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Hearing Headphones™ and TV Streamer


  • Amplify ambient sounds up to 9X
  • Low Latency Bluetooth
  • Recessed volume control of ambient sound
  • Multiple high gain omni-directional microphones built-in
  • Low profile ear cups provide 21dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR)
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Finally, there’s a way to listen to music, take calls, AND stay aware of the sounds around you. With our revolutionary AMPED technology, you can amplify outside sound up to 9 times, so you hear whatever you want, as loudly as you want.

Lucid’s AMPED technology lets you do (and hear) it all! Amplify conversations, the TV, or simply just be aware of your surroundings. Lucid’s wireless headphones and neckbands put you in control.

Enjoy your music, take calls and stay aware of the world around you. Discover the Genius of AMPED today!

history of headphones

Sound Activated Compression

Instantly activates to protect from loud harmful noises (NRR 21 dB)

Ultra Low Profile Ear Cups

With folding design. Form fitting to ensure best sound quality and protection.

history of headphones

Two Hi Gain Omni Directional Microphones

Enhance ambient sound with independent volume controls

High Definition Speakers

For natural sound clarity

Wireless Audio Streaming Kit

  • Ability to stream audio directly to headphones
  • Connects to any TV or media device with an audio out 3.5MM or RCA jack
  • 33 Foot Range
  • TV, Computer, Smartphone and Tablet compatible

Hearing Headphones™ and TV Streamer