6 Simple Steps For Keeping You Safer On Campus

February 27, 2018 HLT Uncategorized 0 Comments

More than 20 million students in the U.S. attend college. Unfortunately, with so many students, dorm rooms, and valuables, even America’s safest college towns experience some forms of crime, including burglaries, thefts, or assaults.  

With safety being a top priority for many colleges, there a few easy ways you can improve your safety, whether on campus, in your neighborhood or around town. Check out these 6 Simple Safety Tips:

1. Learn about your school’s Campus Safety office

Take advantage of the College Safety Office – every school has one. This office will be able to provide resources, including the location of emergency phones spread through camps, any police escort service that is offered, campus maps, and promoted campus safety apps.

2. Take extra precaution at night

Sexual assaults are more likely to occur at night, but you shouldn’t scare yourself into assuming danger is around every corner. Just don’t take unnecessary risks, like walking alone at night. Men and women should try to stay in high visibility places and walk on lighted paths. Safety experts also advise wearing reflective gear such as reflective bracelets, reflective vests or blinking LED lights.

3. Double check your car

When you are getting into your car, do you check the backseat or look at the passenger side? Someone could be hiding behind or in your car, especially if your car tends to be unlocked or have its windows rolled down. When approaching your car, come at an angle that allows you to see inside and around the vehicle.

4. Be aware

Whenever you set out for a night on the town or an evening with your study group, make sure you know where you’re going and how to get there. If you’re in an unknown area, avoid using headphones that limit your awareness of outside sounds and don’t let your phone distract you. Focus on finding your destination. Walk with confidence. Avoid looking confused.

5. Have safety supplies easily available

Keeping a few safety supplies on hand can help you feel more protected. Products like pepper spray and mace are relatively easy to obtain and could be just as useful as a stun gun. Having these items easily accessible could possibly help you in getting out of a sticky situation.

6. Listen to your gut

If your gut is telling you that what you’re about to do might put you in some sort of danger, listen to it. Often instinct is the best guide, so don’t ignore it.

College is an incredible and rewarding experience. As busy as you’ll be with independence, classes, and friends, don’t forget to stay safe and maintain awareness. With these 6 simple steps, it is easy to stay a bit safer while still having loads of fun.

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