19 Oct

10 Campus Safety Tips

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With midterm season in full effect and finals just around the corner, we wanted to review some campus safety tips to keep you safe and aware on your college campus.

  1. Utilize locks – When in college it is important that you make sure all of your belongings are locked. Whether that be your dorm or apartment door, bike, or locker in the gym utilize the use of locks to keep you safe and deter burglary.
  2. Always have emergency contacts saved in your phone – This is important to have these listed in your phone or on your favorites in your contact. That way if something happens and you are alone others will know who to call to alert.
  3. Stay alert & avoid becoming distracted – It is important that you do not get distracted when walking to and from class and other activities on campus. Avoid staring at your phone or blasting music too loud. By being distracted you are vulnerable to attack.
  4. Enroll in a Self-Defense Course – Many campuses offer free or discounted self-defense classes to students through the campus police department. These courses teach you ways to defend yourself in various situations.
  5. Let people know where you are going – If you intend on going out, let someone know where you are going and how long you plan on being there. Share your class schedules with your friends and roommates so they know what times you’ll be gone and where on campus you will be.
  6. Stay savvy on social media – Remember that many things you post online can be shared and shown to others. Do not post anything that could comprise you getting a position in a future job and be aware of who you send private images/messages to.
  7. Familiarize yourself with campus safety resources – Many campuses have safety call boxes and numbers to reach in case of emergency. Familiarize yourself with these resources so you know where to go for help.
  8. Know your way around campus – Make sure you are aware of areas to be at certain times. Some colleges are located in major cities and it is smart to know what routes are safest to walk.
  9. Avoid walking alone at night – Moving in a pack is safer, especially at night. If you are unable to walk with a group, many campuses have walk buddy programs, like SureWalk at The University of Texas at Austin, that allows you to call for someone to walk with you to your home or the library.
  10. Get to know your roommates and neighbors – Be friendly with your roommates and neighbors to build a community and a safety net of people right near you. It helps to have others looking out for you and you looking out for them.
At Lucid Audio, we care about safety and that is why we developed the HearBand Sport with LED Safety Lights and reflector. Our HearBand Sport has the ability to adjust the outside sound amplification so you can listen to your music and hear the sounds happening around you. Just adjust the amplification of outside sounds on your HearBand with a touch of a button. Hear, Be Seen, and Be Aware. 
12 Oct

7 Tips for Surviving with Kids at Music Festivals

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With Austin City Limits (ACL) Music Festival just completing weekend one and weekend two right around the corner, we wanted to explore the best ways to survive with kids at music festivals.

It can be a great family experience to take your kids along with you to see your favorite band play. And sometimes you don’t want to miss out on your own favorite pastimes just because you have become a parent. Many festivals have opened their arms to kids joining in on the fun but that doesn’t mean there still aren’t some tricks to remember.

  1. Make sure the festival is kid friendly! ACL does a great job of this by having an area called “Austin Kiddie Limits” that is full of good stuff guaranteed to make kids of all ages move, groove, and sing-along. From fun, creative and informative activities to festival necessities like baby changing stationsAustin Kiddie Limits is a festival within a festival that offers families an escape from the crowds.
  2. Map out a festival plan. Make sure to pick the right concerts at the right times. Know what stage and where you are going to be during which hours. That way if you need to break for a nap/feeding you know when and where you’ll be.
  3. Have patience. Talk to your child about the plan is and explain to them the activities for the day. This way they have an understanding of where and what they are doing. Then have patience in case things do not go as according to plan, because really do they ever?
  4. Pack Water! Many festivals allow you to bring in unsealed water bottles but some only allow refillable ones that arrive empty. Make sure to check what your festival allows, but definitely bring something. You’ll want to make sure you and your little ones are hydrated throughout the day with all the walking and weather.
  5. Bring a Blanket/Stroller/Chairs. The blanket is a must for when you need to sit and relax, change a diaper, or just to grab a snack. The stroller is great for all the walking. Festivals can be spread out and you’ll want to make sure you can give your little one’s legs a break (and yourself).
  6. Pack Ear Protection. Festivals can be loud even when you are far from the stage. You’ll want to make sure that your child has their ear and hearing protected. HearMuffs Sounds even have the ability to play soothing sounds so your child can grab a quick nap during the festival.
  7. Pick a Meeting Point. This way if you and your child get separated your child will know where to meet or ask for help to get there. It’s best to choose a location close to vendor booths or security tents at the event. Also, point out event staff to your children so that they know they are safe people to turn to during an emergency.
Remember to have fun! It’s a music festival and there are so many things to enjoy while you are there. Kids at music festivals just add to the many memories you can make, so don’t miss out!
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10 Oct

A Day with Lucid Audio’s HearBand – Bluetooth Headband Earphones

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It’s #AustinStartUpWeek in Austin, Texas and what better time to test out Lucid Audio’s HearBand, their set of Bluetooth headband earphones, and it’s ability to amplify outside sounds. Here’s a little bit about my day and the use of the HearBand.

Today, I am headed to try out a new shared workspace in downtown Austin. I am usually not one that works from shared workspaces, I’m more of a coffee shop worker. But since it’s startup week I thought I’d give it a try.
It’s about a 15 min walk from where I live, so I place my Bluetooth headband earphones on. As I walk, I adjust the outside sounds so I am able to hear the traffic on the street and the people around me. It is a lot easier than I expected to toggle back and forth between amplifications. And listening to the outside sounds doesn’t distract from my music like I thought it might. I feel a lot safer being able to hear the noises around me, especially when a biker or person passed by.
I make my way to my spot at the workspace and when I get there it’s pretty empty. I take this time to make some check-in phone calls. It’s great because I can take the calls right through my Bluetooth connection and even turn off the ability to hear the outside sounds so all my focus is on the call.  The greatest thing is when turning off the amplification it beeps twice so I know it’s completely turned off and all the outside sound is blocked.

It’s closer to lunch now and the workspace is starting to fill up.  Now I decide to turn on the amplification a little so that if someone asks me a question I can hear and respond. I have to say this is where I felt like I really utilized the amplification of outside sounds that the HearBand offers. It was great to not have to remove my earbuds to listen or respond. I know my fellow teammates liked the idea that they didn’t have to repeat themselves once they got my attention. I heard them right when they started asking the question and was able to respond in a quick manner.

Without the need to remove my earbuds, to chat or answer questions, it made me feel like I never got distracted by stopping my music. I was truly able to have it all.
The walk home I again turned the amplification up, a little more than the walk to the workspace because it was rush hour in Austin. It can get a little congested and crazy at this time. But I felt so safe hearing everything while also listening to my music.
At first, I didn’t really think the amplification would be clear enough to not distract me from my music. But after spending a day with the HearBand, I definitely am a fan! The HearBand is easy to use, wireless, 5-hour battery life and is rechargeable, but the most important is it made me feel safer. I walked with confidence knowing I could hear everything and everyone around me.
Check out these links learn more and shop Lucid Audio’s HearBand and Lucid Audio’s HearBand Sport LED.



07 Oct

Top 10 Safest Colleges

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When you are looking for a college to attend you gather different factors to make that decision.

Some of those factors are tuition costs, location, reputation, and campus life. A factor that has become more prevalent in previous years is campus safety.

We decided to look at the top ten safest campuses across the country.

This list of top ten safest campuses was compiled based on reports and data from the National Council for Home Safety and Security.
  1. University of New Hampshire – Located in Durham, New Hampshire this university is the largest in the state with over 15,000 students.
  2. Bringham Young University, Idaho –  Once known as Ricks College this university is run by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  One reason for its high ranking is that all of the students are required to sign an honor code that follows the teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
  3. Oakland University – Located in Rochester Hills in southeast Michigan, this university offers over two hundred and fifty degree programs. With over 20,000 students there is no shortage of options from competing in D-1 athletics to conducting research in their freshman year.
  4. University of Massachusettes, Amherst – This university is known for being a research powerhouse. It is the third largest recipient of research funding from that National Science Foundation. Being only one of five “Research 1”, the highest level attainable, universities in the state, it is the only public institution on the list.
  5. Washington State University – Located in Pullman, Washington this area is known for its rolling hills and dry-land agriculture. This university is well known for its programs in chemical engineering, pharmacy, agriculture, and much more.
  6. Central Michigan University – With over 20,000 students and a neuroscience program ranked number one in the country this university has a lot to offer students looking to go into medicine.
  7. University of California, Irvine – Located in one of the world’s safest communities, Orange County, this university brings a lot both academically and economically to the area. Everything from premier research to producing three Nobel laureates. And you can’t forget their infamous mascot – the anteater.
  8. Montclair State University – This campus is only a 30-min drive to Manhattan yet it may seem like a world away. With over 20,000 students, the city of Montclair NJ still remains as one of the safest college towns in America. Oh, and Yogi Berra, the Yankees legend, is an alum.
  9. University of Central Oklahoma – One of the best education programs in the Southwest located in Edmond, Oklahoma. They have some of the largest programs in the nation when it comes to Nursing, Music Jazz, and Education. They’re Department of Physics is ranked in the top 20. All while boasting safety.
  10. Michigan State University – One of the largest schools in the country with over 50,000 students. The G.I Bill in 1945 helped with the expansion but even with its large size, it remains one of the safest schools in the country.
See the full list of 100 top safest campuses here.

At Lucid Audio, we want to make staying safe on campus easy. With our HearBand Sport, you are able to Hear and Be Seen. With LED Safety Lights and reflectors and revolutionary technology that allows you to amplify the outside sounds around you while still listening to your favorite music, you can make safety a priority. 
03 Oct

5 Best Ways to Train for a Marathon

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Are you preparing to run 26.2 miles?

Here are the 5 best ways to train for your next marathon.

  1. Stay Healthy – Seems obvious, but when preparing to run 26.2 miles you want to make sure you run just enough and stay healthy throughout your training. You have to find the “sweet” spot of running enough to get you physically prepared but not overrunning and injuring yourself
  2. Build your Base Mileage – When preparing to run a marathon the training usually ranges from 12 to 20 weeks before the race. In those weeks, you’ll want to build up your mileage to 50 miles more than your normal running. The best way to do so is run about 3-5 times a week and run at a relaxed pace. Make sure that you do not increase your mileage more than 10% from week to week.
  3. Take Long Runs – After you work up your mileage, you’ll want to begin to go on long runs. Each week you take an extended run, you’ll want to add a mile or two. But make sure that every third week you scale it back a few miles to give your body some recovery time. Take these runs at a slower pace so your body can get accustomed to the longer runs.
  4. Speed Work – Intervals and tempos are optional for training but a great way to make your long runs feel easier. Make sure that you do some easy warm up and cool down miles before and after you do either intervals or tempos.
  5. Fuel and Recover – The most important part of any training is to fuel and recover. When it comes to fuel you’ll want to make sure you are eating the right food and drinking plenty of water. Recovery means taking some days where you do not run at all. Also, stretch after running and even do ice baths to ease sore muscles. If on off days you are craving a workout, do some cross training like yoga or cycling.

Training will be hard, but you CAN do it! Commit to a training plan, stay positive, listen to your body, and use the five best training tips for running a marathon. Don’t forget to have fun.


Lucid Audio is full of runners, and that’s why we used our revolutionary technology to make it safer. Our HearBand Sport LED allows you to Hear and Be Seen. Shop all of our HearBands now!
30 Sep

It’s National Family Health and Fitness Day

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Today is National Family Health and Fitness Day!

A day created to encourage families to get active together.

It is held the last Saturday in September every year and we have generated some ideas to get your family active. Ideas that are not just packing them up in the car and taking them to the gym.
When planning the day, you want to make sure you focus on the fun. Do not make it about exercise make it about a game or a competition. Consider these few factors when picking
• Allow every family member to pick an activity!• Don’t discourage your kids in any way with their picks unless they are truly dangerous.
• Do not discourage your children unless they pick something that is actually dangerous
• If your family doesn’t click with one activity, just pick another!

Need some ideas to get started?

  1. “Capture the Flag”
  2. Kickball
  3. Flag Football
  4. Squirt Gun/Nerf Gun Wars
  5. Slip-N-Slide, Pool Games like “Marco Polo”
Keep it fun! And remember to make sure that everyone stays moving.
At Lucid Audio, we have families just like you! That’s why we create products like the HearMuffs and HearBand Sport to keep you active yet safe. Learn more on our website.


28 Sep

5 Binge Worthy Shows

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Need a new show to binge watch this weekend?

We gathered together to find our favorite 5 binge-worthy shows!

Everything from shows that make you laugh to ones that make you think made our list of binge-worthy shows. So grab your snacks and get comfy!
  1. Handmaids Tale – Based on the novel by Margaret Atwood, this show follows a woman that is forced to live as a concubine under a fundamentalist theocratic dictatorship. It is set in a dystopian future. Handmaids Tale took home 5 Emmy’s this year and can be found on Hulu.
  2. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – Follow along as Kimmy Schmidt is rescued after 15 years in a cult and decides to start over in New York City. A comedy that will have you laughing through all four seasons. Find this show on Netflix.
  3. 13 Reasons Why – This show on Netflix follows around teenager Clay Jensen. And his quest to uncover the story behind his classmate and crush, Hannah, and the reason she decided to end her life. Viewer discretion is advised for this show due to the topic. The first season is available now, the second season is on its way.
  4. House of Cards – With 5 seasons of power-hungry Frank Underwood, your weekend will be full of political scandal. Follow along as Frank and his wife work to exact revenge on anyone that has betrayed him. House of Cards is an adaptation of the BBC series with the same name. Find all five seasons on Netflix.
  5. Master of None – A comedy based on the personal and professional life of Dev, a 30-year-old actor in New York. Loosely based on star and creator, Aziz Ansari’s own life. Stream the first and second season on Netflix.
Now that you have five shows to binge, make sure you can enjoy them with clarity. Use our HearBand and TV Streamer to binge, amplify, and listen while others may not want to.  Hear Better.
26 Sep

The Rise of Running Clubs

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Ever wonder what a running club is?

Running clubs are just like what they sound, an organization for people that enjoy running. These groups can help build your motivation, create networks of support, and build the idea of community. Each group has different motivations, whether improving your running times or losing weight. Find the group that fits your running needs.
Not all running groups are just about running. Some have social events, participate in community service, and even trail cleanups. The biggest benefit of running groups most say is the accountability. The fellow runners push you to new levels and make your runs safer.

Should you join one?

Here are some reasons to join a running club in your city!
  1. You’ll get in shape.
  2. You’ll meet new people who will keep you motivated
  3. You’ll feel more inspired to reach new goals
  4. You’ll be able to discuss and learn new techniques
  5. You’ll learn about new music and apps to make your runs more enjoyable
  6. You’ll be able to try out new routes and incorporate them into your own runs
  7. You’ll spend more time outdoors
  8. You’ll receive coaching
  9. You’ll be able to take part in races as a group
  10. You’ll be able to help other runners too!
Go out there, find a group you enjoy, and get running. We’ll see you on the trail!
At Lucid Audio, we love to stay active. That’s why we have created headphones to keep you listening and safe on your next run. Check out our latest technology, HearBand Sport, with LED Safety Lights and reflectors. Hear and Be Seen!
23 Sep

Five Best Workouts for Pregnancy

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Just because you’re expecting a little one doesn’t mean you have to stop working out.

We’ve gathered the best workouts for pregnancy to keep you moving.

Worried about the potential risks of working out while pregnant? As long as you get the go-ahead from your practitioner to work out you can to enjoy the majority of fitness activities. Just don’t go learn to water ski.
  1. Running – Experienced runners can keep on their track. Just make sure to keep to level terrain, or a treadmill/elliptical. Also, make sure to not overdo it.
  2. Brisk Walking – Not big on running? Brisk walking is a great alternative and you can do it up until your due date. Again, just make sure to keep to level terrain.
  3. Indoor Cycling – These classes are all the rage – so go ahead and join in! Whether in a gym or a structured class it’s a great way to relieve pressure on your joints while working out. If you go to a class, make sure to let your instructor know you are expecting.
  4. Yoga – What better way to keep flexibility and relax! Yoga incorporates all these and more in a great workout. So learn some new breathing techniques and focus to prep you for delivery.
  5. Swimming – Is a great exercise that also has low impact and can reduce ankle swelling.
Always listen to your body when working out and pick an exercise that you actually enjoy doing. If things get a little boring, try to switch it up. And make sure to take days off to rest.

Remember to check with your healthcare provider before starting or continuing exercise in pregnancy.

Lucid Audio is full of mom and dads just like you, that’s why we create products geared to keeping your family safe. Our latest technology, HearMuffs, make sure your little one’s ears are protected no matter the environment. Learn more on our website.



21 Sep

Essential Running Gear For Your Next Run

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Ready to start running?

Not sure what gear you actually need. Don’t worry! We narrowed it all down to the essential running gear you need for your next run.

All this gear makes the miles seem a little more doable. But remember that everybody is different, so reevaluate after your run to see what you need to add or subtract.
  1. Tracking Device – Grab a FitBit to wear and keep track of your miles, heart rate, and calorie burn. If you prefer to take your phone with you there are multiple apps that can track your run. For example, Map My Run is a great option. Or if you are an Apple Watch user you can track your run through there.
  2. Hydration – You’ll want to make sure you are constantly hydrated before and after your run. Either with a hydration belt, like this one from Fitletic, for during your run or a great water bottle to carry around after.
  3. Headphones – When you’re running you want to make sure you can hear and be seen. Lucid Audio’s HearBand Sport with LED Safety Lights has LED lights and reflectors to make sure you are seen on your route.  With the ability to amplify ambient sounds up to 9x and take calls with Bluetooth technology you can hear on your run too.
  4. Music/Podcast – What goes better with headphones than great music or an interesting podcast. With Spotify Premium, you can make playlists to go with your run. Check out our blog post for 5 new songs to add.
  5. Socks – Need post-run recovery? Grab a pair of compression socks to help alleviate soreness and pain. Nike Compression socks are a great way to get prep your body for the next run.
There are so many essential running items out there. Make sure to pick the ones that work best for you. And we’ll see you out on the trails.
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