Hispanic Latino Hearing Loss
Hispanic Latino Hearing Loss

Enrich Pro PSAP™


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  • Nearly Invisible Behind The Ear Design
  • Pre-Programmed (with option to customize)
  • Includes Comfortable Ear Tips
  • 8 Channels
  • 4 Programs
  • Multi-Function Rocker Switch (VC/Program select)
  • Compact Design – Ultra Thin Acoustic Tube
  • Universal Fit – Left or Right Ear
  • Omni-Directional Microphone
  • Dynamic Feedback Canceller
  • Low-Level Noise Reduction
  • Enhanced User Alerts
  • Moisture Repellent Nano-Coating
  • Remote Programming Capable
  • Powered by Lucid™ sound processing technology
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Product Description

Not Ready for a Hearing Aid but need a little help? Lucid Audio’s Enrich Pro Personal Sound Amplification Product (PSAP) is inexpensive and powerful.

The Enrich Pro is an electronic device called a personal sound amplification product — or PSAP.  It offers many of the benefits of hearing aids at a fraction of the cost.

Can’t hear in noisy restaurants?  Missing important announcements in meetings?  Are you or someone you love tired of having the TV volume at painful decibels?  Maybe it is getting harder to hear a young child’s voice.

Are you certain your hearing is still pretty good, but you just need a boost sometimes?  The Lucid Audio Enrich Pro PSAP offers many of the benefits of hearing aids before you are ready to take that step. Like all other Lucid Audio Amped products, the Enrich Pro PSAP helps you Hear Better. It is easy to use, inconspicuous, and comfortable enough to wear every day.



personal sound amplification product

Enrich Pro BTE (Behind the Ear) Hearing Enhancement Product offers the highest quality features available in a convenient ready-to-wear hearing product.

All hearing products Powered by Lucid are designed to deliver a more natural sound quality that is superior to traditional “compression” hearing products, providing the wearer better communication in noisy environments as well as enhanced comfort in quiet situations. The result is clear hearing and comfort.

Low-level noise suppression provides for improved comfort in quiet environments. Noises such as air conditioning, refrigerator motors or internal microphone noise are all reduced by this system. This helps keep quiet situations quiet.

Our Dynamic Feedback Canceller employs a patented technique that adapts continuously to changing circumstances while maintaining excellent sound quality. Unwanted feedback is suppressed and stopped without sacrificing sound quality or gain.

Four program settings to adjust the device to accommodate a variety of listening situations.

Nano Technology coats every aspect of the hearing product at a nanoscopic level and protects much more thoroughly than alternative approaches. The result is a truly durable and invisible liquid repellent coating (inside and out). Our revolutionary Nano-coating does not affect working components, maintaining the look, feel, and functionality of the device.

Lucid Audio’s Enrich Pro employs the latest software to provide greater processing power and increased battery life. Low battery indicating signal alerts user to change batteries prior to complete battery drain.

Includes comfort dome fitting tips to cover a wide range of ear canal sizes.



UPC: 812944023515

    Enrich PSAP


    • 2 Channels
    • 3 Listening Modes
    • Standard Tube
    • Standard Microphone
    • Standard Speaker
    • Standard PSAP size
    • #13 Type Battery

    Enrich PRO PSAP


    • 8 channels
    • 4 listening modes
    • Thin Acoustic Tube- Nearly Invisible
    • Higher Grade Microphone
    • Higher Grade Speaker
    • Smaller Housing for More Discreet Use
    • #312 Type Battery
    • Nano Coating Provides Water & Sweat Resistance
    • Enhanced Audible User Alerts That Notify of Program Change, Low Battery, and Startup


Enrich Pro PSAP™

Out of stock