The Rise of Running Clubs

September 26, 2017 HLT Headphones, Social 0 Comments

Ever wonder what a running club is?

Running clubs are just like what they sound, an organization for people who enjoy running. These groups can help build your motivation, create networks of support, and build the idea of community. Each group has different motivations, whether improving your running times or losing weight. Find the group that fits your running needs.

Not all running groups are just about running. Some have social events, participate in community service, and even trail cleanups. The biggest benefit of running groups most say is the accountability. The fellow runners push you to new levels and make your runs safer.

running clubs

Should you join one?

Here are some reasons to join a running club in your city!

1. You’ll get in shape.

2. You’ll meet new people who will keep you motivated

3. You’ll feel more inspired to reach new goals

4. You’ll be able to discuss and learn new techniques

5. You’ll learn about new music and apps to make your runs more enjoyable

6. You’ll be able to try out new routes and incorporate them into your own runs

7. You’ll spend more time outdoors

8. You’ll receive coaching

9. You’ll be able to take part in races as a group

10. You’ll be able to help other runners too!

Go out there, find a group you enjoy, and get running. We’ll see you on the trail!


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