Hispanic Latino Hearing Loss
Hispanic Latino Hearing Loss

Enrich PSAP



  • Discreet Behind the Ear Design
  • Universal Fit – Left or Right Ear
  • Three Adjustable Settings – Quiet to Noisy
  • Includes 3 comfortable ear tips
  • Includes 1 #13 Battery
  • Dynamic Feedback Canceller
  • Low Level Noise Reduction
  • Omni Directional Microphone
  • Volume Control
  • Powered by Lucid™ sound processing technology
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Product Description

Not Ready for a Hearing Aid but need a little help? Lucid Audio’s Enrich Personal Sound Amplification Product (PSAP) is inexpensive and powerful.

Enrich is an electronic device called a personal sound amplification product — or PSAP.  It offers many of the benefits of hearing aids at a fraction of the cost.  As the name suggests, Enrich PSAPs amplify sounds.

Can’t hear in noisy restaurants?  Missing important announcements in meetings?  Are you or someone you love tired of having the TV volume at painful decibels?  Maybe it is getting harder to hear a young child’s voice.

Are you certain your hearing is still pretty good, but you just need a boost sometimes?  The Lucid Audio Enrich PSAP offers many of the benefits of hearing aids before you are ready to take that step. Like all other Lucid Audio Amped products, the PSAP helps you Hear Better. It is easy to use, inconspicuous, and comfortable enough to wear every day.



personal sound amplification product

Don’t miss a sound or a secret.  Enhance your hearing and enjoy concerts, tv, music, concerts and more.  Our digital sound processing technology and three setting choices make it easy to hear more clearly.

“I had noticed a little bit of hearing loss in my left ear… I find the Lucid Enrich Pro is a great way to help with a little bit of hearing loss without going to a full hearing aid. It’s discreet and really amplifies all the ambient noise around me.

It has 4 settings and one of them is a nature setting. I can hear birds in the distance and wind in the trees I was missing before… I can hear so much better and it’s just great!”

-Bob McGivney, Lucid Audio Customer

Why Choose A Personal Sound Amplification Product?

Lucid’s Enrich Personal Sound Amplification Product uses the core technology that powers all of our hearing aids – from entry level to advanced technology a lot of the same technology as hearing aids.  Many of them provide good amplification along with other features normally found in high-quality digital hearing aids, including volume control, feedback cancellation and noise suppression.  But they are not programmable and are not intended to correct hearing loss. Rather, they help you hear quiet sounds better even with normal hearing.

As the name suggests, PSAPs amplify sounds but do not address other components of hearing loss, such as distortion. However, they are considerably cheaper than hearing aids.  The price of Lucid’s Enrich and Enrich Pro makes it a very affordable solution. $100 for Enrich and $199 for Enrich Pro.  And purchase is easy.  Lucid’s Enrich PSAPs are ready-to-wear right out of the box.  They don’t require any testing or fitting.

Getting a PSAP is not a substitute for going to a professional, but it’s a good first step if you are just experiencing minor hearing loss. A professional hearing test can determine if your hearing loss is simply age-related or the result of another medical cause, which can range from ear wax to a tumor.

Our Enrich PSAP is designed in the style of an unobtrusive behind-the-ear hearing aid.  Our Enrich Pro fits into the ear canal and is practically invisible.

If you simply need a little boost in loudness, start with a Lucid Enrich or Enrich Pro before you pay thousands of dollars for hearing aids. Enrich can enhance communication. And clear communication is essential for mental and physical health for hard-of-hearing people to stay connected.

PSAPs have not been approved as a medical device by the Food and Drug Administration; they are classified as wearable electronic products for occasional, recreational use by consumers who are not hearing impaired.

Lucid Audio Enrich
Getting Started

    Enrich PSAP


    • 2 Channels
    • 3 Listening Modes
    • Standard Tube
    • Standard Microphone
    • Standard Speaker
    • Standard PSAP size
    • #13 Type Battery

    Enrich PRO PSAP


    • 8 Channels
    • 4 Listening Modes
    • Thin Acoustic Tube- Nearly Invisible
    • Higher Grade Microphone
    • Higher Grade Speaker
    • Smaller Housing for More Discreet Use
    • #312 Type Battery
    • Nano Coating Provides Water & Sweat Resistance
    • Enhanced Audible User Alerts That Notify of Program Change, Low Battery, and Startup


Enrich PSAP