Express Gratitude and Spread Love with Random Acts of Kindness

November 11, 2017 HLT Uncategorized 0 Comments

Now more than ever, we should express gratitude and perform random acts of kindness for all the people in our lives.

random acts of kindness

The world has shown us it can sometimes throw us curveballs, be a little darker than we all would like, and sometimes be a little cold. This November, especially, it seems like the time to add a little warmth and love. These can be the smallest of things, saying hi to a stranger in the grocery store line, holding a door open a little longer to allow someone to walk in, smiling at a person on the street when you walk by. In life, it’s the small gestures that can make the biggest of impacts.
When it comes to the people closest to you, sometimes we forget to express how much they mean to us. Take time today and try to every day this month to call an old friend, text your family member a sweet note, buy an extra drink at the coffee shop for your coworker. Try to tell at least one person a day how much they mean to you. Anything from “thanks for being my friend”, “I love your smile”, “your laugh makes me laugh.” All of these things are simple yet it seems the simplest ones are the ones overlooked.
Our What Do You Need to Hear video proved just how unexpected comments of gratitude and love are. It conveyed how strong an impact simple words can make on one’s day and life. Imagine, if those words and phrases were shared among people every day! The impact that would have on your community, your city, the world.
It’s a small task with a big upside. So today and every day this month and beyond, express love, show gratitude and make the world a brighter place.

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