Ready, Set, Start Planning for Spring Break!

February 26, 2019 HLT Uncategorized

It might be hard to believe, but Spring Break is just around the corner! Do you have plans? Here are three trip ideas for you, whether you have the whole week off, or just want to sneak in a quick weekend getaway to celebrate spring!

Miami, Florida

Miami seems to be at the top of everyone’s travel lists these days, and for good reason! Miami’s vibrant art deco architecture and beautiful beaches make it a perfect travel destination, especially for the spring! Be sure to check out the Design District, too!

Local Museums in Your Area

You don’t have to get out of your city to experience new, exciting things! There are likely museums right in your backyard with new exhibits to check out! Make a day of museum hopping, maybe even checking out some smaller galleries you haven’t noticed before!

Go Fruit Picking

Spring is a great time for outdoor activities like berry picking and getting in touch with nature! Pack a picnic and get outdoors!

Don’t forget to pack your Lucid Audio HearBands, whether you’re flying somewhere for Spring Break or staying in your area! With your HearBands, you’ll be able to amplify outdoor sounds that you might otherwise miss! Listen to your favorite spring tunes while doing your favorite spring activities, or just amplify the spring sounds that you missed over the winter!