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Need a little help hearing better? Lucid Audio’s Premier Personal Sound Amplification Product (PSAP) is comfortable, effective, and economical.

The Lucid Audio Premier is a PSAP (personal sound amplification product) that offers just as much sound as hearing aids, but at a better price. Having trouble hearing in crowded areas? Unable to hear daily announcements at work? You have noticed that you have asked someone to turn up the TV volume more and more? These may be some signs that you should start using a PSAP.

You may be thinking your hearing is fine, but sometimes you could use some help, and that’s where Lucid Audio’s PSAPs come in handy. There are many benefits to using the Lucid Audio Premier PSAP, challenging traditional hearing aids. It is Lucid Audio’s mission to help you hear better. Our PSAP will help you do that. It’s easy to use, comfortable for everyday use, and goes unperceived.



Don’t miss a sound or a secret.  Enhance your hearing and enjoy concerts, tv, music, concerts and more.  Our digital sound processing technology and three setting choices make it easy to hear more clearly.

“I had noticed a little bit of hearing loss in my left ear… I find the Lucid Audio PSAP is a great way to help with a little bit of hearing loss without going to a full hearing aid. It’s discreet and really amplifies all the ambient noise around me.

It has multiple settings… I can hear birds in the distance and wind in the trees I was missing before… I can hear so much better and it’s just great!”

-Bob McGivney, Lucid Audio Customer

Premier (Behind the Ear) Hearing Enhancement Product offers the highest quality features available in a convenient ready-to-wear hearing product.

The Premier utilizes the newest Powered by Lucid patented technology to deliver a more natural sound quality that is superior to traditional “compression” hearing products, providing the wearer better communication in noisy environments as well as enhanced comfort in quiet situations. The result is clear hearing and comfort.

Low-level noise suppression provides for improved comfort in quiet environments. Noises such as air conditioning, refrigerator motors or internal microphone noise are all reduced by this system. This helps keep quiet situations quiet.

Our Dynamic Feedback Canceller employs a patented technique that adapts continuously to changing circumstances while maintaining excellent sound quality. Unwanted feedback is suppressed and stopped without sacrificing sound quality or gain.

Two listening modes to adjust the device to accommodate Conversation and Crowd environments.

Nano Technology coats every aspect of the hearing product at a nanoscopic level and protects much more thoroughly than alternative approaches. The result is a truly durable and invisible liquid repellent coating (inside and out). Our revolutionary Nano-coating does not affect working components, maintaining the look, feel, and functionality of the device.

Lucid Audio’s Premier employs the latest software to provide greater processing power and increased battery life. Low battery indicating signal alerts user to change batteries prior to complete battery drain.

Includes comfort dome fitting tips to cover a wide range of ear canal sizes.


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