Protecting a Baby’s Hearing

May 30, 2018 HLT Uncategorized

Protecting Your Baby’s Hearing Is Important

Babies are delicate in many ways. We all know (hopefully) that it’s important to support a baby’s neck when holding the baby, that babies should never be left unattended, and that shaking a baby can be fatal. However, it’s easier to overlook the more subtle ways that babies are delicate, including how sensitive their ears can be!

Protecting a baby’s hearing is critical.  But how do you know what noise level is dangerous for babies? The noise level of a normal conversation is about 60 decibels, which is a safe level of noise for babies. Noises less than 80 decibels usually shouldn’t cause harm to a baby’s hearing. However, noises above 80 decibels can cause damage. Some children’s toys have sound features that are above 80 decibels, and these toys can cause harm to your baby’s hearing if your baby hears the sound repetitively close to his or her ears. It’s important to be careful with toys that feature loud noises, like cars and trucks with horns or sirens, musical instruments, or dolls and stuffed animals that talk.

It’s important to protect your child’s ears from unexpected loud noises (like car engines revving, construction work, and fire alarms), as well noises in environments that are inherently loud (like movie theaters, firework shows, or sporting events).

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Why are Infant Ears More Sensitive than Adult Ears?

The science behind why an infant’s ears are more sensitive than an adult’s ears is this: an infant’s ear canal is smaller in size than an adult (or even older child’s) ear canal. This means, the sound pressure entering the infant’s ear is greater. In fact, according to Dr. Reiter, head of the audiology program at Hofstra University, “an infant might perceive a sound as 20 decibels louder than an older child or an adult.” Hearing loss is cumulative and it is irreversible. This means protecting your child’s hearing is absolutely critical!

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Protecting Your Baby’s Hearing is Easy with HearMuffs!

Luckily, protecting a baby’s hearing isn’t difficult. Lucid Audio’s HearMuffs offer advanced hearing protection for infants and toddlers. HearMuffs are a 2018 winner of the Family Choice Award. The GrowBand that’s part of the HearMuffs adjust and fit a wide range of head sizes. The band is designed for comfort. It is made with super soft materials and it comfortably protects your child’s head. It’s also machine washable!

HearMuffs will not only protect your child’s hearing. They will also sooth your child with the touch of a button! They offer four soothing sounds: Lullaby, Babbling Creek, White Noise, and Haertbeat. These sounds are perfect for loud restaurants, sporting events, concerts, or even in your own home! If you need to calm your child with your voice, you can simply touch a button to communicate with your child without having to take the HearMuffs on and off each time you want to use them.

HearMuffs protect infants’ hearing in a world where loud noises are abundant. Your infant will be grateful that you took the necessary steps to protect his or her hearing, allowing them to soak in the beautiful sounds of our world throught his or her life.