3 of our Favorite Poems that Celebrate Sound

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When was the last time you listened?  Like really, really listened? poems that celebrate sound

There are so many sounds in our world that can go unnoticed.  The chirping of the quietest bird in the nest, the soft swaying of tall grass, the pitter-patter of some afternoon drizzle.

Lucid Audio technology brings attention to the soft sounds that might otherwise go missed, bringing a magical quality to everyday experiences.  Listening to the sounds that might go unnoticed can spark creativity.  Poetry is powerful when it sheds new light on everyday experiences.

Poets throughout history have drawn inspiration from the sounds that others miss. We thought we would share some of these poems that celebrate sound with you!

Here are 3 of our favorite poems that celebrate sound:

1. “The Sounds of Trees” by Robert Frost

In this poem, Robert Frost observes: “I wonder about the trees./ Why do we wish to bear/ Forever the noise of these/ More than another noise/ So close to our dwelling place?”

Frost takes note of the sound of wind blowing through the trees, and observes that though trees make noise as they sway, they do not truly move away since they are so deeply grounded.

Take Action: Put on a pair of Lucid Audio Hearphones, sit below a tree (or by a window), and listen to the sound of wind blowing through the trees. What do you notice?

2. “The Sound of the Sun” by George Bradley

Bradley notes, “If you listen closely some morning, when the sun swells/ Over the horizon and the world is still and still asleep/ You might hear it, a faint noise so far inside your mind/ That it must come from somewhere, from light rushing to darkness/ Energy burning toward entropy, toward a peaceful solution/ Burning brilliantly, spontaneously, in the middle of nowhere.”

In this poem, Bradley observes the power of the sun, and observes that you can hear the sun if you listen very closely. Do you think the sun makes a noise? Can you imagine that it does?

Take Action: Lie in bed with a pair of Lucid Audio HearBands. Turn up the Sound Amplification and observe what you can hear. Do the objects around you that seem silent make noise? Maybe the springs on your bed bounce when you move, or maybe, just maybe you’ll hear the moon climbing into the sky in the evening. Notice the sounds that you make. What does your breath sound like? What does it sound like when you sigh or run your fingers through your hair? Maybe you’ll feel inspired to write a poem about something unexpected that makes sound!

3. “The Sound of One Fork” by Minnie Bruce Pratt 

Minnie Bruce Pratt writes: “While I wait, I can hear the random clink of one fork/ against a plate. The woman next door is eating supper/ alone. She is sixty, perhaps, and for many years/ she has eaten by herself the tomatoes, the corn/ and okra that she grows in her backyard garden./ Her small metallic sound persists, as quiet almost/ as the windless silence, persists like the steady/ random clink of a redbird cracking a few/ more seeds before the sun gets too low.”

The sound of one fork against a plate sparks an inquiry around loneliness, self-sufficiency, routine, and resilience. Even the softest, most ordinary sounds can tell rich, moving stories.

Take Action: Think about an ordinary sound in your life that often goes ignored. Does this sound tell a story? Spend a day wearing a Lucid Audio product of your choice and “collecting sounds” in your memory that tell stories. We’re curious about what you find, so please share with us in the comments section!

We hope you enjoyed reading through these poems that celebrate sound. Lucid Audio products help you notice sounds that can easily go missed. We hope the sounds you hear will spark your creativity!



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