14 Feb

The Soft Sounds: Replacing Chaos with Calm

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Think through your day today. What sounds have you heard? 

For me, the first sound I heard this morning was my alarm (which I only heard after inadvertently pressing snooze 4 times…oops). I remember hearing my car’s audio system blasting my “WAKE UP” playlist–the only thing that really helps me feel awake before 9am. At work, I mostly heard typing, coupled with the occasional animated conversation. At home, I heard the kitchen cabinets bang together as I got ready for dinner. Oh, and how could I forget that screeching sound my shower makes whenever I turn it on…

As you can probably tell, most of the sounds I remember hearing during the day weren’t very calming at all. That’s because softer, more soothing sounds struggle to compete for our attention while louder noises are able to grab our attention during the chaos of the day.

However, it’s the soft sounds that usually bring me peace and contentment.soft sounds

Luckily, Lucid Audio’s AMPED technology gets it. Lucid Audio helps me bring the soft sounds to the center of my attention. Lucid Audio’s revolutionary AMPED technology allows for up to 9X amplified ambient sounds, bringing more calmness to your day.

If I’d had my AMPED headphones on for even part of today, I might have paid more attention to the songs of the birds whose morning routines are clearly more graceful than mine. I might have noticed the sound of the rain pattering against my window at work. I might have heard the wind singing melodies foreign to my ears. In fact, I now realize that I didn’t even hear or notice the sound of my breath all day today.

In our world, the sounds that bring us a sense of peace can sometimes be elusive, but Lucid Audio gives us the tools to bring them closer to us.

Lucid Audio’s AMPED technology helps me feel more connected to the little things in life, and brings softness and calm to my days.

13 Feb

The Hidden Truth Behind Gift Giving

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Every year, 180 million gifts are exchanged by friends, family members, and sweethearts. The most common gifts are cards, candies, and flowers. These gifts are fun to receive, but what happens when the candy is eaten, the flowers die, and the cards are long forgotten?

This year, you will have many opportunities to show someone how much you love them with a very special gift.  Don’t give another stuffed bear or floral arrangement. Give a gift that will improve the daily lives of your loved ones, and be a constant reminder of your love.

The Sound of Love

headphones giftLove can take on many forms. Love is a mother carefully buttoning her daughter’s sweater as she walks out the door. It is a husband taking his wife’s car to the mechanic for a tune-up. It’s a grandson calling to remind his grandmother to take her medication.

What if you could give a gift that shows your love, in a meaningful way, every day? Now you can, with Lucid Audio’s revolutionary line of headphones and neckbands. Let the power of AND protect, encourage, and motivate your loved ones wherever they go.

Keep them safe. The AND Control Center lets you turn up ambient sounds up to 9x amplification. Your loved one can stay alert and aware while on the go.

Keep them motivated. Wireless Bluetooth connectivity gives you easy access to all your audio files. Hear your favorite tunes with superior stereo quality.

Stay connected and keep them encouraged. The AND Control Center lets you switch between audio and phone calls with the touch of a button. They can even turn background noise down, so they never miss a single word.

The Gift of Good Hearing

When you give the gift of a Lucid Audio neckband or headphones, you are giving more than just a high-performance audio device.headphones gift Lucid Audio’s mission is to help people hear better. Our devices are designed to support, protect, and expand the natural abilities of our sense of hearing. Lucid Audio’s devices will take care of your loved one, just like you always do. The foldable design makes the neckbands and headphones easy to carry, so they’ll always be there when needed.

True love is forever. This year, skip the temporary trinkets. Give the gift of safety, comfort, and control with Lucid Audio. Your special someone will benefit from your loving gift every day.

09 Feb

Amplify your Creativity: 3 Creative Ways People are Using AMPED Hearing Technology

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One great thing about the power of amplification is that you have more options about what you hear. More options allow for more creativity, and it’s always exciting to hear about the innovative ways people are using AMPED hearing technology.

Lucid Audio’s AMPED technology allows you to hear sounds that would otherwise be inaccessible to you. By amplifying even the softest of sounds, you’re able to amplify your creativity! Below are three creative things our AMPED hearing technology has been used for: 

1. For dancing

Lucid Audio’s unique hearing technology has incredible functionality for dancers. Amplification allows dancers to hear their music at full volume, while still noticing the sounds their feet make on the ground and the rhythm of their breath.

In addition, dancers who must share studio space can listen to the track of their choice through their headphones, and are still able to hear other important sounds (like instructions from their dance instructor or the sound of other dancers they might be about to bump into!)

2. For meditating  

Who would’ve thought headphones and meditating would go together? Maybe not with most headphones, but with Lucid Audio’s AMPED hearing technology, the meditating experience is hearing technologyenhanced by the ability of wearers to listen to tracks featuring calming music, while also amplifying their breath and the ambient noises around them.

The flexibility of AMPED hearing technology allows wearers to adjust the level of amplification they would like to hear. You can use Lucid Audio headphones to block out the sound of crowded traffic, or you can use it to turn up the noise of the soothing wind chimes near you.

3. For birdwatching

This one might just take the cake for most creative use of amplification technology. Avid birdwatchers can enjoy using AMPED hearing technology to enhance their birdwatching hearing technologyexperience. By amplifying ambient noises, the soft sounds of birds chirping are also enhanced. This allows birdwatchers to more easily identify bird species by listening to their distinct tweets, chirps, and songs. This makes me want to get out there and go on a birdwatching adventure!

Have other creative uses for AMPED hearing technology? Share them with us in the comments section! And go out there and amplify your creativity every day 🙂

29 Jan

Headphones for Mindfulness

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What does mindfulness mean to you?

For me, mindfulness means: being at peace with the present moment and noticing sensations, feelings, and thoughts as we allow them to pass. One of the best tools for practicing mindfulness is one we all have within us: our breath. Focusing on our breathing can reconnect us to our natural rhythm and help us feel connected to something bigger than ourselves.

While headphones aren’t usually associated with mindfulness practices like yoga and meditation, Lucid Audio’s AMPED headphones are unique because they give you access to the soft sounds around us and within us. Lucid Audio’s AMPED headphones work by amplifying the ambient sounds thatheadphones for mindfulness are around us. These ambient sounds, like rustling of leaves, the purring of the cat, or even our own breath, can help deepen our practice of mindfulness. Feeling in-touch with our environments can help us feel mindful, and AMPED headphones do just that. This makes Lucid’s AMPED headphones the perfect headphones for mindfulness.  

Amplify your Surroundings & Breath

The first time I tried on Lucid’s AMPED headphones, I noticed that the microphone picked up on my breath, delivering the sound of my breath back to my ears more clearly than ever before. Being able to hear the sound of my breath was soothing, and I kept the headphones on without even playing music.

I could suddenly hear sounds around the house that I hadn’t noticed before. I heard the chair creak as my dog jumped off of it. I heard someone across the house pouring a glass of water. And I heard my fingers tapping against my desk. Noticing all of these sounds helped me feel connected to my environment.

You’re in Control

One wonderful feature of the Lucid’s AMPED Headphones is that you have complete control over how much headphones for mindfulness amplification you hear. You can easily turn the amplification off if you want to fully immerse yourself in a phone call or your favorite album. You have broad control over the degree of amplification you choose. You can hear as many or as few outside sounds as you’d like.

My personal recommendation is to spend a few moments everyday using your Lucid AMPED headphones solely to listen to ambient sounds. In the morning, you might consider sitting in a quiet place with your Lucid AMPED headphones and taking deep breaths to focus on the sound of your inhales and your exhales. For me, it is a truly beautiful experience to notice sounds that otherwise would have been hidden from me.
Check out Lucid’s AMPED headphones if you’re looking for headphones for mindfulness.

25 Jan

Redefining Sound: An Innovative, Philosophical Approach

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Take a moment to think about where you are right now. What sound can you hear that is the
furthest away from you? Maybe you hear cars whizzing by outside, or maybe you hear the sounds of typing, or maybe some laughter in the distance. And now, take a moment to noticeredefining sound the sound closest to you. Maybe it’s a nearby conversation, or the tapping of your feet, or even the sound of your own breath.

Sounds are around us constantly, but we don’t always stop to consider what we are hearing. And even more interestingly, we don’t often stop to consider what it means to be a sound? What counts as a sound, and where are sounds located (if they even have locations)?

At Lucid Audio, we are always thinking deeply about “sound” to improve the experience of listening. In this way, we are redefining sound. For the rest of this blog, I’ll walk you through some basic questions that will get you thinking about the fascinating nature of sound.

Sounds are qualities that we perceive. Other things that we perceive are temperatures, colors, and smells. These are all sensory qualities. However, sound is different from these other qualities because it can be harder to pin down. Where does sound exist in space? Does it only exist in the place that the sound is made, or does it only exist to the listener of the sound? If it only exists to the listener, does this mean that the same sound could be in hundreds of different places simultaneously (at a concert with a large crowd, for example)?

These questions are reminiscent of the age-old philosophical thought experiment: if a tree falls
in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Some would argue that the obvious answer is yes–obviously there would be a crashing noise; we could even put a recorder redefining soundin the forest to record the noise of it crashing. But if we took the recorder out, and there was absolutely no way to hear or record the sound, then would it still make sense to say that a sound was made? If there is no one to hear a sound, then the concept of “sound” might be meaningless.

Science helps to clear up some of this confusion by defining sound as a wave that travels through some medium. This interpretation clears up the previous questions because it interprets sound as one wave that stretches from the “maker” of the sound to the “hearer” of the sound. However, there are still philosophical questions about what sound as a “wave” means. If sound is always a wave, is it always a process rather than a discrete event? And what does it mean if one object makes a sound repetitively? Does “mooing” belong as a property to a cow, for example, or is it just one sound that the cow produces? While we can say that some tulips are the color yellow, it makes less sense to say that cows are their moos. But hey, maybe they are their moos!

There is so much to consider when it comes to sound. Lucid Audio is innovative because we are constantly redefining sound and the experience of hearing. The AMPED headphones, neckbands, and ear buds redefine sound because they allow you to listen sounds that are close to you and far away from you with equal ease. These AMPED products work by amplifying the noises around you that you might otherwise miss while listening through different headphones. Even as I write this blog, I can blast my music while still hearing my puppy whining across the house as she is ready to go outside.

By bringing the noises that are far from you closer to you, Lucid Audio’s AMPED technology is redefining sound. Once again, notice the sound that is furthest away from you, and the one that is closest to you. With Lucid’s AMPED technology, both of those noises could come straight into your ears at almost equal volume.

We encourage you to continue being curious about the sounds in our world. And in the meantime, we’ll keep redefining sound and enhancing the experience of listening

19 Jan

Make Clarity Your New Year’s Resolution

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Happy New Year!

Forty-five percent of Americans will make a resolution for the new year. Unfortunately, only 8% will achieve their goal. The difference between those who dream and those who achieve is perspective and focus.

Clarity and Hearing

Your ability to hear can impact your ability to focus. You rely on your sense of hearing to help you safely navigate the world and accomplish your tasks. However, more than 48 million Americans suffer from some degree of hearing loss.

Hidden Hearing Loss

Hidden hearing loss is damage to the delicate nerve endings in the inner ear. You may have an uncle who turns his television up way too loud, or the friend who hates going out because he can’t have a decent conversation in bars and restaurants. For the most part, their hearing is fine. They simply struggle to hear well when there is a lot of competing background noise.

While it is typically a mild condition, it’s also very common and can obstruct your progress as you pursue your goals. Fortunately, Lucid Audio has the solution. With the power of our patent pending AMPEDTM technology you can customize your sound experience to fit your needs. Turn up the volume of the world around you at the AND Control Center.  Turn the volume all the way down when you need to concentrate.  That’s the power of headphones and neckbands with amplification!

Enhance Your Abilities, Realize Your Dreams

  • Are you trying to get back into shape by taking a walk every morning? Lucid’s headphones andHeadphones with amplification; http://www.lucidaudio.com neckbands allow you to enjoy your tunes AND amplify the sound of approaching traffic.
  • Going back to school to finish your degree? Touch the button on your Lucid Audio headphones to amplify the lecture so you never miss a single word.
  • Would you like to read more or learn a new skill in the new year? Take advantage of that long commute. Turn down the ambient noises, and expand your mind in quiet comfort or increase the ambient sounds to stay aware of your environment while pursuing your own educational goals.

Regardless of whether you need a little help or a lot, Lucid Audio’s headphones and neckbands with amplification can give you the benefit of your own personal listening device.  Visit our website to explore the power of AMPEDTM and discover how we can help you reach your new year’s goals.

15 Jan

5 Safety Tips for Cyclists

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Bicycles let you exercise almost every muscle in your body simultaneously. Besides being great exercise, they are also a healthy and economical means of transportation. However, bicycle riding can be dangerous. In 2013, bicyclists accounted for 494,000 trips to the emergency room. Whether your path takes you through your favorite local park, or across busy rush hour intersections, stay alert to the sounds around you and remember some good sense tips to stay safe and sound.headphones amplification; http://www.lucidaudio.com

Follow the Rules of the Road

  • Obey all traffic signals and road signs, including lane markings
  • Most state laws prohibit riding against the flow of traffic

Be Visible

  • Wear bright, reflective colors
  • Install reflectors on your bike
  • Consider installing a headlight. It will improve your visibility while making you easier to see.

Stay Aware and Alert

  • Keep items you need during your ride, like water bottles, in an easy to reach place.
  • Look behind you frequently. Or, consider installing rearview mirrors.
  • Consider purchasing a set of high-performance headphones with amplification. Lucid Audio’s headphones and neckbands enable you to turn up ambient sounds, up to 9x amplification. Turning up the sounds around you means you’ll never need to worry about the traffic behind you. Two hi gain omni directional microphones allows you to not only hear but enhance the sounds around you. You’ll never be taken by surprise again!  You can enjoy your music, connect to incoming phone calls or check your messages with a simple touch of a button. All while staying aware of everything happening at a busy intersection or in the park. Switch easily between all of these functions without breaking your rhythm and stay safe on the road.

Communicate with Others on the Road

  • Giheadphones amplification; http://www.lucidaudio.comve hand signals as often as possible. Make your movements big, so you are sure to be seen.
  • Make eye contact with passing drivers. This way you can be sure they see you before you make a potentially dangerous turn.
  • A key aspect of communication is being able to hear and respond quickly to what’s happening around you. Lucid Audio’s headphones and neckband allow you to turn up the volume on the world around you so you can communicate effectively with other cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers while staying fit.  Hear the honk of car horns and act accordingly. React safely near construction areas and hear those who may be trying to communicate with you while cycling. Hear all these sounds at a normal level or amplify them up to 9X. The choice is yours.

Unlike other neckbands or headphones with amplification, Lucid Audio devices actually increase your safety on the road. The powerful AMPEDTM technology keeps you alert and aware of all the sounds around you, regardless of how focused you are on your path.

Stay safe AND sound with Lucid Audio’s line of neckbands and headphones with amplification. Visit our website to see how this revolutionary technology can improve your riding time.


12 Jan

Headphones for Coworking

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Coworking spaces are super popular right now.  There’s a special allure to working in a communal space gift ideas for the person with everything imagewhere ideas and inspiration are born in the company of other people all working on their own projects.  Coworking spaces bring people together to escape the isolation of being a freelancer or the monotony of the typical office environment.

Balancing Focus and Collaboration

One challenge that patrons of coworking spaces encounter is the delicate balance between focusing on one’s own work, while also being open to collaboration.

For me, music is key to helping me focus deeply. However, it has to be the type of music I’m in the mood for.  If I’m in the midst of writing a paper, I prefer instrumentals where the lyrics won’t distract me and the beat will keep me energized. When I’m working with numbers, I prefer listening to hip hop, which keeps me in the zone.

In the past, listening to my own music in coworking spaces was difficult because most headphones cancel out the external environment so much that collaborating becomes impossible while listening to music. It was hard for me to find headphones for coworking that allow me to listen to my own music while also interacting comfortably with others. However, Lucid Audio’s AMPED technology solves this problem!

Lucid Audio’s AMPED headphones allow you to listen to the music that you want, while also amplifying the sounds around you. This way, you’re able to listen to music that helps you focus, while also staying tuned into the conversations happening around you. Rather than having to pull off your headphones to participate in those conversations, Lucid’s AMPED technology allows you to interact effortlessly, allowing the music to be a backdrop to your conversations, just as music in coworking spaces should be.

With Lucid’s AMPED technology, you’ll never have to lift up or pull off your headphones ever again when someone tries to speak with you–you’ll always be completely engaged with those around you and your music.

If you’re looking for headphones for coworking, Lucid Audio’s AMPED headphones are perfect. The dual desire to listen to your choice of music while also collaborating with others is legitimate and so possible. Lucid Audio ensures there are no more tradeoffs.


06 Jan

The Future of Headphones

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The first headphones manufactured specifically for music were invented by John C. Koss in 1958. His stereo headphones changed the way we listened to music and introduced a new era in personal audio.

Since that historic moment, personal audio technology has continued to evolve. Headphones with amplification have gotten louder, smaller, and lighter. Audio quality standards have also changed dramatically. The scratchy strains of the past would never be able to compete with even the lowest quality digital relays of today.  One thing has remained the same for most of the headphones you see; they are still mainly used for music.

Personal Audio: AMPEDTMThe Future of Headphones Amplification; http://www.lucidaudio.com

Lucid Audio is taking headphone technology into the future. Our groundbreaking AMPEDTM technology is redefining the personal in personal audio by giving you the power to fully control your auditory experience.

  • Turn up outside sounds, up to 9x amplification, or block them out completely.
  • Protect your precious hearing with Sound Activated Compression.
  • Hi gain omni directional microphones with independent volume controls give you an unparalleled ability to hear whatever it is you want with crystal clarity.

Unlike other headphones with amplification, Lucid Audio’s headphones and neckbands are not just for music. You can use them to customize your world and enhance your everyday experiences.

Future of Personal Audio: AMPEDTM

Imagine using the technology in headphones with amplification for more than just entertainment. Imagine using them to enhance your sense of hearing in a way that improves your daily life.

  • In the college lecture halls of the future, everyone will be able to focus during class. One student can turn up the volume of the lecture with her Lucid Audio Neckband with amplification, while another student blocks out the entire world for more focus during test time.
  • Work-at-home parents will be able to teleconference in peace, knowing that they can hear any suspicious sounds from their children in the other room. No sound at all coming from the next room? They will have the ability to turn up the ambient sound and hear every little giggle. And if they need to excuse themselves, they can control call volume and connection with a push of a button.
  • Grandpa will never need to turn the TV down to please the rest of the family. He’ll simply use his Lucid Audio AMPED™ Bluetooth® wireless headphone or neckband with amplification to adjust the volume however he chooses.
  • The future even looks healthier! Everyone will be able to access their audio comfortably and wirelessly, so there will be no excuse not to hit the gym. People who enjoy running or walking outdoors will have the added safety of knowing they can turn up the volume on the world around them to hear every car, every horn, every time!

Get AMPEDTM in Your Daily Life

The power of AMPED™ is changing lives. What could this revolutionary technology do for you? Visit Lucidaudio.com to see for yourself!


30 Dec

3 Ways to Create a Better New Year’s Resolution

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The beginning of the year is a great time to refocus and prioritize. With some planning, a little effort, and the right tools, you can set and achieve your new year’s goals.

What Do You Really Want?

Setting a meaningful goal can be difficult. Here are some tips to help you create real resolutions that you can actually achieve.

  1. Grab a piece of paper and spend 5 or 10 minutes writing about the changes you want to see in your life. What you learn could surprise you.
  2. Saying “I want to compete in a triathlon” may not be realistic. Make a list of the steps you need to take to accomplish your ultimate goal, and concentrate on them one at a time.
  3. Don’t overdo it! Keep your list to three items, or less.

Stay the Course!

Setting goals creates a strong, but temporary, surge of motivation. To achieve your goals, you will need to keep yourself focused.

  1. Prioritize your time. Most goals are the cumulative result of smaller, daily actions. Set aside a time every day to work on your ideas. Put it on your calendar or set an alarm.
  2. Create a quiet space for your work. A set of higher performance headphones can help create calm and quiet in even the most chaotic environment.
  3. Review your goals regularly, and track your progress to help stay focused.

The Right Tools for a Winning State of Mind

Lucid Audio’s innovative line of higher performance headphones offer the right technology to help you stay focused and reach your goals.3 ways to create a new year's resolution higher performance headphones http://www.lucidaudio.com

  • Lucid Audio’s devices offer clear, stereo quality sound, along with the convenience of wireless connectivity. Maybe one of your resolutions is to read more books this year? The powerful AND Control Center lets you listen to your audio books with clarity and confidence, regardless of how noisy your environment.
  • Are you trying to reduce stress? Create your own sacred space, no matter where you are, with headphones that provide up to 21 dB Noise Rating Reduction. The foldable design makes these devices easy to carry wherever you go.

Lucid Audio’s higher performance headphones and personal audio devices are built for comfort, ease of use, and convenience. Each device is loaded with features that can help you stay focused and on track to achieving the life you want. Visit Lucidaudio.com and get the tools you need now for a more focused and effective New Year.