will get you pedaling even faster and get into a smooth rhythm. 

Track Six: Come Together (The Beatles)

Are you ready for some uphill climbing?  The Beatles sure are!  This song will start to slow you down and get you ready to push yourself for the climb. 

Track Seven: Halo (Beyoncé)

Throw it back to some 2009 classic Beyoncé.  This track is slower-paced and will encourage you to keep climbing and really push through the stretch and soreness that you might start to feel. 

Track Eight: 1901 (Phoenix) 

Ready to speed it back up, just a little?  This track will speed you up as you emerge from a climb. 

Track Nine: Holiday (Weezer) 

Now you’re in your groove, and maybe feeling ready for a holiday?  Weezer is right there with you, and will guide you through some smooth peddling. 

Track Ten: Unstoppable (Santogold) 

Tired yet?  Keep at it! Santogold will remind you that you’re unstoppable and that you have it in you to keep going!

Track Eleven: Yesterday (Atmosphere) 

Just when you were reminded that you’re unstoppable, it’s time to slow it down again!  You’re almost there!

Track Twelve: Do You Realize??? (The Flaming Lips)  

And finally, let’s end it with a slow and sweet one that will have you contemplating our universe.  Now you’re ready to take on anything! 

Remember, your cycling music really sets the tone of your ride, so it’s important to craft it carefully! The Lucid Audio Hearband will give you the freedom and flexibility to listen to your favorite cycling music while also hearing sounds of the road or of your instructor’s voice.

Did we miss any of your favorite cycling music? Remember to mention them in the comments!


08 May

World Migratory Bird Day: Amplifying Bird Songs

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World Migratory Bird Day 2017

May 10, 2017 is World Migratory Bird Day.  World Migratory Bird Day (WMBD) was established  by the United Nationsworld migratory bird day in 2006 as a way to raise awareness of the need for conservation of migratory birds and their habitats.

The 2017 theme is “Their Future is Our Future,” which highlights the interdependence of people and nature (specifically the interdependence of people and birds).

At this time, birds are at the peak of their migrations, and it’s an exciting time for bird watchers all over the world!

Why is it important to recognize migratory birds?  The migration of birds is really something of a miracle.  Migratory birds fly hundreds and thousands of miles to find the best conditions for feeding, breeding, and raising their offspring.  They often migrate for exceptionally long distances; their endurance is inspiring!  The Red Knot has the longest total migration route of any bird. It travels almost 10,000 miles twice a year!  Along with the shear distance of their journeys, migratory birds also have amazing navigation systems.  I rely on my GPS for trips even minutes from my house, so I’m especially in awe of how these birds find their way across entire regions of the world!

Migratory birds need protection right now because their wintering and stopover sites are facing threats, impeding their migration and impacting their chance of survival.

Amplifying the Noises of Birds with Lucid Audio

Lucid Audio’s products have sound amplifying technology that aides in bird watching.  Check out this Lucid Audio video which shows how Lucid Audio technology assists in hearing the sounds of nature.  Specifically, with the technology, one can amplify the sound of pollinator’s wings up to 9 times!  Wow!  Lucid Audio’s technology can amplify the sound of bird wings fluttering, the songs they sing, and the calls they make.  With Lucid Audio’s technology, you can enjoy nature even more fully, and further appreciate the magic and beauty of birds’ migration!

Though World Migratory Bird Day is a lesser-known holiday, Lucid Audio’s technology will allow you to celebrate the day fully.

There are three Lucid Audio products that are ideal for bird watching: the Headphone, the Hearband and PSAPs.

The headphone fits snuggly around your ears, ensuring you don’t miss a single chirp or song. Turn the amplification up to hear every little noise that the birds in your vicinity make!

You can slip the Hearband around your neck with ease and pop in the earbuds to amplify the sounds of nature around you.  You can turn up the amplification up to 9 times when you want to listen to the sounds of birds migrating or singing in your garden.

PSAPs, or Personal Sound Amplification Products are ideal for enhancing your hearing in a more sophisticated way than the Hearband.  The Enrich PRO PSAP has 8 channels for listening and is quite discreet. Both products are ideal for bird watching.

How are you planning on celebrating this World Migratory Bird Day?

28 Apr

What Qualities Make for the Best Headphones?

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It’s easy to spend hours and hours searching through lists and aisles of headphones, trying to find the best pair. With so many options out there, how can we determine which headphones are the best headphones for our lifestyle and needs?

Decision making isn’t easy, especially with so many options out there. According to the famous “Jam Study,” conducted by Sheena Iyengar and others, which you can read here, too many choices leaves us in a sort of paralysis. How can we determine what the best option is when there are so many competing options? Too many choices can, in fact, be demotivating.

In your search for the best headphones, or anything else, it’s helpful to establish a list of qualities and features that are important to you. Once you have created this list, you can browse headphones to see which ones best satisfy the qualities on your list.

After talking to a number of headphone users, we put together a list of the qualities that people find important in headphones. We also explain how Lucid Audio’s headphones have the qualities that are important to headphone users. This list can be a starting point for your own list!

3 Important Qualities for the Best Headphones

1. Comfort

This quality came up over and over in our discussions with people. While all best headphonesheadphones share the similar function of delivering sound to your ears, some do it with more comfort than others. It’s hard to want to put headphones on when they are uncomfortable. This makes comfort a key factor in establishing which headphones are the best headphones.

Lucid Audio’s headphones are comfortable and fit snugly around your ears. Some versions even compress closer to your ears in response to loud outside noises, to provide essential protection to your ears!

In addition, the Lucid neckband, the Hearband, comes with 3 different tips that you can fit into your ears. These choices ensure that you’ll always have a tip that fits perfectly in your ear, no matter how your ear is shaped!

2.  Compactness

Most people use headphones on the go. Whether you’re planning on taking best headphonesyour headphones to work with you, or for a stroll, you’ll want your headphones to be slick enough to be transportable with ease. Lucid Audio’s headphones are designed for convenience. You can fold them so they take up minimal space in your bag or backpack.

The Hearband is even more compact. It can fit in even the smallest bags, and around your neck. You’ll hardly notice your neckband around your neck!

3. Control

They’re your headphones, so you should be in control. The best headphones are the ones where the all of the controls (for volume, etc.) all all intuitive.best headphones Lucid takes control a step further. Not only are the controls intuitive, AMPED technology also allows you to control what sounds you let into your ears. With AMPED technology, you can amplify ambient sounds along with your music or audio? What does this look like? You can filter in the voices of your friends and coworkers when you choose, and adjust the volume of your music or phone call. Lucid Headphones give you optimal control in multiple ways.

So what qualities do you find most important in headphones? Let us know in our comments section! 


21 Apr

Staying Present in the Moment: Headphones for Long Distance Relationships

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Technology in Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships can be tough.  However, technology offers us more and more ways to stay connected to our loved ones long distance relationships when we are apart.  Our phones help us stay connected.  There’s the “good morning” text, the workout selfie, and even app games to play with one another.  The most meaningful way to connect with your long distance partner, though, is by hearing their voice.

According to a study explained in a CNN article, people spend an average of 58 minutes a day on their phones. “Even with all the bells, whistles, and apps,” the study found, “the biggest chunk of that time is spent talking on the phone.”

In long distance relationships, time spent talking on the phone spikes. Since the opportunity to connect in person is diminished, talking on the phone often replaces the time a couple would have spent together.

Hearing it All AND Having it All

It can be easy, in long distance relationships, to become attached to your phone and begin losing touch with the people and places right in front of you. In an effort to stay connected to your loved one, you can begin to become disconnected from the sounds and voices that are beyond your phone.

Lucid Audio gets it. And with our technology, you have the power of AND. You can stay connected to your loved one AND stay connected to your surroundings.

Sound amplification technology allows you to talk on the phone during your evening stroll, on the bus, or during a meal, all while letting in all of the sounds around you. You can control the volume of the voice on the phone line along with the ambient sounds around you.

This is not only a convenience, it’s also a good safety measure. With so much time spent talking on the phone, it would be easy to miss a long distance relationshipscar’s horn, a baby’s cries at the park, or the kitchen timer at home without Lucid Audio’s unique technology. Allowing ambient noise in gives you (and your loved one) peace of mind when you talk on the phone. The headphones also allow you to stay present in the moment, absorbing the sounds that surround you, along with the voice of the person you miss.

At last, you can hear it all AND you can have it all.

15 Apr

P.S. Check Out “PSAPs,” ASAP!

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What’s all the buzz about PSAPs? 

Wondering what all the buzz is about PSAPs, the acronym for Personal Sound Amplification Products?  You’ve come to the right place!

Personal Sound Amplification Amplification Products (PSAPs) are wearable electronic products that amplify sounds, allowing for enhanced hearing.  PSAPs look like this:

Personal Sound Amplification Products

PSAPs are placed behind the ear and amplify sounds to give the wearer access to enhanced hearing.  Though Personal Sound Amplification Products aren’t an alternative to hearing loss for those who need the full technological support that hearing aids provide, they do improve the listening experience at an affordable price.  PSAPs are a fraction of the cost of hearing aids, starting at Lucid Audio for just $99.

PSAPs are not just more accessible; they’re often the right choice for those who need a little bit of help hearing, but don’t quite need hearing aids yet.  In addition, Personal Sound Amplification Products can help support your hobbies, ranging from bird watching to attending symphonies.

Re-democratizing Hearing 

So how do Personal Sound Amplification Products work? The answer is in the name!  PSAPs function by amplifying sounds, making them louder and easier for your ears to pick up.  Personal Sound Amplification Products use technology that is simple to understand and highly sophisticated in implementation.  The ability to hear well can enhance everyday activities and experiences, facilitating connection with others and with the world that surrounds us.

The ability to hear with clarity and nuance shouldn’t be a privilege limited only to those who can afford it. Personal Sound Amplification Products re-democratize Personal Sound Amplification Productsthe experience of hearing with ease. With Personal Sound Amplification Products, especially the Enrich and Enrich PRO PSAPs offered by Lucid Audio, you’ll be able to Hear Better.

Lucid Audio’s Enrich and Enrich PRO PSAPs are easy and convenient to wear and use.  The devices are comfortable and come with a variety of comfort dome fitting tips, so you can wear them with ease daily.  Whether you’re a college student
having trouble hearing your professor’s voice in a large lecture hall, or a grandparent having trouble hearing your young grandchild’s voice, Lucid Audio’s Enrich PSAPs have a solution.

We hope this gave you a little more insight on PSAPs, yet another acronym to remember! But if you forget, just remember:

P.S. Check out PSAPs, ASAP! 😉


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